Thursday, January 8, 2015



I'm still wondering why the moving company initially sent a huge rig (two blocks long, at least) in an attempt to deliver my furniture last Tuesday. I had explained to them that access to my remote mountain abode wasn't easy. The initial attempt failed. Miserably. They promised that success would prevail on Wednesday.

Success prevailed on Wednesday, with a much smaller truck and the mercy of Mother Nature. It was colder than a penguin's kiss (I just made that up) with heavy flurries, but the mountain roads were driveable.

Is there any way that I can kidnap Spell Check and quietly dispose of it? It questions every word I write.
I say "driveable" exists.
If it doesn't, let's pretend it does.

The driver and his two helpers arrived just after 8:00am and were finished by 11:00. They were extremely polite and the delivery of my furniture went smoothly. I'm now the proud father of all my possessions. After three long  months.

I've been without my things for so long that it's rather disconcerting to have them back. Been living out of a suitcase since October. Haven't slept in a bed since before Thanksgiving. Been wearing the same two outfits for as long as I can remember.

I think I actually slept in a bed last night. I was so damn tired I didn't really know. Two of the cats slept with me - making my embarkation to Dreamland rather unpleasant - but, heck, I didn't give a hoot. I've have worse bed partners before. Trust me on that.

Sorting through my possessions and putting everything away will be a herculean task, at best. This place has three bedrooms and two baths but it's a lot smaller than my TX house was. Storage is what I need.

An obstacle course of boxes in my garage

Right now, hundreds of boxes are piled in the garage. No exaggeration. Worst of all....

.....could it actually be worse?......

there's no door on my garage (it's a long story that I won't go into now). I had to put up a heavy tarp to protect everything. I brought the valuables inside - including many antique paintings.

My two pianos survived the moving & storage ordeal better than I expected. They are playable. I am out of practice.

Speed it up, Jon. Your blog post is getting too long.

Sure, it's long - - but my charm, wit, and likeability sustain me.

That's what you think.

The Big Cold Front (capitalized for emphasis) arrived yesterday. The daytime "high" was 16 degrees. After midnight it dropped to a teeth-chattering minus 5.
Minuses unnerve me.

I'm not feeling well at all today. Aches, pains, sore throat. The flu is rampant and I'm hoping I don't catch it. I don't feel like doing a damn thing but I have a lot to do.

At least I have a bed and two pianos to sustain me.

And three cats - - just in case I run out of food and get hungry.

Somewhere near my kitchen -
a tabletop and my boots


  1. I’m glad everything finally arrived safely. You can take your time now getting everything unpacked and sorted. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your house and environs unless for some strange reason you feel it necessary to remain secretive about your location and abode. At your age and status I can’t imagine why that would be. It seems unlikely that someone would seek you out and ravish you.

    Providing a door for your garage sounds like a good project for the future.

    1. Some people are secretive about their identity, others are secretive about their abode. Hey, I'd love to be ravished!

  2. The cold front is your signal to organize inside .... Once Spring hits you'll be outside all the time. :-)

    1. The cold front is definitely Mother Nature's way of forcing me to all the indoor work. I only wish it would force me to be organized.....

  3. YAYZ for furniture and bed sleeping! now you can take your time sorting/discarding.

  4. 2 months without your bed? I love my bed. You are one tough hombre. So glad to learn of mover's progress --somewhat sorry for the long-haul trucker who got sent up a mountain with a huge rig. But now you have your things and can celebrate settling in on your own schedule. I add my yay to Anne Marie's.

    1. The long-haul trucker was the same guy who returned the second time with the UHaul. He got a free night in a hotel (courtesy of the moving company) and an unforgettable experience in the lovely TN mountains.

  5. Whew!!!
    ... that's all for now. Thank you for letting us know you're house is close to becoming a home!

  6. Yikes! This 'grammar Nazi' just fell on her face, big time! :(((
    "Your" house, that is.

  7. The bed is the icing on the cake. Now you can breath a sigh of relief. EVERYTHING is there. The house will soon seem more like home. Unpack at your will. No hurry necessary. Inquiring minds want to know... did you toss the recliner or have them take it to parts unknown?

  8. I had them take it out to the garage. At least it's no longer in the house.

  9. Glad that you got your furniture. Prayers that you won't take the flu.

  10. Great news Jon! You'll b settle soon enough.


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