Sunday, May 17, 2015


A dilemma.
Should I write a personal update about the multitudinous hazards and unexpected unpleasantries of life in the mountains.......

......or.....should I do a worthless, inane post utilizing photos that I lifted from the Internet? 

I'm opting for the worthless, inane photos. 

Interest in my blog is dropping faster than the cat population near a Cantonese restaurant. Think about that for a few minutes. It will get funny.

I need to incorporate some mindless fluff to maintain the interest of my readers. I have some unusual photos of famous people. Can you guess who they are?
Scroll very slowly to avoid seeing the answers too soon.

Tangible proof
that even Commies can be cute.

Joseph Stalin in 1902

 Well, not all Commies are cute.....
Sieg, Heil!.

Adolph Hitler 

I should have probably said "Nazi", not "commie", but - what the hell....

Okay, let's all say it together:

"What the heck is he wearing??"

Is this a Prince? Royalty, maybe?

Nope. It's Donald Trump.  

 Tall and slim?

He was never tall and slim.
It must be trick photography.

(his uniform is even fancier than Trump's)

Winston Churchill

 You'll never guess this one.....

not in a million years.

A mug shot? At age thirteen??

For stealing her mother's car and going on a joy ride.

It's CHER!

 Tangible proof that even ugly ducklings

can turn into beautiful swans - -

If they have enough money

Kate Middleton
Duchess of Cambridge

I was very skeptical that this was Kate, so I double-checked my sources. It is indeed her, in 1990 when she was a Brownie (in Pangbourne, Berkshire). This photo appeared in the Daily - - in an article by Rebecca English, published on January 5, 2012.
The photo is originally from 

Not quite ready
for Hollywood

perhaps a change of name.....
some peroxide.......and a slight
nose-bob will help.....

Norma Jeane becomes
Marilyn Monroe

Who is this young violin virtuoso?


Jascha Heifetz??


It's Richard Milhous Nixon 

 A little bit chubby?

Or perhaps the cowboy suit is a tad too small....

Could it be Beaver Cleaver?

Not a chance.

It's William Jefferson Clinton

What's this? 
Another future president?

A wannabe film star??

How about lighting up a Havana cigar......

with Fidel Castro

 Not much to look at

but at least he's sweet and clean-cut

Could be dating your sister.....
or your daughter......

a nice guy to bring home to Mother....

Charles Manson

Just a simple Mississippi country boy

posing with Mom and Pop.

He could never become a king, could he?

Heck, he ain't nothin' but a hound dog....

Elvis Presley

A simple-looking kid
who doesn't seem to have artistic inclinations....

but you'd be surprised what he could do 
with a can of Campbell's soup.

Just think "popism"

Andy Warhol

A sweet old lady

resting in a garden
with a walking cane in her lap.

Hey, wait a minute.......

Is that a cane........... or an ax???

Lizzie Borden 

rare photo taken in 1922
 30 years after the infamous murders took place


  1. Lovin' your imagination, Jon. Unfortunately, I'd have struck out were it not for identifying The Donald.
    Can't believe you got your hands on Cher's mug shot! (True ... never in a million years.)
    Kate Middleton? Hopefully, that gives little girls everywhere a big booster shot of hope!

    1. The photos of Kate and Cher surprised (and amused) me the most.

  2. Ok, y'got me! I couldn't identify Cher in an adolescent mugshot but by golly I felt whoever it was would grow up to be a contralto. Missed all the others except Warhol, who I correctly identified as Richard Chamberlain. Couldn't imagine who the kid in the cadet uniform was but correctly pegged it as from a military academy back east somewheres. Lizzie Borden, of course, was part of the current British royal family and Elvis ran a remote second to the fictional Tom Joad in my keenly perceptive cognition. When I saw Marilyn Monroe, I immediately thought she would eventually be stunningly beautiful --Normas do that, I have found. All of which brings my score up to zero but gosh I had fun! Great post, Jon.

    1. I'm laughing at your contralto observation. Thanks for the amusing comment!

  3. I didn't get any of them! Is that really The Duchess of Cambridge? There's hope for us all!

    1. Craig, I was very skeptical that the photo was really Kate, so I checked my sources to be sure (see the note that I've just added to the photo).
      I suppose there is hope for all of us.........

  4. Never would have known that was Cher....!! Thanks for the history lesson....

    1. Cher and Kate Middleton surprised me the most.

  5. Donald Trump? I only knew Hitler. That was fun, thanks.

    1. That photo of Trump must be very old. Probably taken during the Civil War......(*smile*)

  6. What fun. Loved this exercise. Thought Warhol & Elvis were cute kids. Who knows what evil lurks within. Stalin was a cold blooded murderer, it's true, but there's no question he was good looking in his youth. I guessed Nixon, Clinton and Marilyn. My biggest shock was Winston Churchill. And then of course Kate Middleton. Had no idea it was Cher, either. Lizzie is just downright creepy. Thanks for this look back at history and celebrity.

    1. Nixon and Marilyn were fairly obvious. Churchill was definitely a surprise. The Lizzie photo is very creepy. I have a lot more similar photos,,,,.. it was difficult to choose. Perhaps someday I'll do a Part Two.

  7. I was right with three, Hitler, Clinton and Elvis. The last two might be because I have seen the picture before.(smile)

    1. I don't think I would have guessed Clinton.....but, like you, I have seen that Elvis photo before.

  8. OK, I will share this entry on Facebook. Let's see if that increases your readership. (This IS interesting.)

    1. Hey, Donna - I can always count on you. Thanks!

  9. Jon,
    I love this kind of post! Of course I love your "how you're doing in the wilderness of the Tennessee mountains" posts too. By the way, I did see that photo of a young Joseph Staling before. Who knew? Looking forward to Part Two of your Famous Photo gallery.

  10. Ron, I love this kind f post, too. I have a wealth of these unusual photos in my "Weird Photo Files", so I will definitely do more of these posts. The Stalin picture has been circulating around the Internet for a long time and I've seen it numerous times.

    1. Strange but true - - -
      when I first saw the photo of Castro I thought it was George Bush!!! Do I need glasses, or what??

    2. I thought it was Ben Gazzara...haha!!!



    3. Actually, it does resemble Ben Gazzara.
      It seems that Castro is a man of many identities......

  11. I'm usually pretty good at recognizing people from old photos, but I bombed out on these. Now, I'm not sure which I enjoyed more: the photos or your commentary. Fun post!

  12. Susan, I'm glad you enjoyed my commentary (and the photos...). I'll do more of these in the not-too-distant future.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this and was startled at most of them, though I recognized Hitler immediately (not sure why) I have a great picture of van Gogh as a young handsome man, very engaging. Jon I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my poorly neglected blog, about my dying sister. Be assured it makes a difference to know someone understands through personal experience what this is like. She's refused all treatment but pain Rx and wants to stay in her home, so I've left my own and moved in to keep from having to put her in a hospital. It may be months, may be weeks - no one knows. Cancer took both my parents, is trying to take a brother, now has its sharp claws in my baby sister. Another brother is in the final stages of MS. I've lost and continue to lose those I love so much and it helps to know old friends like you understand. Bless your heart <3

    1. Cathy, thanks for taking time to visit my blog. I can only imagine what you're going through - no words can describe my heartbreak. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep in touch..


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