Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The last thing I need is another blog. It's trouble enough to keep this one going. I couldn't exist without blogging, however. It's an emotional outlet, a great catharsis. The greatest benefit is having others read my thoughts. It's a way of sharing my feelings - and being an armchair exhibitionist.

Since Lone Wolf Concerto is extremely verbose and rambling, I've decided to counteract it with an antidote. Some people don't like to read long posts (a pity.....). They'd rather look at inane pictures.

My new blog Cabinet of Curious Treasures is all photos, with minimal talk.

What kinds of photos?
Anything that strikes my fancy - a potpourri of subjects, with no rhyme or reason. Beautiful, bizarre, vintage, nostalgic, strange, sensual, odd, erotic, homoerotic.....

I plan to keep my personal tastes in mind and not that of my readers. 

One word of warning:
My very first blog post contains some frighteningly graphic vintage photos - - which are suitable for Halloween and might scare the Jeeters out of you.

We'll save the sex for later.

Happy viewing.




  1. I'll follow what I can, Jon - and thanks for your kind comment a short while ago in response to my desperate one (on your previous blog). I'll always be here in spirit at least, and more tangibly when I can.

  2. When I checked it earlier, it wasn't yet live but it is now. Good first post!

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  4. Now there's a glimpse into the novelty of a bygone age --something we don't generally know about. Even Queen Victoria used prize penny-dreadfuls and strange photos. I suppose it had an allure similar to modern horror films, but can only guess. Excellent idea for a blog. Will follow --and visit when jeeters permit.

  5. Good idea, now I'll go have a look.

  6. Good idea, Jon!
    .. You seem really adept at acknowledging - and expressing - your differing avenues of thought. As I'm sure you're aware, pictorial storyboards sometimes speak louder than words.

    Without unnecessary detail, earlier today those images provided me with a comic comparison to a certain individual in the adjoining office who seemed bent on channeling Meryl Streep (The Devil Wears Prada).

  7. This is exciting news, indeed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

  8. Aaaaaaah, so THAT'S your surprise. Cool. (Not as cool as your memoir being ready for publication, but pretty darned cool.) And you're pretty darned brave to take on a new blog. It's all I can do to keep up with ONE. Good luck with it, cowboy.

    1. I doubt if it will last long, but I'll give it a try.


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