Sunday, July 19, 2015



It's Sunday and I think I'm surviving. Hence, the title.

I felt extremely sick last night: dizzy, listless. I don't know if it was due to heat exhaustion or those outdated eggs that I ate on Friday. Whatever it was, I was doing a reasonable imitation of Camille's final scene in La Traviata.

I can now fully sympathize with all of you people who've been complaining about the summertime humidity. It is intensely humid here. With the usual daily thunderstorms, of course. I think it's even more humid than Missouri - - and I always thought  the Ozarks was the most humid place on earth.

When I lived in West Texas the humidity was seldom above 15 or 20%. When I lived in San Angelo, the humidity was occasionally so low that it dropped below ZERO. No lie. Minus 4. Minus 6. That's beyond dry.

Can wicker furniture be painted? I wanted to know.

The Google answer was encouraging:
Yes! Absolutely!

A demonstration video was provided to establish the fact. The young woman in the video was a Paris Hilton lookalike - attired in a Gucci sun suit, and armed with an array of Martha Stewart paints and supplies. Brushes in various sizes, brush cleaners, specially designed cloths for easy cleanup, sheets of plastic to protect the ground, fancy work gloves, goggles to protect the eyes, and a well-lighted, well-ventilated room. She paints the wicker chair perfectly, without spilling a drop.

Hey, if the Gucci girl can do it, so can I.

I'm going to paint an ancient wicker bookcase, which should have been thrown out fifty years ago. I grab half a can of old yellow paint and a battered paint brush that has already been used three dozen times. I drag the bookcase out onto the back porch.

Despite the intense heat, the 250% humidity, and swarms of angry & aggressive killer wasps, I manage to slop a full coat of paint onto the bookcase.

If nothing else, it improved the drabness of the wicker. It still needs another two coats of paint, but I can do that later.

 First coat (needs a few more)
looks like hell in the photo but looks a little better in real.

So, how's your new blog going, Jon?

It's hardly going at all. In fact, if it was going any slower it would be in reverse. It's boring. Generating little interest. After three posts I'm almost ready to scrap it. I'm mostly using it as a vehicle to unload pictures from my vast & varied photo files. I had initially planned to post some tastefully done "R" rated stuff (no porn, of course) but I don't want to offend the innocent and unsuspecting. I'm positive that most of my blog followers are as pure as the wind driven snow.
Well, almost positive.

Heck, I'm an unoffensive guy. Most of the time. 

One final word - about my cats. I always seem to be unduly upset when Scruffy (my wild feline child) escapes from the house. Many of my friends have cats that they let outdoors. A few people have suggested that I should let my cats outside.

All of my cats are kept indoors mainly because I want them to be healthy. If they run wild outside - especially here in the woods - they will become infested with ticks, fleas, and other undesirable creepies.That's why I panic every time Scruffy gets out.

I also worry about the wild animals. The other day Scruffy went under the back porch and the 'possum chased her out.

The 'possum still resides under the porch and still tries to get inside the house via the clothes dryer vent, but I have it blocked so his efforts are thwarted.

The joys of rural life.......

looking deceptively innocent 

link to
Cabinet of Curious Treasures

A private note to MS MARTYR :
Farley Granger was gay but Johnny Weissmuller was straight - - so, you can confidently keep your crush on Tarzan (*smile*)


  1. Oh Jon, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down n' out. I agree, humidity's the worst! Granted, here in the desert we're largely unaccustomed to anything higher than 6-8%, but come monsoon season I'm a miserable so-n-so. Just the other day, I made an idle comment to one of our Security officers about the atmosphere feeling eerily flat. A native of the islands, Maurice is a man of few words. Still he paused to regard what I'd said, looked off over my shoulder and remarked in his trademark sing-song tone, "Ya, and I believe the Universe is getting ready for a change."
    (Goosies ... right?!)

    For what it's worth, I like your wicker! A lot.

    Feel better soon, OK?

    1. Sounds like Maurice has been dwelling in the desert for too long. I was a security officer long ago. It does strange things to the mind.......
      I'm glad you like the wicker. When it's finished I'll put it in my bedroom.

  2. I've read (looked at pictures) of your new blog. Guess I just didn't know what to comment. Never knew all those hunks were gay. Yeah I'm an innocent country girl. Didn't even know what gay meant when I was young.

  3. No comments are necessary. Sometimes it's just fun to look at the photos.

  4. Just curious.... Why didn't you spray paint it. I've spray painted several wicker baskets and a couple of wicker tables. They came out great. By the way, I have that same wicker shelf unit. I may paint it.

    1. Spray painting is much easier, but it's also extremely messy and not always accurate. I prefer painting by hand - - although doing wicker is difficult.

  5. Bookcase looks happy, Jon. Haven't been over to your new picture blog since the premiere because that photo of the lady and her sister-thing scared me off. However, I just visited again and all models were lots fresher-looking. Will check it frequently now. Mind the heat and humidity and we'll get thru this summer just fine. Most important thing I learned as a gardener is don't overdo in the heat --even when you think you're ok.

    1. I didn't mean to scare you, Geo. My future photo posts will be easier on the eyes (and nerves). I am very careful about overdoing it. The heat has a way of sneaking up on you, and it can be very nasty.

  6. Working out in that humidity can be limiting health and project wise. Be careful. Don't overdo. Please do not give up on your new blog. It's fascinating. Unfortunately I can not get it to show on my dashboard so I do not know when you post a new one since I seldom check my email either. That's why I haven't been visiting. Love what I've seen so far. By the way I also like that sunshine yellow for the wicker bookcase. It looks lovely. And lastly, you are right on the money about indoor cats. They are safe, healthy and alive. Outdoor distractions can kill them sooner rather than later.

  7. On my new blog I now have the "Join This Site" link on my sidebar. It's rather hard to see because only three brave people have joined. OR you can access it by clicking on the Cabinet of Curious Treasures near the top of the sidebar on this blog.

    I would never let my cats outside. Scratch has been happily indoors for nearly 10 years. The two little guys are very curious and somehow Scruffy always manages to get out. She s EXTREMELY fast.

  8. Replies
    1. The humidity is really brutal. It takes a lot out me.

  9. The bookcase is looking good. How many times has it been moved?! Should look super with two more coats. If I ever had a cat I'm sure he or she would be a house cat. I'd be too paranoid about what might happen to them in the big bad world. Not so with my neighbours apparently whose cats roam freely.

    1. If I remember correctly, my parents had that bookcase in California. It must be over 40 years old and was moved at least five times.
      Outdoor cats can be very annoying (well, so can indoor ones - but I love them....)

  10. I had forgotten that final word of hope.......

  11. I would not let the cats out, they could get eaten by a coyote...


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