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This post depicts a late-night Halloween "party" (and orgy) that I attended at the Hollywood home of a notorious  movie director who made gay porn films. He was a self-proclaimed warlock and devotee of  paganism.

In order not to shock my innocent blog readers, I've scoured the x-rated parts and rendered it Disneyesque.

The night before Halloween. It's late, unnervingly dark. I'm driving along Mulholland in the Hollywood Hills, which - at this ungodly hour - seems more remote and isolated than the far side of the River Styx. I'm searching for a house, which is actually more than a house. It's an over-sized, ancient, dilapidated estate. A convincing version of a haunted house with a direct link to Hollywood's forgotten past. I've been here before. But things look a heckuva lot different at midnight than they do in benign daylight. It's difficult to find.

There's nothing unusual about this clandestine nocturnal adventure. It's simply another chapter in an endless series of Hollywood nights. I'm twenty-two years old and always eager for intriguing experiences. I've been nursing a bottle of Bacardi Rum all night with occasional swigs of Coke for a chaser. I'm delightfully mellow and open to all realms of the Halloween season - - warlocks and black magic included.

When I was a Hollywood spirit
and haunter of the night

I was invited by the owner of the ancient Spanish-style estate - - a movie director thirty years my senior, who dabbles in the Dark Side and is known to be extremely eccentric. He fancies himself to be a warlock with mystic powers.

A butler answers the door. Technically he's not a butler, but rather an aging "houseboy" and long-time "employee" of the warlock movie director. He eyes me with evil intentions, then leads me up the massive staircase to the secret room on the third floor where the midnight ceremony is to take place. The room is large, darkly draped in ancient velvet, and dimly lighted with sporadic candles and  jack-o-lanterns. In the center is a makeshift altar, arrayed with mysterious magical paraphernalia and black candles.

The room isn't empty. It's inhabited by a delectable assortment of Hollywood pretty boys - some young, and some who are feigning youth and have seen better days. All are waiting with restless impatience for the master of ceremonies to arrive.

He appears suddenly and not too soon, making a theatrical entrance worthy of Norma Desmond. He's attired in a hooded, long black robe. Only his pale face is exposed, dark penetrating eyes, black mustache and goatee. Looks like a facsimile of Mephistopheles. Everything about him reeks of phony Hollywoodism - but there's something intriguing about the entire production nevertheless. Perhaps the intrigue is inspired by too much Bacardi Rum.

The midnight warlock, in fact, is a producer/director of gay porno films. I've seen his work. I've met his actors. I've rejected his offers to appear in his films. The entire inside mechanism of the porn industry intrigues me but not to the point of participation.

Our black-clad host embarks on a rambling, less than persuasive, drug-induced speech concerning mysticism and sensuality. He goes through the motions of a black magic mass - - chanting, reciting, invoking, suggesting......

Incense is lighted and joints and coke are passed around to enhance the mood. Not the kind of Coke I had with my rum. I pass on the coke, but take a few token puffs on a joint. It's potent stuff. Soon the room is reeling amicably and the entire situation is assuming surrealistic but very appealing aspects.

In order to inspire an aura of eroticism and induce a sense of unity and brotherhood, we - the collection of chosen sinners - are encouraged to shed our clothes and inhibitions. Mephistopheles has abandoned his black robe and is displaying his pale and proud nakedness.

The debauchery has begun, an orgy has ensued, the assemblage of unclothed manhood is mingling, bonding, exploring, uniting. Most of the participants are indifferent to the fact that two cameramen have entered the room and are filming. In time, everyone is too busy to be concerned.

And me? I'm merely shirtless, so far. Drunk. Stoned. Inspired. Yielding to exploring hands, hungry mouths, and ample suggestions. Yet, I'm somewhat annoyed at the unexpected cameras and documentation. I will be giving a Los Angeles piano recital in a week. I'm not about to submit to the filming and probable distribution of my private sexual antics. Somewhere beneath my unholy decadence is a smidgen of pride. 

I slip into an adjoining room with a willing participant where we embark on private journey of sexual exploration - without the rude company of cameras.

When I finally emerge from the private room - - the Babylonian feast of uninhibited sexuality and raw naked flesh is still in progress and cameras are still rolling. I feel like I'm walking through the imitation of a dream, on clouds that are far removed from heaven. I maneuver towards the outside hallway. Naked Mephistopheles notices my attempted exit and follows me, temporarily blocking my way. He's standing so close that I can feel his heat and smell the booze and weed.

"You're not leaving so soon," he says. "My beautiful angel of the dark."

It's a moment of superb theatrical tackiness. Before I can answer, he kisses my lips gently but seductively. I can taste the poison and its potency.

"Dawn awaits," I tell him. "And sunlight can purify even the darkest of angels."

He smiles grimly, almost sadly.

I never return.


  1. oh jon. I'd love to read the unexpurgated version.

    1. It would have burned a hole in my blog.

  2. I'm infatuated at the way in which you paint a picture with your words. (Particularly, it being more isolated than the far side of the River Styx.)

    Great close, too!

    1. You always have an uncanny way of picking my favorite sentences. I like the River Styx line.
      I was hesitant to post this but then I figured what the heck - I have nothing to lose. It was a unique experience worth sharing.
      I can safely assume that few of my readers have ever been to a Halloween orgy.

  3. Wow! What an experience. I think it's safe to say your Halloweens have been a lot more interesting than most of ours.

    I hope, once you finish with your memoirs, you pursue a publishing contract, rather than self-publishing. I think you'd sell a million copes with the backing of a good publishing house. But however you go, GO! You're a natural-born story teller.

    1. Trust me, this wasn't the most interesting of my many adventures.
      Many thanks for your confidence in my ability to write. I am very hesitant to publish my memoirs for many reasons - not the least is the fact that I could be sued. But I will publish....eventually.

  4. Excellent writing, Jon. With the picture from Inferno, I keep thinking Dante and Virgil are discussing the need for a referee.

    1. Looks like illegal neck-biting to me, Geo. A referee is definitely in order.
      Many thanks for your appreciation of my minimal writing skills. My ego always needs a boost.

      This is my second reply to your comment. The first one mysteriously disappeared. Halloween goblins??

  5. Jon,
    I'll say it again (and again), you are a fabulous writer! And reading about your All Hallow's Eve adventure on Mulholland Drive is all the more interesting since Pat and I drove down that very road on a rainy night last January during our Hollywood Adventure. We will return this January, perhaps to visit the ghosts of your long ago Mephistopheles at Midnight scene.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sincere thanks for the compliments, Ron - you're making me blush (which isn't easy to do). I haven't been on Mulholland for a very long time but it sure brings back memories.

    2. Jon,
      When we realized we were on Mulholland Drive (we were headed to disco night at Oil Can Harry's), he couldn't believe it was the same Mulholland Drive as in the movies. But it was! So looking forward to visiting LA again this January.

  6. Jon,
    I'm a long time lurker! I had to reply, as I loved this post. It reminds me of a time that I spent backpacking through Spain and Morocco, in the late 80's. I found myself in very similar situations. I loved every minute of it!! Great blog!

    1. I love to hear from lurkers (especially long time ones) and I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I've never been to Spain or Morocco but it sounds extremely intriguing. Thanks for your comment!


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