Monday, November 16, 2015


Jon seldom mentions anything political or controversial in his blog. He knows that if he ever voiced his true opinions, 99% of his readers would seethe with rage and flee into the wilderness - -never to be seen again.

Cowering behind the rapidly eroding American concept of free speech, he has decided to send his evil Alter Ego out as the sacrificial lamb - - who will voice the secret thoughts that Jon dares not speak.

Random observations regarding the recent tragic massacre in Paris.....

130 innocent people slaughtered by terrorists in Paris on Friday the 13th. A great tragedy.

The only thing more tragic is the ghost-echo  of 2977 people slaughtered by terrorists in a city called New York.

Some American politicians have taken the ludicrous concept of political correctness beyond unwholesome limits by refusing to acknowledge the word terrorism. Banishing the word will not eradicate the problem.

Prayers, candles, and flowers will temporarily appease feelings of helplessness and outrage, but these phantom offerings won't resurrect the dead. Protests and demonstrations are paltry ammunition against Demons of Death. Prayers leave our lips quickly and  vanish into empty vapors........ the deafening emptiness of silence.

Atop the Eiffel Tower
As the massacre victims lay bleeding and dying in Parisian streets, Al was pompously preaching the Gospel of Gore from his pulpit on the Eiffel Tower in yet another vapid Climate Telethon - proclaiming that global warming - - I mean climate change - - is the greatest danger to mankind.
Greater ironies seldom exist.........

The day before the terrorist attack, in an ABC news interview, our esteemed president Barack What's-His-Name assured us that the ISIS is no longer a major threat. "We have contained them," he said.

Yes, we have contained them..........

Greater ironies seldom exist.

One of the Paris terrorist attackers was identified as a "Syrian refugee".
Our President Barry Hussein has been increasing pressure to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States.
This noble act of humanitarianism will make me rest more easily tonight.

America loves everybody!
Liberty's torch is raised high in a perpetual Welcoming Mode. Our borders are open to all who want to cross them.
To be selective, to pick and choose, to carefully scrutinize those foreigners who come here would be a sacrilege. We would be RACISTS!!!!

Rob Lowe
Hollywood's fading-pretty-boy-quasi-actor was crucified by fans and media when he Tweeted a simple sentence after the attack:
"NOW France closes its borders....."

Truer words were never spoken.
But speaking the truth nowadays could get you killed.

January 11, 2015
World Leaders Gather in Paris to March Arm in Arm in Unity Against Terrorism.

Barry Hussein Obama didn't bother to attend.
Too busy.....on the golf course.....
Neither Joe Biden nor John Kerry showed up.

Terrorism - of course - is a non-existent word.

Perhaps, perhaps
Barry Hussein had the right idea. After all, marching arm in arm in the streets of Paris will do absolutely nothing to stop terrorism.
It is merely another paltry exhibition of faux unity and false hope.....

After all the prayers, candles, flowers, protests, and demonstrations - -
the world needs to fight fire with fire, seek out the villains and slaughter them relentlessly and fearlessly.
Turning the other cheek is useless.

ALL borders everywhere should be permanently sealed and all the sickening  nonsense about humanitarianism should be expunged forever. 

But it is too late.......
far, far too late. The damage has already been done.....

Sweet, humble Jon would never dare give a lecture like this. If you didn't like it, blame it on his evil Alter Ego.

And how does this evil Alter Ego respond to criticism?
If it ruffled your feathers, tough shit.


  1. I am honored to meet your Alter Ego. It was courageous of him to dare speak the truth. In today's Pollitically Corrrect Society, if one perceives that you "offended" someone, you will be attacked with the weapon of choice: name-calling.

    And yes, it was disgraceful that a high-ranking official from the US did not march with the French.

  2. There's so much truth in this post; I'm happy someone(?) stood up and said what many of us are thinking.
    Did we not learn anything from 9/11?
    Quoting Charlie Daniels, "Face it, America, Barack Obama either does not have the will or does not have the guts to fight the kind of war needed to defeat terrorism."

  3. Re: Obama. My conclusion is, nobody has ever gained by underestimating him. Re, Liberty: France's Marianne is one of the most prominent symbols of the French Republic --she transcends donkeys and elephants. She is who we Americans call Lady Liberty. So long as we pursue democracy against those who see no profit in government by discussion, representation and will of the people, Marianne will lead the masses and, as Lady Liberty (HER alter ego), she will remind them government is not the province of tyrants but the best work of citizens. Long after terrorists are forgotten, she will remain and the world will be better.

  4. Nooooooo, I think it's much bigger than politicians can handle, and I am concerned that it can only get worse as we are only just starting to realise. (I deleted the rest of this comment because it scared the **** out of me to follow present trends to their logical conclusion. Best not to try and predict the future.....)

  5. As we look at religious extremists in political power, we need to look at our own candidates - how many elections are won based on religious issues.

  6. It's hard to get ruffled feathers over truth.

  7. Good for Jon, I mean alter ego to speak up.

  8. I totally agree with you or whomever. We the people are just sitting ducks, soon to be slaughtered, just like the French. When I look at all the photos of all those dead people, not one of them carried a gun or had any way to defend themselves. That'll soon be us. None of the candles, songs or moments of silence can help us now. Obama still will not admit to the truth of terrorism: that the Islamist Extremist just want us dead, because they believe the spilling of the infidel's blood will return their prophet to them. The Extremists want to take over the world and all of us can do nothing to keep ourselves safe.
    And then we Americans will vote in Obama #2: Hillary Clinton, to finish us off.
    Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

  9. I keep hearing the rationale that most Americans come from immigrants and that we should welcome those who continue to desire to live here. I'm pretty sure that our ancestors did not enter this country with evil intent, nor did they try to re-invent the country. Yes, there were neighborhoods such as Little Italy, Chinatown and practically whole states made up of Germans, Scandinavians and the like. These newcomers felt blessed to be in a country that allowed freedom of religion and the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families. However, even if they were unable to learn English, their children were taught it, along with pride in being an American. I encourage you and your readers to look at European news and how the Syrian refugees have practically ruined some of the small communities they have overrun. Not to mention their view of women and some of the assaults that have taken place. Little girls have to be shielded from these criminals because "it's their culture" and God forbid they should be expected to follow the law of human decency.

  10. Jon,
    I do believe that we SHOULD NOT accept Syrian refugees, at least at this time. I'm tired of all my tax (Social Security) going to support people who haven't even paid into that trust fund which, of course no longer exists because Congress has spent all the money. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants and we should welcome them but there IS A PROBLEM NOW with accepting Syrian refugees at this time. How about Abu Dhabi and some of those rich Arab oil countries (almost all Sunni Arabs) take some of that money they spend on construction man made islands and indoor ski sloops and accepting their brethren as refugees? Just asking.


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