Monday, November 2, 2015


I'm in a deeply sentimental mood.
That simple sentence has my readers running for the exits.

Don't panic. It's only a temporary affliction. In a few days I'll be back to my normal, irresistible self.  

In a token tribute to the loss of October, I'm offering a poem and a video. The poem was written a hundred years ago when I was twenty. I made the video about two years ago. 

The video is a simple lament and a humble sentiment for my love of autumn. I used the song When October Goes by Barry Manilow because it aptly reflects the depths of my soul.

Yes, you skeptical wise guys - despite rumors to the contrary, I do have a soul. An immensely dark one, but a soul nevertheless........

I've never been a Manilow fan, but I think this particular song is a priceless gem. Lyricist Johnny Mercer wrote the words. After he died, his widow gave the lyrics to Barry Manilow. Manilow set the words to music and the song was published in 1984.
(the video is best viewed full-screen)

Before I forget, here is my poem - which has nothing to do with Manilow or Mercer. Or timeless literature, for that matter.
Don't laugh. Poetry is serious stuff.


Trees are shedding
their last amber leaves
across the yard.
They tumble dumbly
through brisk afternoons
gathering in heaps
at the edge of an exhausted year.

The garden is a tangle
of withered vines
and pillaged fruit,
lean days the birds have picked clean.
Shadows stray to unfamiliar places
stretching past the shrinking hours.
The sun has burned itself out,
leaving less than the trace
of a long ago summer.

From Love Letters to Ghosts  




  1. if I ruled the world, November thru February would be removed from the calendars. and none of this "change the clocks" shit either.

  2. I don't know what I dislike more - the changing of the clocks or the holiday season. It's a toss-up.

  3. I'm already feeling
    very sentimental
    your video
    pushed me
    over the edge

    1. I love it when I push people over the edge.

  4. Lovely poem! You are so talented! I never find that Manilow has a good effect on me in any way though ..

    1. Strangely enough, this is the only song by Manilow that I ever liked.

  5. I remember that video! In fact, a few months ago I added it to my Pinterest board. The poem is a lovely accompaniment.

    PS - I'll take Anne Marie's November-February, if she'll take my June-September. Can you make that happen, Jon?

  6. The only way I can make that happen is to help you move to a cooler climate! Look at the bright side - at least you don't have to worry about falling on ice.

    I'm delighted that you remembered the video. I think you're one of only a few.

  7. I like the song very much --even though I was never a Barry Manilow fan, but in this one he let himself really sing. Your poem is excellent, written at an age when one realizes poetry can save one's life --and create new possibilities of existence.

    1. It's strange, Geo. - I usually can't tolerate Manilow, but I really love this song. It's by far the best thing he's ever written. Poetry has certainly enhanced my life. I sorely miss the intense romanticism of youth.....

  8. Like the beautiful video and the poem.

  9. Lovely post Jon. I'm sad to see the end of fall approaching. Thank you for the lovely post and video.

    1. The end of autumn is always the saddest time of year. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  10. I'm not a huge Manilow fan, either, (too white bread and mayonnaise, if you know what I mean) but I LOVE that song. It really plucks at the ol' heartstrings. And your poem is the perfect go-together with it.

  11. Jon,
    A melancholy yet beautiful post. I'm not a Barry Manilow fan either (how many facelifts has he had so far?) but I do have to admit his version of this song is nice.


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