Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Bravo, the French authorities for taking swift action against the perpetrators of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The architect of the attacks - Abdelhamid Abaaoud - was killed. Over 400 raids were made, with over 25 arrests.

If this terrorist situation had happened here in America, it would have taken years for authorities to plan the raids, and a few more years to carry them out. The arrested suspects would be held in prison for years, where they would be granted limitless consultations with the best lawyers in the country. The trial would undoubtedly drag out for another year. And, of course, several of the female jurors would fall in love with the defendant.

If anyone was found guilty, they would be housed in the most posh prison available, given royal treatment with every amenity, and allowed the endless possibility of appeals, retrials, and leniency for good behavior.

The American "justice" system wouldn't want to offend anyone, or discriminate, or insult. Our esteemed leader Barry Hussein would do everything possible to appease his Muslim brothers. 

The American government and politicians have their heads so far up their asses that suffocation is inevitable. And so do the voters......

That's my honest opinion (with slight exaggerations, of course). Your positive responses to my "Paris" post have emboldened me. 
Well, that and a few cans of beer....... 

 The wind stripped the leaves from the trees

Wild, wicked winds last night. The worst winds I've seen since I left Texas. The only good aspect is that the wind here is clean and pure. The West Texas winds were ladened with dust and dirt. And they never subsided. Never.

Rainy day, perpetual rain. Dank, dark, soggy, and gloomy. At least the wind has stopped. The days are pathetically short. It gets dark by 4:30.

The "I" key cap is still off on my laptop keyboard - - and now the inner mechanism (whatever) broke. This makes typing absolute agony. I'm always a very quick typist. Now, it takes me forever to type. And I have to go back again and again to painstakingly add the missing "I" in every word (by using a pencil to pound the "I" key into submission). I've repeatedly tried to fix it but nothing works. Nothing.

Have you ever attempted to replace a three-prong cord with a four-prong cord on a clothes dryer? It took me several frickin' days. Hooking up the wires is no problem. Trying to access them from the tiny "window" in the back of the machine is a nightmare. My fingers would cramp and I kept dropping the screws behind the panel. The back panel on an old Amana can't be removed, so every dropped screw was lost forever.

 Several days of agony

I have a helluva lot more problems besides laptop keyboards and clothes dryers, but I'll be a gentleman and spare you. I've been in a dour mood lately.

Actually, it's a lovely time of year (despite rain and wind) - and an exciting time, in anticipation of the holidays. I plan to write some things about Thanksgiving, despite this cursed keyboard.

By the way -
Bosco begged me to share this photo with you. It was taken last night with my cell phone (which explains the poor quality).


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  1. I'll bet another six pack could help you fix the dryer. On the other hand you could just take a nap and not care..

  2. ...What she said!
    Seriously cute picture of Bosco!

  3. I hate to admit that all the killing of the bad guys gave me a thrill. I just wished we could be so swift with out responses.

  4. I can read Bosco's expression:"Now just let me get my tail wrapped around just right and---yes take the photo now!" Vain creatures, cats.

  5. My keyboard has lost the markings on several of the keys. Luckily I'm a touch typist. It is just fine until I get just one finger on the wrong key. Then .... oy hprd ;olr yjod

  6. A lesson has been learned, don't piss off the French - I hope they keep pounding until the bastards decide that violence is not the answer.

  7. We're so "Pc" here now in the US if we truly responded like that I'm sure some people would be outraged. Have people really forgotten 9/11? Good for France for taking a stand.

  8. Jon,
    You make a good point about how long it would take the American authorities to conduct a rate. It was a pleasure to see the French ask who quickly and then tell us what happened. I can imagine typing on a keyboard that I don't like when you replace your keyboard it wouldn't cost that much when have to replace the whole computer just by keyboard. By the way this response I'm talking into my iPhone how do you have to type it so I hope it comes out clear.

  9. if I remember correctly
    many years ago
    when I read
    Stephen King's book Misery
    I believe the main character
    lost a least one letter
    on his typewriter
    the book showed it
    the way he typed it
    some letters may have been written in
    never saw that before

    Bosco = poser (cute)


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