Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Well, Jon - how do you feel since Bosco landed on your face?

I feel like dismissing my cats and getting a dog.

I mean, how do you feel physically?

After all the claw marks heal and the swelling goes down and the bruising disappears and my eye stops hurting, I'll probably be back to normal - or as reasonably normal as I get. I have difficulty shaving.

All the injuries are on your left side?

Yea. Now I can only be photographed from my right side. Kinda like Claudette Colbert.

She was only photographed from her left side.

Whatever. Know-it-all.

(sometimes I actually amuse myself)

How's December so far?

Gloomy, wet, and mild. It rained non-stop for the past four days. Early this evening the skies began to clear and cold weather is returning tonight.

Returning from where?

Returning from wherever cold weather goes when it's not in Tennessee.

The above photo is a very distant shot of the mountain on which I live.

It doesn't look very big.

Hey, Bucko, this is Daniel Boone country. I'm not Heidi's grandfather.

I ventured outside this morning and took some photos. I finally bought batteries for my El Cheapo digital camera.

You should really get an Apple iPhone 6S Plus with a 12-megapixel sensor.

Don't bullshit me with fancy tech talk. I'm still trying to figure out how to use my Dick Tracy Bakelite camera.

Why do you always talk to yourself, Jon?

Because I'm the only person I can fully relate to.

This was taken in my back yard at high noon on Wednesday. The sun is too far south to be taken seriously.

Loads of wild birds flew in, stayed about ten minutes, and then left. Probably headed for Jamaica.
Or else they saw my cats roaming around.

Here's Bosco checking out my mower before I put it away for the winter. The damn thing wouldn't start all summer (the mower, not Bosco).
I eventually had to take the whole engine apart. By the time I got it working the weeds were twenty feet high and laughing at the mower.

I don't need a frickin' Weedeater. I need tractors, plows, scythes, a large herd of mountain goats, and Divine intervention.

Here's Scruffy sitting near an ancient ladder. Those aren't pee marks, they're remnants of my wet footprints

So, what's on your agenda for the rest of this first week in December, Jon?

Have to drive into town tomorrow. Big emergency. Last week I forgot to buy the two essentials:
Litter and toilet paper.

The litter is for the cats. The T.P. is for me.

I've thought about training the cats to use the toilet. And I've thought about using the litter box - - but I don't like to share.

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  1. Oh Jon, your poor face! I can only imagine the discomfort. Reality is getting flimsy here too. Today I committed a fortune to 2 hearing aids in the the hope that I can retrain my neural pathways away from tinnitus. I didn't mind losing my high frequency hearing as long as it made my world quieter, but tinnitus set in with a vengeance 6 mo.s ago at about 8k or 9k Hz and sounds like air escaping from a tire leak. Constant and loud. If I wasn't nuts, I'd go nuts. Guess we'll both have to try extra hard to concentrate --and I'm sure glad your eyeballs were not damaged in the fracas. We are tough dudes.

    1. Life always seems to throw the worst punches at the good guys. Tinnitus must be one of the most torturous afflictions imaginable. I truly hope the hearing aids will provide at least some relief. I'm wondering if the "experts" have found any plausible cause for your problem. Could medications have anything to do with it? I admittedly know very little about it.
      I still have enormous problems with my back ever since I fell (numerous times) last winter. There are days when I can hardly crawl out of bed. We are tough dudes indeed......there's no other alternative.

  2. Your cats are so pretty. The ladder reminds me of one I had. My daughter got in trouble with her Dad for painting it yellow. Then it eventually looked like yours.

    1. That ancient ladder belonged to my father, and I think it previously belonged to HIS father. I know it's older than I am.....and that's pretty old.

  3. Your cats look lovely and almost angelic. But we know better don't we? You do know that when you venture into public people won't believe that your cat was responsible for bruising and swelling. Cosmetic surgery will be assumed!

  4. All my cats laughed when they heard "Angelic".
    Actually my face doesn't look too bad. It will probably be assumed that I was the loser in a drunken brawl.

  5. pretty kitties (devils inside though)! it's been raining up here too, and the trees are naked. for bob's sake, get that TP and litter; everyone's butt will be thankful. get milk too.

    1. I don't like rain, but it's preferable to ice and snow.
      I plan to buy double the amount of litter and TP.

  6. I can just imagine the tales, if you had a herd of belligerent goats to keep the yard trimmed.

    1. I'm almost insane from the cats. I can't even imagine what I'd be like with goats.......

  7. Does your face hurt? Well, it's killing me! (sorry , I rarely get a legit chance to use that one.)

    And Divine intervention? As in Divine the late actor?

    Speaking of Devine, John Water's memoir, 'Carsick,' sounds like it would be a great stocking stuffer.



    1. It only hurts when I laugh - and I don't laugh often......
      I haven't read Water's book, but I noticed that it got mixed reviews. Some people hated it and others loved it. I think it would be an interesting read.

  8. My youngest was scratched on the arm by her cat years ago and it left a scar. It wasn't her first or last time being scratched but that one left a scar. I hope your face fares much better. Take care , Sheila

    1. I, too, have some scars from cat scratches - - but I think my face will be okay. Actually, the surprise of it bothered me more than the injuries. It was completely unexpected.

  9. Your cats are beautiful. I think to myself I'd like to have one but then your cat stories make me think twice. LOL. I'm glad you're healing up. Good luck with the trip into town. Btw, have the kitties stayed closer to the house since the coyote incident with Scratch? :)

    1. I love cats and wouldn't be without one - - but three is definitely a handful. I had Scratch (my oldest) for nine years before I got the two kittens (Scruff & Bosco). That's when all the chaos began.

      I only let the cats outside for a limited time in the daylight (and I watch them carefully). I'd never let them out after dark when the coyotes roam.

  10. It's good to see Scruffy again. :)
    Your 3 make a grand total of 4 felines with which I'm presently 'acquainted' ... not nearly enough to draw a parallel.
    Still, I couldn't help but think of Bosco-and-company when blog-friend Betty shared a book review, Salem's Daughters. ("The plot involved 13 accused witches from Salem back in the 1600s who is an effort not to be killed put themselves into cats bodies, figuring they had then 9 lives to live.") --

    Heal, heal!

    1. Don't encourage me - - I just might send you Scruffy in a Christmas box (she's my feisty Devil Child). I am fully inclined to believe that cats are witches in disguise.
      I have heard of "Salem's Daughters" (via another blog) but haven't read it.

  11. I think your "el cheapo" camera takes terrific shots. Or maybe it's just the artistic eye of the dude taking them.

    1. I'm going to be arrogant and agree with your second observation.


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