Saturday, August 6, 2016


NOT for the faint of heart.
If you love Hillary DO NOT read this.
If you hate Trump DO NOT read this.
If you're expecting apologies from me,
don't hold your breath.  

You thought I didn't watch the Democratic National Convention last week, didn't you? 
And you thought I was too scared to write a post about it because 99% of my readers are voting for Hillary, didn't you?
And you thought I'd be terrified of getting nasty comments and having hoards of flustered people flee from my blog.

Well, let me introduce you to the New Version of Jon who has had a couple of beers and doesn't give a Royal Shit what anybody thinks.

New Version of Jon.
It's like Windows 10 - - only better.

I'm in a Raging Rant Mood (capitalized for emphasis) and if you can't handle it move on to a innocuous blog which will bore you with family vacation photos and descriptions of Timmy's first tooth. 

OR go to Hillary's website, which will recharge your unsatisfied quest for hope and change.

If I lose my liberal readers, so be it. It'll make more room for my conservative ones (all two of them).

Hang onto your Donkey tails - here we go!

I still can't figure out how such an absolutely joyless and consistently angry convention could have provided so many laughs. Unintentional laughs, but laughs nevertheless.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz - the Darling of the Democrats, who was scheduled to open the convention......

was suddenly dumped and thrown under the bus....when Wikileaks released the emails that proved she had a Big Hand (capitalized for emphasis) in the trashing of Bernie Sanders and tipping the scales of the nomination in favor of Hillary.

Debbie's biggest moment went down in flames. Like a Kamikaze.

No surprises here. We already knew the Democrats are consistently corrupt, didn't we? Hell, Bill and Hillary based their entire scandal-ridden careers on absolute undiluted corruption.

And Bernie Sanders?
That poor loser was the biggest joke of all. After being humiliated, pummeled, and pissed on by Hillary and her ruthless cronies, he crawled onto the convention stage and humbly endorsed her!!!
Where the hell are this wimp's balls???? He wasted the opportunity of a lifetime
while making a complete jackass out of himself.

But then, they're all donkey's asses, aren't they?

Are you readers still with me? I know you're choking on my caustic words. Well, take a few deep breathes and try to recover. If you have difficulty recovering, you might want to visit the
OBAMACARE website.  

The biggest problem with the Democrats and their pathetically weak agenda is the fact that they have absolutely no new ideas to offer.

Speech after tedious speech, person after miserable person....all spewed the same stale crap from the 1960's:
Women's rights
Gay rights
Save the children
Stop segregation 
Stop global warming
Free the slaves

For Christopher Christ's sake - get real!!!
Welcome to the year 2016! You pathetic relics from the psychedelic era don't know what century you're in. 

A Trio of Angry Mamas

  Well, of course, the angry Black Lives Matter crowd was using their Black Panther power and Farrakhan bully tactics to force all the white crackers to the back of the bus.
"Whites, go to the back of the room!"

What? You didn't see this??
It happened at the convention. But the liberal news media hardly mentioned it.

They will use the same bully tactics at the voting booths in November.
Don't doubt me on this. 

Black with Red Punctuation

The convention audience frequently BOOED Hillary and chanted for Bernie Sanders, which provided many delightfully humorous interludes....and many awkward moments for the cameramen....

And then there were the victims.

All of the usual VICTIMS were dragged out and paraded before us - - to generate pity and remorse. And anger. Every Democrat is a victim. Everyone is victimized by ......

who else?
the evil white man and the GOP.
After all, Donald Trump is an evil Nazi -
so was Nixon, Reagan, Bush #1 and #2, Romney, etc.

I thought the eight-year unification and transparency of our Muslim Mulatto President would have quelled all of the Democrats complaints, but it didn't!!
We need Hillary to extend this Marxist agenda!

What? You're upset because I called our President a mulatto Muslim? I'm a racist?? Hey, he was raised as a Muslim and is a mulatto. Don't blame me.

Among the many, many, many victims on parade was Khizr Khan, a Muslim who lost his (American) son to a suicide bomber in Iraq twelve years ago. It's definitely a tragedy, but a Presidential Convention isn't exactly the place to spew your grief. 
....but there is a reason.....

Khan's sob story speech quickly turned into an attack on Donald Trump.
Somehow, his son's murder was  twisted into being Trump's fault.

Just like the mass shooting at the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida was Donald Trump's fault and the fault of the NRA - - rather than the fault of the Muslim terrorist who did the slaughtering.

And - to make matters worse - Trump had the balls to respond and criticize Khan!!!

The news media gleefully seized upon this to detract from Hillary and her prison-worthy email fiasco. 

 Angry Khan Trashing Trump

The Khan family has become the Patron Saints of the Democratic Party, latching onto the media like Iranian flies on a pile of camel shit. 

And then there was Bill Clinton's speech endorsing his beloved wife. 
The impeached, disbarred, rampant sexual predator took time from his busy schedule to kiss the ass of Mr. Hillary.

He repeatedly wagged his bony finger at us - just as he did in the past -
("I didn't have sex with that woman!")
as he laboriously recounted his excruciatingly boring and highly fictitious rendition of meeting, courting, and marrying Hillary. 

Holy Jeezus!!!!
Without exaggeration it was the biggest, smelliest pile of absolute undiluted BULLSHIT that the Democrats ever shoveled on us. 
Who wrote that saccharine speech? Barbara Cartland?? 

While in the throes of professing his love for Hillary, old Billie Boy failed to mention a few names that seem to resonate with erectile enthusiasm:

Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Julie McMahon, Maria Furtwangler, Belinda Stronach, Naomi Robson, Markie Post, Patricia Duff, Elizabeth Gracen, Sally Perdue, Dolly Kyle Browning, .....
Not to mention
Paula Jones, Eileen Wellstone, Carolyn Moffet, Kathleen Willey, Elizabeth Ward, Christy Zercher, Sandra Allen James, and of course
RAPE VICTIM Juanita Broaddrick.

What? None of these names ring a bell?
Do your homework once in awhile, so I don't have to do it for you.

I wonder.....
when Hillary is finally in the Oval Office, will she ever wonder just how many blow jobs Bill received in there?
Naw, not a chance. She couldn't care less where Billy's willy has been.

After all, she desperately clung to William Jefferson's slimy coat tails for over forty years to get where she is today. She certainly couldn't have done it without him.

And that trail of semen that he left like a degenerate snail? 
Don't let it worry you.
It was all a vast Right Wing conspiracy.

Did you see Billy Boy SLEEPING during Hillary's speech??
This priceless display of disrespect for his beloved wife was the absolute highlight of the entire convention.

 Looks like Bill wasn't the only one....

And what about Comrade Hillary's speech?
The usual bland stuff - -  angry, dismal, accusatory, bitter, humorless, pious, desperate.
It didn't rouse much enthusiasm.
And it sure didn't rouse any cocks.

Valid questions:
Who will design her pantsuit for the Inaugural Ball?
Will Monica Lewinsky be invited?

I really didn't dump much on Hillary in this post. That's because she requires an entire post dedicated to her ceaseless years of corruption, lies, scandals, and inadequacies.

The BIG question:
Is Hillary qualified to be President of the United States? I'll give you awhile to ponder all her accomplishments. 
And don't count Benghazi.

I'm on a roll and I ain't done yet! 

If you read this rant, I truly appreciate it.
If you hated it - my mission is accomplished! 



  1. You forgot to mention that the world is flat.

    1. You didn't watch the convention, did you? I don't blame you.

    2. I didn't need to. Besides, it interfered with my TV show schedule. Monday: The Fosters, Tuesday: Below Deck, Wednesday: Ninja Warrior and UFC, Thursday: Million Dollar Listing. And Friday is 'date night'.

    3. Date night?? Wow, Friday is the best!

  2. That's so funny about Bill dozing off. Looking at these images, I'm struck by the many UNattractive souls. (Seriously? When did femininity become a loathsome trait?)

    When I was a little girl, it's said I argued the case: Winner gets to be President, loser has to be Vice President. Admittedly, I'm no strategist/economist ....but it might be interesting if the red and blue states reached an amicable, trial separation for say, the next 4 years ... and see which side flourished.

    1. Mevely- this is a wonderful idea!!!! I say lets try it!

    2. They should fight it out in Madison Square Garden. Winner takes all.

  3. Jon,

    Don't worry, Hil is going to fix all the things Obama said he was going to fix 8 years ago. They are always going to fix the same things, maybe they caused them to begin with. But toot the horns, we will get our first elected woman President and that is all a lot care about.


  4. Well with me you have at least 3 conservative fans.
    I do keep wondering if Hitlery's outfits looking like they came from Chairman Mao's closet are planned.
    Rant on!! I'm with you!

    1. I will admit....she is in need of a fashion stylist for sure.

    2. Three?? My Gawd, I'm reeling in shock.
      Well, at least Hillary is going for comfort - not style. And the pantsuits hide her big ass.

  5. Debbie Wasserman Schultz! She looks rode hard and put away wet!!!! That picture would scare mice. I'd sue if I was her.! Yes my friend, that was a rant! did have me with some chuckles. I will admit to being registered Republican!!!!! Yes dear, tis true!!! Here in Bucks County wear I live, it is very common for us to vote Republican for local and state seats but then vote Democratic in national seats. For President I have voted both sides in the past, and will vote for who I personally think will do better. But this year will most certainly be interesting. For me it will be like voting for which evil??? And I'm sure it will be a nasty debating and carrying on, which is sad they must act like that. After all, where is the statesmen ship and manners and etiquette? Most of the candidates I really liked dropped at early, I did like Christie, and some others I liked never even had a chance to run at all. My good friend here is our State Rep. She is the perfect balance of both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately, there are not enough of them like her...yet. My ex of twelve years was her chief of staff, and he always explained to me that is what we need more of. I do have two friends who like Trump. But I never cared for him way before this. The first time I ever saw him was on that show he had. I just can't get pass him. I usually don't hate anyone, but him and Ann Coulter or two, who turn my stomach more than any other. But this election and all it's candidates, I was like this is the best our country has to offer? So you see why I want to go live in a broken down mansion and name in Grey Gardens out of civilization? My dear I still love you and enjoy reading... whatever it is who have to say♥

    1. I've always disliked Ann Coulter - all ego and minimal brains. I was never a huge Trump fan, and there are times when too much of him is definitely not a good thing..... but I think he's open and honest (or as honest as they get) and a fresh change from the usual D.C. suspects.

      Believe it or not, I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. I've never voted in my entire life and never will. That makes me sort of a hypocrite, I suppose.

  6. Oh Jon, your political posts are unlikely to run me off. I like this one because it mirrors much of what I feel about Party National Conventions --as did Ted Koppel who, during a 1996 Convention, told viewers he was going home because they'd got "more like infomercials than a news events". I haven't watched one in many years but sure appreciate your distinctive take here.

    1. Actually, Geo. ALL conventions are alike. Trump had his share of unintentional laughs. I was very reluctant to post this - - but it's surprising what a few beers will do.

  7. "Billy's willy" - snort. Actually I got several guffaws out of this (really) Poor Bernie, what you said is probably true but us diehard fans still love him. My sister is a yuge conspiracy buff. She thinks he was threatened by Obama when they had a private meeting. As far as the Clintons go - There sure are a lot of mysterious suicides by people who supposedly might know incriminating information about them.

    1. I actually like Bernie, too. Heck he might be a much better president than Hillary or Trump.....he just seemed wimpy at the Convention, but he VERY WELL might have been threatened....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Jon, I read your post to Joe and we both got erections of joy. Oh wait....I've got a pencil in my pocket. Whew.

    My thoughts mirror yours, but I have another one that is bothering me so much because no one else has even thought of this: I BELIEVE that the Clintons hired Trump to say outrageous and inflammatory things to MAKE SURE Hillary gets elected. He's a hired smoke screen! As soon as his polls outnumber hers, he says something even more inflammatory. If we near the elections and his polls are so high she'll never make up the lost ground, I'm sure there's a clause in the contract that says she can have him shot.

    Without an opposition making Hillary look better than she is, she'd never be elected to carry on Obama's 8 year plan to decimate America. She's been trained. She's evil enough to carry it out, and if we knew who was financing it, we'd all die of strokes. It is SO imperative to the Obama regime that she be elected it is scaring the bejesus out of me.

    1. Your theory is a new one that I never considered, but at this corrupt stage of the game, ANYTHING is possible. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary will be elected - and it will be done by any devious means possible. She, Billy, and Barry Obama are masters at it.

  10. America is screwed. I'd sooner vote for Morris the Cat (remember him?) than Trump or Hillary. Let's just hope we somehow manage to NOT end up hungry and homeless :-(

    1. I've never voted and I never will - - one is just as bad as the other. Our country is definitely going down the toilet, and it seems like there's no turning back.

  11. Jon
    Ok, ok, I'll weigh in here on the 'liberal' front, though it's probably I'm closer to a Trotskyite than a leftist democrat. But here goes, ready?

    Scandalous! Outrageous!! Horrible!!! Some other damn things, I forget. Whatever slurs we of the liberal scum would hurl at you at this time. You get the gist, right? Gottdamn nazi, etc, etc.

    So there, you got your response, lame as it is.

    Anyway, you're picking pretty low-hanging fruit, pal, with Hillary. Who does like her? I bet fewer than 50% of the people that vote for her. They're voting against the bozo she's running against. I doubt you're going to lose any of your 'followers' over this. Just ain't controversial enough. Oh, you didn't think that coming out against liberals was going to do it, right?

    At one point above you wrote about losing 'followers', readers or something. Thinking there were too many of them. I had a similar thought, and I tried that, a couple years ago, wrote this post about what a flaming fucking liberal I was....I think at the time I had a couple of people from somewhere down there, Texas, Alabama, somewhere, that dropped me. I considered it a success. But I only went from like 45 to 42, hardly a dent.

    I think the longer-lived blogs, like yours, get this following that it's hard to shake. I doubt you have any 'real' conservatives or 'real' liberals, as we use the terms. We have people that have found us on the internet, and for whatever reason push that button/icon that makes them a 'follower'. I doubt it means anything in terms of what their views are. Exceptions of course to a few of them.

    So anyway, I think you're going to have to raise the bar a bit, in terms of controversy.....being anti-Hillary ain't cuttin' it, my friend. You want to weed out the liberal scum, you're going to have to up the game. I'm thinking that guy down in Louisiana, your general area, David Duke. Promote him, he seems to be one of the few that actually might hang on Trump's coattails. That should do it.

    Were I to have a go at it, I'd do one about how President Obama has a sheep led into the Oval Office at 11pm each night.....something along those lines. I don't think the Muslim thing has any legs on it still. Though of course it's true, and he was born in a Wicca ceremony in Haiti, on 6/6/66.......
    Anyway, not much like "Don't read this" in terms of what my daughter calls 'clickbait'.....

    Cheers, Pal.

    1. I'll be blessedly brief - I truly appreciate your honesty. I wasn't planning on replying to comments this time, but I always read them. You speak truth.

  12. Come on, Jon, just tell us what you really think.

    I am not a huge fan of Trump, but I would vote for ANYONE before I would vote for sleazy, lying Hillary. I was a fan of Marco Rubio and continue to donate to his campaign for re-election to the Senate, even though I am not a resident of Florida. I want him to keep himself in the game in hopes he will make another run in the future.

    In the meantime, Donald, just SHUTUP and quit shooting yourself in the foot every time you open your mouth.

    I actually believe (hope?) there is a large population who will vote for Trump, but won't admit it publically. We cannot survive another term of Obama.....I mean Hillary. My only sliver of consolation, if she is elected, will be that it will be an entertaining four years with Bill back in the White House.

    Say what you will about Trump, but he can be no worse than the community organizer who charmed his way into the highest office in the land and proceeded to make the US a laughing stock.

    1. I hate to say this but I will. I seriously doubt that Trump would ever win, because there are FAR too many uninformed assholes who want Hillary simply because she's a Democrat - - and a woman. We got Obama simply because he was "black". Nobody cared about his background or lack of qualifications.

      Trump puts his foot in his mouth, but he's honest and truly loves our country. He tells it like it is (as do I) - and many people DON'T want to hear it.

  13. Well, Jon, you have another 'conservative' reader. I will vote for Trump. I will NEVER vote for HRC. I laughed right out loud at your post. I've been a voter ever since I could, at age 21. My folks instilled in us that it was the right thing to do. They were always the first at the polls at 7AM. I hope the USA can survive. I've got kids and grandkids that need a great country. I think my youngest grandson will grow up to be a great president. He's 17 months old! LOL!

    1. Many thanks for your input, Linda. I only hope that we will finally see a great leader again - who is proud of our country and not wallowing in corruption. Hillary is undoubtedly the most corrupt female politician in the history of our nation.

  14. FREE SPEECH is alive and well here. I agree that Bernie BLEW the JOB he was given. Had the perfect opportunity and caved. Years ago Liddy Dole should have been the first woman president BUT the good old boys club in the GOP was too busy propping up Bob.

    1. Unfortunately, our free speech is eroding more every day. There are so many honest and qualified woman who could run for president. It's an outrage that Hillary is the "chosen" one.


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