Saturday, October 29, 2016


Was Halloween more fun long ago, or does it just seem that way in our biased and selective memories?

I'm old, but rumors that I attended the Salem witch hunt trials are exaggerated. I'm not quite old enough to remember good old-fashioned Halloweens of yesteryear: ghost stories by the hearth, taffy pulls, apple bobbing, fortune telling, homemade costumes, bonfires, pranks, and rowdiness.

Nowadays Halloween is sapped of creativity and imagination - sanitized by the Goblin Regulation Police. Squadrons of supervised kids - - attired in fireproof unspooky Made in China costumes - - robotically trek door to door, collect their safety-wrapped store-bought candy, and go home. The End.

Of course, my fondness for children is minimal and I think Trick or Treating should be banned - but that's beside the point. Fortunately I live in a remote area where only wolves dare to trek. My Halloween will be blissfully brat-free.

This blog post is going nowhere but - what the hell - I'll dig my way out of it.

So, how will I be spending All Hallow's Eve? I'm going to have pizza.....and apples, and a big bag of Halloween candy. And I might bake a cinnamon coffee cake if I'm in a good mood. Which is rare.

I wanted to buy a pumpkin when I drove to town yesterday but - - nobody has any! They're all sold out!! The stores are already crammed with Christmas decorations. HOLY SHEE-IT!!

I've dusted off my Halloween dinnerware - mostly so I could take exciting photos that will be treasured forever. *smile*

 This is my favorite Halloween mug for tea. I've been using it in the microwave for fifteen years. Yesterday I noticed a label on the bottom that says Do Not Use in Microwave. I swear to gawd it's true.

 The orange bowl has a black cat in it.
I'll give you a moment to contain your excitement.
How about a witch plate -
and a kinda cool Halloween cat -

Beware of the Cat

That cat has been packed away for years. I just dug it out of mothballs last night.

What's the deal with the cat in your header photo, Jon?

Hey, I'm glad you asked. I love that picture and I colorized it myself. The cat's not mine, but he looks a little like my Bosco.

 Here's Bosco
in a Halloween mode

and Scruffy

 ...and last but not least
Scratch. This pic was taken when I lived in Texas. She looks tough, but actually she was squinting from the camera flash.

This post got way off track. I was initially going to write about a few of my Halloween memories. Well, perhaps it's best that I saved you from being mercilessly bored. 
Hopefully you were only slightly bored.

More Halloween stuff is on the way.
Look out!



  1. In the uk Halloween is a modern day event pinched directly from the US

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of dirty habits come from the US (*smile*)

  2. there are no brats in my neighborhood, so I don't have to buy any candy.

    I like the witch plate; looks like me (or mistress maddie).

    cinnamon coffee cake? YES PLEASE! (recipe?)

    1. Unfortunately, I usually use the simple, cheap Bisquick coffee cake recipe.


      2/3 CUP MILK

      1 EGG

      (I use a little more sugar and also add a little cinnamon in the batter)

      The topping for the coffee cake is:

      1/3 CUP BISQUICK




      Pour the batter in a 8x8 square pan or a 9x9 square pan
      (actually, I use a round 9 inch cake pan)

      Sprinkle the topping mixture over the batter.

      Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes.
      (I bake it at 350 and watch it carefully. It's easy to over-bake)

  3. You do a lot for Halloween living alone. Like the dishes.

    1. I like to entertain myself. But I HATE washing dishes!

  4. I was thirteen the last time I went trick or treating. I dressed up like a hobo and must have knocked on at least 1000 doors. Ended up with a shopping bag full of candy (only one apple). I love your Halloween dishes: I tend to use paper plates.

    1. When I lived in Texas, I used paper plates ALL the time. Since I came to Tennessee I've been using "regular" dishes (simply because I have lots of them), but I really HATE washing dishes. Paper plates are much easier.

  5. Well I'm hitting the streets on Halloween.

    I really like your stuffed cat. Isn't today National Cat Day?

    1. I had no idea that there even was a National Cat Day (how could I have missed it???). Thanks for telling me.

      I won't mention it to my cats. They'll want gifts.....

  6. Bosco's look-alike is pretty neat!
    No, you're not imagining things. Halloween was definitely more exciting in days gone by. I remember we grade-schooler's dressing in our finest and participating in Central Elementary's parade around the school. Only those moms that "didn't care" provided store-bought costumes for their kids. One year some enterprising merchants provided bars of soap and buckets and invited all the kids to make soap designs on their store-fronts. All's I remember, it was freeeeeeeezing cold. Yep, most October 31st's our coats, mittens, scarves and hats totally obliterated whatever costume we were wearing. I miss Mrs. Doris' homemade popcorn balls and bobbing for apples at Mrs. Zimmerman's. (Screw the germs!)

    Ya, we had it pretty good. Today's kiddos seem only to be going through the motions, and we (actually DH) obliges them because it's easier than risk someone doing damage to our home or cars.

    1. I definitely agree that our childhood Halloweens were the best. I haven't had a homemade popcorn ball since I was about ten. I'm surprised that merchants would actually encourage soaping windows - - but at least it was in a CREATIVE way.

      I think you've inspired me to write about some of my Halloween post.

  7. We have no rug rats trick or treating here either, they all go the various Baptist churches where they get to dress up as a bible character. I have nothing against that but I liked dressing up as something spooky. I once was a very good ghost with flour over face cream to make my face white and I wore white gloves. And our dog was a white poodle so she was my ghost dog. But that was years before I moved to TX.

    Love your photos and the dinnerware is pretty cool too.

    1. That's funny about the Baptist church Bible costumes...well, at least it probably kept the kids out of trouble.
      I love old-fashioned homemade Halloween costumes!

  8. I never remembered going trick or treating in my life. Was raised in the country and parents didn't take their kids to town to trick or treat back then. The city of Opp was having tricked treaters to do their treating tonight instead of Halloween it has gotten now where the cities tell you what to do. I didn't tie my dogs and turn on the porch light since they are all security lights so we didn't have any kids stopping by. I do like your dishes and the cat. Happy Halloween! Jean

    1. I really hate the fact that they often change the night for trick or treating nowadays. It takes the fun out of Halloween.
      I hope you have a pleasant and peaceful Halloween.

  9. Hope you have a pleasant Halloween!!


    1. Hey, Melanie - it's good to hear from you. Have a great Halloween!

  10. Replies
    1. I'm surprised that my Halloween tea mug didn't blow up years ago.....

  11. I don't think your post got way off tract at all. Halloween is my favorite holiday and for reason you state is way I love this area I lived in. As picturesque as it is, everybody says you can't deny a underlying haunted feel to it. Of course, next door my neighbors are very quite of the subject. I live next to a cemetery. Maybe tomorrow night I take a walk over and say hi. Loving your little pumpkin and dinnerware.

    1. I loved your graveyard post and would definitely like to go there on Halloween night. Reinforced with some gin, of course.


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