Monday, October 10, 2016


So, who won the debate last night?

That's what Clinton supporters will say.

That's what Trump supporters will say.

What do I say?
I think that this second presidential debate was much better than the first one - and the "Town Hall" format is far superior to the stuffy, stale "conventional" format.

A town hall-style debate is less formal and allows the candidates to present themselves more naturally, affording a much better connection  with the audience.

But who do you think won the debate, Jon?

Ssssshhh! I'll never tell. But I'm smiling.

I'd like to interrupt this crappy political blog post by saying something that probably won't be understood or appreciated by some people, but I want to be honest.

Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him - there's something about his personality that I've always connected with and it's this:

He has single-handedly broken down the detrimentally restrictive barrier of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - - something that I've always adamantly opposed.

He often speaks crudely and bluntly, and (as his detractors love to point out)  "puts his foot in his mouth" - - but he speaks with honesty and in layman's terms.

Yes, he's accused of being a chauvinist, racist, homophobe, bigot, Islamophobe, Latinophobe (I just made that one up) etc. etc. - - These are the same stale poisoned darts that are always hurled at people who dare to escape from the prison of political correctness.
And they are the same accusations that have been hurled at me by some of my personal  "friends" (I'm not referring to bloggers).
Well - on second thought - there is one particular blogger who loathes me and equates me with the KKK. Curiously, he reads my blog faithfully, which is a rather masochistic tendency. 

Trump often speaks sarcastically, tongue-in-cheek, with a crudeness that is partly intended to annoy the overly-sensitive, and partly a subconscious inherent quirk of his personality.
Most people don't understand this - it flies over their heads.

His bluntness should be taken with a grain of salt - - rather than so savagely berated. I speak from experience.

The crude and offensive remarks about women that he said eleven years ago to Billy Bush were definitely over the top, but - as I said in a previous post - the people who  harshly condemn him are hypocrites, with a holier-than-thou attitude that is unbecoming to say the least.

My sole anger at Trump is the fact that he was so stupid for saying such things while connected to an open microphone. That is his only crime in my opinion.

I'm not God or Jesus, Mother Theresa or Gandhi.
If you want to cast the first stone, go ahead and throw it. Don't strain your arm.

In the past (and,well hell, probably in the present, too) I have more than occasionally infuriated my blog readers with things that I've said.

Fortunately my readers are polite and overlook my annoyances. I truly appreciate that.

I always write exactly like I think - and I often react before thinking. That's not  wise, but it's me.

I don't believe in verbal assaults or personal insults (well, not much, anyway) - - but I do believe in free speech and in breaking down the lethal barriers of political correctness.

I don't like to walk on proverbial egg shells or have to carefully weigh everything I say.
And I especially don't like oversensitive people who are offended by everything and everybody. Over-sensitivity, in my humble opinion, is a sickness that has seriously tainted our country, in fact it has crippled us.

My thoughts expressed here are inspired by Donald Trump's brashness, and all those who so harshly and eagerly pounce on every syllable he utters.

You might not like the guy, but perhaps you'll admit that he marches to the beat of a different drummer. It's damn refreshing.

Thanks for enduring my rant.

Note: I'm FAR behind in reading other blogs this week, but I'll get there.


  1. Jon,
    Doesn't matter who "won". Trump has embarrassed our country. He is beneath contempt. I will never understand the Hillary Haters. What has she ever done to them? But I understand Trump. He is all about himself. He cares nothing for the country. He is beneath contempt.

  2. I only watched about 40 minutes and couldn't take either of them and all the barking from both of the old windbags, and went back to my gin and tonics and horror movies. But truth be told, the debate was more scary! But I did never mind crude talk....after all I love me some Lady Bunny and Lisa Lampanilli....two very politically incorrect divas!

  3. Well, it was three against one. And one of the three was gay.

  4. Woo-hoo!
    I was late to the circus, but did you see that expression on old Billy Goat's face when he spotted his 'lady friends'? I sort of hoped to summon a smidgen of compassion for Chelsea, but I'm pretty sure she's cut from the same (emotion-less) cloth as her mother.

  5. Welllll, you know how I feel. Scared to death of one of them, and kinda squirming over the other one.

    Politically Correct has crippled this country. I think it started out with negroes becoming "boy", then African Americans, then black, until now they are beyond approach by anything beyond 'your extreme highness'.

    Then others joined in and started counting words that should be something else. It got to the point we can't say anything unless we pre-edit. So, I get appalled over Trump denigrating the handicapped.......excuse me.....the handicapable. The POWs for getting caught....excuse me....unfortunately captured. These people vote. Women can overlook a lot. Just see how they clamor over ol' Blowjob. I mean, ex-president Clinton.

    She's got a ton of retribution in her back pocket and a "holier than thou" look on her face that I like to personally wipe off. I'm sick of Obama, and have been since day one, and another four years of the black-house policies will continue with Hillary.....I mean the white house policies.

    Yes. I'm an unruly and socially unaccepted old broad. I mean, old crone. Old woman. There. I admitted it.

  6. Does it make any difference who 'won'? None of us who have decided on a choice were swayed by either. Like you, many were applauding Trumps comments on grabbing women by their pussy, apparently his vote count went up. Like you, many loved it. It was so....un PC. And that made good. Maybe soon we can start calling Blacks by their proper name, eh? And all those other people who are unlike us...
    You found your guy, Jon. Yeah, I understand, one likes someone who we see is like us, and has the same views.
    One thing you've said in your blog, many times, is how you dislike kids. And how you decided to never have any. Good choice, I applaud it.

  7. Jon, again you have demonstrated an amazing knack for raising comments from all points of the political spectrum. All I did today was install a new battery in the VW Bus. Started thinking about cutting a peace symbol out of sheet brass for the bumper --what do you think? It'd be pretty but is it PC?

  8. Political correctness can be taken to extremes, but at its best, it's simply a way to show respect and to have civil discourse without demeaning anyone. Trump most assuredly has the right to say whatever he pleases, and I maintain the right to call him a narcissist hate-filled pig.


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