Sunday, November 13, 2016


 Recent flag-burning by Hillary supporters

Rioting by angry losers

If you love Hillary Clinton, DO NOT read this because it will blow your ass off. I present it with no apologies. 
(I FINALLY corrected the typos) 

When her husband was running for president in the 2008 campaign, Michelle Obama said "For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country."

After seeing the psychotic reaction of the Hillary supporters ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election last week, I can truly say that, for the first time in my entire life, I am completely appalled and disgusted with the liberal leftists in our country.

After the mass hysterical crying orgies came the riots, destruction, violence, flag-burning, and frenzied chants of Death to Trump!

I've never seen such a bunch of pathetically deranged LOSERS.

 Cry Babies were rampant

School and college classes have been dismissed in order to appease student hysteria. Counseling sessions and grief therapy are available.
The liberals - who have always been unhinged - have finally lost their hinges completely.

Here's a Big Flash:
Hillary LOST the election, you whimpering sniveling bastards. Trump WON. Deal with it.

The Democrats are staggering in chaotic disbelief, wondering what went wrong.

I'll tell you what went wrong. The rational majority of Americans knew how corrupt Hillary Clinton and her cronies are - - and they also saw through the unbelievably biased news media - - which was in bed with Hillary from the start and which was solely intent on destroying Donald Trump.

Well, face the raw facts - - it didn't work!
All of the devious attempts to trash Trump backfired Big Time and blew up in your astonished faces.

What exactly is your biggest fear now? That Trump is a Nazi? Perhaps a secret member of the KKK? Is he going to take away your Green Card, your gay boyfriend, your Welfare check or Social Security?

He's sexist, racist, homophobic! He's not mentally fit to lead our country!

Well, you pathetic pansies and nervous Nellies - - most of you aren't fit to vote!

Here's another Big Flash (put on your shades for this one):

Neither Hillary nor Obama ever gave a rat's ass about anything but their narcissistic selves.

Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly the most corrupt woman in American history.
Stop watching CNN and do a little research for yourself.

Barack Hussein Obama was the most racist and divisive president in American history.
He attended Jeremiah Wright's racist, anti-white church for twenty years. His communist and socialist mentors included Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis.

Don't you dare give me any shit about Donald Trump. He was elected fairly and squarely and he's going to be our next president. 

Cheer up - -
Hillary can now either drink herself into oblivion
or jump from the Trump Tower

I still have the comments disabled on my blog. I'm sure most people will quickly abandon me after this post - - BUT if you choose to stick around, I will enable the comments again in another week or so. 

Heck, when I'm angry I'm damn good!