Thursday, November 10, 2016


Warning: political rant
I never realized how many unhinged Hillary supporters there are until I wrote my previous post - - which innocently acknowledged that Trump won the election. I was compelled to delete numerous venomous comments that were intended to kill. Ouch.

Lighten up. As most intuitive people already know, I thoroughly enjoy irritating leftists, the politically correct, and the utterly humorless. It's one of the few pleasures I have left. I'm harmless, really. What I write can be taken with a grain of salt - - and possibly a Valium.
Your hostility only encourages me to do more.

I fully realize that the Hillary aficionados are in the throes of profound grief, despair, and bewilderment. And I feel your pain.

Take a deep breath and look at the bright side of the upcoming Trump presidency:

At least we know for certain where Trump was born. *smile*
He never attended a Muslim school or a racist church. Never hung around with radical anti-American extremists.

Melania will make one helluva hot First Lady.
(I knew you'd like that one!)

 And what about Hillary?
Well, losing is never easy. Especially for a narcissistic pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies.

Face it - - as a president, she'd be lame. The woman always needs far too much assistance.


She desperately hung onto her perverted husband's semen-stained coattails to get where she is today.

She needs medical assistants to help her get up the stairs.

She needed help destroying her numerous servers and deleting hard drives and 35,000 emails.

And she needed the assistance of President Obama, Michelle, and a host of has-been rock stars to aid her in campaigning - and hopefully drag her across the finish line.

Deborah Wasserman Schultz and Huma Abedin Weiner would have helped Hillary campaign, but unfortunately they were busy.....
*smile inserted here*

Hillary even needed help printing her classified government email. She gave the job to her Filipino maid Marina Santos.
Think I'm bullshitting? Google it.

 Marina, handler of top secret government email

Did you hear Hillary's big campaign concert in Ohio last week? Jay Z and Beyonce belted out more profanities than Khole Kardashian.

Ladies is pimps and psycho bitches, you got the shit that niggars die for, whites are vanilla wafers, mutha fuka, jigga my nigga

Those are some of the lyrics. And Hillary's praise for them was effusive.

You think Trump is a vulgar racist??  

 Hillary praising Jay Z

Hang tight, I'm almost done. 

Let's talk about baggage. Hillary has more baggage than the LaGuardia luggage terminal on Chrismas Eve.
Here are a few of the Clinton scandals, just to refresh your memories:

Vince Foster Mystery
Ponzi Scheme and political favor scandal
Lootergate (stealing White House furniture for the Clinton home in Chappaqua)

Not to mention
the email scandal
the Clinton Foundation scandal
and the Benghazi fiasco 

You can believe all the biased media shit about how evil Donald Trump is. I'll gladly accept him any day as our president over corrupt Hillary.   


  1. She's corrup alright. I've seen it all with Hillary. And she's a bad loser too. I hope Trump doesn't ask her for her help or else he's stuffed. The riots about Trump will blow over and he'll get on with sorting the country out.

  2. I love that we can use true to show who Hillary is and they use anger and abuse.

  3. Let's see what he achieves in a year,
    One year from today invite Mike here and we shall see what we see!

  4. Love your dedication!!!!! You are bad. As your aware I didn't like both, and the way I see it trump, or had Hillary won, they both probably will or would die in office. There both old fats. While I can stand parts of trump, I disagree about his wife. I think she look Euro trash for a fist lady. I'd rather .....will trump as terrible taste in women. Can't Ivanka just step in???

  5. Really I don't know where they would have to look to find a perfect person to be president. Sad about so much protesting maybe when he takes office he will put them all in jail. I don't say much one way or the other about who I vote for to tell the truth my husband and I have at times voted for different people and we didn't fight about it. Some people can't stand it if they aren't agreed with. Don't delete me you write what you want I like to read. Lol. Jean

  6. ALL we need is to make America less attractive to the illegals by offering free everything. Nothing has ever been free for me because I'm legal and I've worked to make my social security - of which is a low percentage compared to what illegals are given. If you don't want a rat in your trap, don't hang bait. We're offering the bait that is bringing in the illegals. Just stop offering and they'll stay home.

    As for the Clintons, I was so scared of her constant "happy dancing" and that smug look on her face. We are now clear of the Clinton family mafia.

    Trump is NOT a politician and I hope their underhanded ways don't make him change his mind about exerting control over America.

  7. I didn't think I was much stun-worthy anymore until I watched coverage of a**-h**** taking to the streets and blocking freeways. Like seriously, the Grand Pooh-bah of the Electoral College is going to say, "Oh, we're sorry. Here, let me change the outcome for y'all."
    I've a couple die-hard Killary friends, but I doubt either could give me a single, solid reason why she's capable to be President aside from her gender. And, like you said, hanging on Bill's coat-tails. (The term b***-buster comes to mind. Geesch!)

    You know, I've always admired President Trump, but you know with all this fury, I wonder if he (or his family) isn't having second thoughts. Wouldn't you hate to be a player on his Secret Service detail right now?

  8. Jon, I don't know what's up with "Mike." If he despises you and your beliefs so much, then he should just STOP reading and leaving such hate-filled comments on your blog. Solution solved.

    I think the fact that he does not have an actual blog is telling big time. Plus no email address? Methinks this is a sure sign of a troll that just wants to stir up discomfort and hatred. And I've had plenty of those.

    So ignore him as best you can (I know it's not easy), but he does not deserve an intelligent (or kind) response. The people that care about you see him as the fake (and jealous) person he has revealed himself to be. Let him dig his own burial at sea. Maybe toss a daisy in his unwanted memory.

  9. I voted Libertarian for the most part, and shall continue. I'm sick of choosing the lesser of two evils.

  10. Turns out, if you go back a few posts Jon, one can still comment. A small oversight. Understandable, none of us are right up there with technology. Oh, and I'm copy and pasting this to my blog too.

    Jon, how did you get so filled with hate? Yeah, I've criticized you in some comments, and yes, I've not as civil as I might have been. At the beginning, before I realized how unhinged you are, I went a bit too far. Then, I falsely thought It might be you playing a prank, you know, pretending to be as far off the wall as you actually are.
    Nope, you are among life's unfortunates; out there, sliding out from rocks occasionally, reminding us there was craziness in the world. I guess we owe you for that.
    Man, I feel for you. It must be tough to be you, to live with yourself.
    At this point, in the lower right corner of my screen, I see a picture of you at maybe what, 4? I feel so sorry for that kid, to experience in the years ahead what turned you into what you are now.
    Or, maybe this is a sham? I'd like that a lot. If the persona you present on your pages, the hate-filled blogger is just a joke. Boy, that'd be cool.

    In another life, if I had different qualifications for friends, maybe we could have been...

    Yeah, I'm copy and pasting this. Delete it as you wish, I won't republish it. but.....use it and distort it, I'll post it on my blog.
    Cheers, you have my sympathies,

    P.S. Since the few comments I've done have given you grist for nearly a dozen of your posts, this should last you throTugh the year and beyond.

    Jon, remember. No one will read this except you. So you put it out there if you wish.