Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I was born on this day at 7:54 in the morning during a snowstorm. Saint Peter's Hospital, New Brunswick, New Jersey. I think it was the winter when General Washington was at Valley Forge.

The nurse brought my mother the wrong baby: a chubby, robust, Italian bambino.
"This isn't my baby!" Mom aptly observed.

A quick exchange was made, and the rest is history. I often wonder what would have happened had the babies not been exchanged.
I'd probably be in a Hoboken  restaurant today making calzones. Which actually isn't a bad idea.


My regular readers are undoubtedly wondering why I post the above photo so frequently.
Well, it's because I had a decent haircut. I was disarmingly innocent. I actually had a pair of socks that matched. And it's the first and only time that I ever looked good in shorts.

(sunburned and soused)

 Lately, I haven't had a decent haircut in three decades, I'm corrupt beyond redemption, I wouldn't wear shorts even if forced at gunpoint, and I not only don't have any matching socks - - I can hardly bend down to put them on.

And I usually avoid being photographed because I only look my best at a distance of fifty yards, in a heavy fog.

Old age is a bitch and a half.

I'm definitely aging quickly in this wild mountain wilderness.
If I survive, this is what I'll probably look like in another year:

By the way - Happy Birthday to Susan!
(we share the same day)
I Think, Therefore I Yam   


  1. best wishes on your birthday, Jon
    I hope you enjoy your special day

  2. Happy Birthday..!! Age is not a number it's an attitude ....
    Hugs from your neighbor to the East....

  3. Again, Happy Birthday. The last photo cracked me up! You still take a good photo.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jon!!! You share your birthday with my son, who is 22 now. Every year I call him and recite the dialogue from Pee Wee's Big Adventure when Pee Wee Herman met Large Marge:
    It was 22 years ago
    On this very night
    Along this same stretch of road
    In a dense fog just like this
    I seen the worst birth I ever saw
    Like the sound of a garbage truck dropped from the Empire State Building
    And when I pulled that baby's body from the burning, twisted wreck

    We watched the movie when he was little and he loved this part. It's funny between us. If I didn't leave him the message every year, he'd think I was mad at him or something.

  5. May God grant you many more years and may they be filled with good things.

  6. I already look like the closing photo except I don't ride around on the old guy's shoulder yet. Happy birthday, fellow Sagittarian!

  7. I hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

    ** Happy Birthday, Jon !

  8. Happy birthday!!! Surviving is an accomplishment--no matter in what condition. ;)

  9. Wishing you scads of yummy vittles, warm memories, stirring notes and (as a friend aptly observed), the strength to cope with everything you don't want but get anyway. Let the good times roll!

  10. Hope your feline kids baked you a cake, if not hope they at least behaved to give you some birthday peace. Many more to you my friend.

  11. Happy Birthday, Jon. There are gadgets called sock aids. I have to use one to put socks on since bending was pretty impossible before hip surgeries and now is restricted until fully healed.
    I hope the upcoming year will find your aches and pains receding. I also wish you much happiness in both your environment and those you encounter. Lastly, I'll keep my fingers crossed that a decent liquor store opens nearby.

  12. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday. Do something to treat yourself special today.

  13. Jon
    We can do a post, yeah? Anway, my attorney is not too pleased with you using my picture with Geo on my shoulder. We're letting it pass for now though.
    Happy Birthday. The years should let us do that, right?

  14. A very warm and happy Birthday Wish for you!!!! You were and still are a cutie!

  15. A BIG happy birthday to you Jon! I agree with Taryterre, give yourself a special treat today.

  16. Happy belated birthday Jon! You were a cutie in that picture and can’t blame you for reposting it. Just think many people would Love to live in the mountains where it's nice and quiet with no one to bother them. Stay warm and off the ice and snow. Jean

  17. Happy Birthday! We are all beautiful in our own way, wear short next summer, who cares! Showing our age, is showing our lives experience and wisdom. If you find a place for a great haircut, let me know, my last really good cut was 21 years ago in Florida (I hope Shawn is still at it someplace - he was so good - and not hard to look at.)

  18. Jon,

    Happy belated birthday wishes. Born on the 13th, ah, that may be a bad omen. My one daughter was born on the 12th so premature and scrawy they told us she wouldn't live the night. She did. This time of year she has to bear the remarks about The First Noel, since her name is Noelle.



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