Sunday, December 4, 2016


Twenty-six questions - - one for each letter of the alphabet. I lifted this from Travel Penguin's blog.

A- Age:
Holy crap, I'm kicked in the balls with the very first question. Waterboarding wouldn't drag it out of me. Let's just say that I'm older than Justin Bieber and younger than David Cassidy.

B- Biggest fear:
Being trapped in an elevator with a group of feminists who voted for Hillary.

C- Current time:
It's approximately 4:30 p.m. Central Time, but I'm often in the Twilight Zone.

D- Drink you last had:
A large, hot mug of Irish Breakfast Tea.
Breakfast tea can be consumed in the afternoon. 

E- Every day starts with:
Excruciating pain in my back when I crawl out of bed - then hobbling around like Quasimodo while I feed the felines and clean litter boxes.

F- Favorite song:
Far too many to list.
How about Sounds of Silence.

G- Ghosts:
Ghosts?? What does that mean? Do I believe in them? Have I seen any? Do I know any?? Should they be segregated?
I believe in the spirit realm.

H- Hometown:
I wish I had a hometown. Unfortunately I moved too damn much during my life. I was raised in Southern California and consider it to be my true "home".

I- In love with:
The people whom I truly loved are now deceased.... but love remains eternal in the heart.

J- Jealous of: 
Nothing that I can think of. Possibly Warren Buffett's bank account.

K- Killed someone?
Not yet, but there are a number of people on my list. 

L - Last time you cried?
When I looked in a mirror in the harsh morning light.
Actually, I got teary-eyed when I recently listened to Lament for Thorin by Eurielle.

M- Middle name:
I have none.

N- Number of siblings:
I have no siblings and no regrets.

O- One wish:
World peace and happiness for everyone.
Yea, right.
My one wish would be to have 100 more wishes. On my list would be health, eternal youth, incredibly good looks, and financial security.

P- Person you last called:
I called the County Clerk a few days ago to ask a question.

Q- Question you're always asked:
"How big is your - -"
Oops! This is a family blog. (*smile*)
Actually, I can't think of any question that I'm always asked.

R- Reason to smile:
I could say something political, but I don't want to make any more enemies than I already have.
Truthfully, I don't smile as often as I used to.

S- Song last sang:
Who do you think I am - Lady Gaga?
I can't remember singing anything recently. 

T- Time you woke up:
I'm never exactly fully awake. I have extremely erratic hours and my sleeping schedule is non-existent. Today I was up just after dawn.

U- Underwear color:
What makes you think I'm wearing underwear?
Well, the weather is cold and I am wearing white Fruit of the Looms.

V- Vacation destination:
What's a vacation? 

W- Worst habit:
How much time do we have? I have so many bad habits that it would make Satan look like Shirley Temple. 

X- X-rays you've had:
I haven't had an x-ray in a very long time. The last one revealed I had scarred lungs. I was in my 20's.

Y- Your favorite food:
Wait a minute. We're on the letter "Y". What the hell does that have to do with food?
I'll eat anything but sushi. My favorite foods include Italian, Hungarian, Mexican, German. And junk food. 

Zodiac sign -
I have a birthday coming up in about nine days.
And I still won't reveal my age.   




  1. I love these sorts of memes, and I'm glad you fleshed this one out of its knickers the way in which you did!
    Wish I might say I laughed my *** off throughout, but the truth isn't necessarily laughable. I am surprised to learn you've no middle name. That, and Sounds of Silence.

    Your "One Wish" reveal? When I was little, I'd ask my father to share a "make-up story." One, he told, was a little boy who fooled the magic genie by asking for 100 more wishes. Goodness, I believed he was brilliant to have thought of that.

    BTW, your new profile pix is great! :)))

    1. I love to answer questions - if they're not too personal.... "Sounds of Silence" evokes some good memories.

      I changed my profile photo four times this week and hated all of them. The cat seems to reflect me. I'll keep him.....for awhile....

  2. Excellent answers, Jon. However, revealing a birthday in "about 9 days" is a bit transparent. There is no "about 9 days"; it is the 4th plus 9. I admit only to "later this month". If the wrong power-mongers obtain, you know we Sagittarians, with our aggressively inquisitive minds will be among the first lined up and "segregated...into the spirit realm." As for sushi, I must also selectively object: my favorite sushi master retired --in his 60s-- from our local deli before I could adopt him. Regrettable --he would have made a fine son. Don't make the same mistake.

    1. Jon, apology for answering a comment of yours: Geo, you must have some great sushi in your area. And as for being rounded up according to mindset, given the bay area, you may have to wait some time, if they do it by place on the spectrum.

    2. I don't mind revealing my birth DAY. It's the AGE part that unnerves me. Raw fish also unnerves me.

      If your birthday is "later this month" it must be closer to Christmas (or after??).

  3. Ok, I was looking on the ever dependable google for people who 'demure', 'fudge', are 'vague' about their age. I only found ones well under what I assume our age to be. I'm pretty sure I have a few ages on you, I'll be 72 in a month.
    That started me wondering why people are reluctant to reveal their age. Why is that, exactly, for our vintage. Geo, chime in any time here.....
    Ok, I can get it for the 35-45 group actors who are vying for younger appearing roles. Sure. But why the rest of us?
    I get it I'm disadvantaged in the understanding of the attraction for attention, sex thing. My wife died in 96, and I was disinterested for a few decades after that. But is that all it is?
    At my age I'm interested in some of life's larger questions....why are we here, why do we do what we do, what do we want.
    Cheers, Jon, and regrets for whatever harshness was felt in earlier posts.

    1. I used to look very young for my age. As I got older I started lying outrageously about my age. As time went on, I discovered that no matter how many years I shaved off, I was STILL old. Lately, I simply tend to ignore birthdays....and forget my age....

      I have no doubt that this insane vanity germinated during my years in Hollywood.

    2. Y'know, in thinking this over this last day, trying to get the fireplace to warm the house up, who gives a fuck how old we say we are, that we are, who cares.
      Jon, what I might have been doing there is an awkward apology.
      We might be different in almost all respects, except I once had a tan when I worked Doctors Without Borders in Nicaragua, circa '82. But who gives a shit.
      I have no reason to do anything but post my thoughts, if they are appropriate. And I need to look at that.
      Cheers, Jon.
      Hope your December is good.
      Oh, was going to ask. Any of the wildfires that got publicized up here near you?

  4. The last song I sang was "I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You" by The Weekend.

    Great list!


    1. Jimmy, I never heard of that song - so I just found it on YouTube. And, strangely enough, I like it.

  5. Happy 21st birthday, since it is coming up! :)

    1. How did you guess my age???
      Actually, I stopped counting after forty....

  6. I wonder how many questionnaires feature the comment

    Trapped in an elevator wit a gaggle of Trump supporters?

    1. Truthfully, I'd hate to be trapped in an elevator with anybody....

  7. Thanks for sharing. This was fun to read. :)

    1. I usually get a kick out of answering questions. Thanks!

  8. Great list and,answers. I filled mine in on Penguins blog. That's a good fear! I too fear being stuck in an elevator with people, buy feat someone might fart. The elevator fear is actually my second fear.

    1. I fear farts even when I'm not in an elevator.
      BTW - I did read your answers on Penguin's blog!

  9. Jon, I too had a bad back and litter boxes to clean. I put the boxes up on a platform of concrete blocks, which raised them about 8". I did not have to bend so far to scoop them out or pick up. It made a big difference in the pain I felt, and the cats did not seem to mind stepping up to the boxes. You might give at a try.

    1. That's definitely a good idea. There's nothing worse than getting up in the morning with a bad back and having to crawl around trying yo clean litter boxes.

  10. Jon, don't you think it's time to stop the remarks about the election and Hillary? I have no preference for either of the candidates but enough is enough, okay? You seem like a reasonable guy that will listen to a regular reader. :)


    1. Jon December 6, 2016 at 12:08 PM
      Marie, I do it deliberately because I know it irritates the heck out of some "sensitive" (and often humorless) people who visit my blog. Most of my regular readers understand my caustic, tongue-in-cheek quirks. Whether they agree or not, they take it with a proverbial grain of salt and polite toleration. Many of the angry, hyper-sensitive readers have finally abandoned my blog - - and I really can't say that I'm sorry.

      People usually aren't quite as neutral about politics as you claim to be. Methinks I hit a nerve.

      I have always considered blogging to be a way of thinking out loud. If I censored my thoughts and changed them to accommodate the whims of my readers, I wouldn't be true to myself.

  11. Jon, my first comment went gaseous and disappeared.

    I came here after my beloved grapevine (a friend we share) said you were having comment woes. So, I show up with well oiled side arms and enough magazines to keep a smoke screen going long enough for me to reach your side, and no one here seems to be overly peeing in your morning cup of tea. Maybe you deleted them. Good for you.

    I HATE THAT HILLARY BITCH. All she wanted was vengeance and the reason she asked for a recount was because she thought she had paid off enough people to get the position. She thought to look under the beds because she's hidden there herself.

    And that comment was just to get the eternally tightened sphincter muscles of Marie in a knot. Like the rest of her.

    If she's ever brave enough to get her own blog, you and I will personally visit and give her a fuckingly royal welcome on her comment section.

  12. Great answers, Jon. These questionnaires can be such a lot of fun, especially when you have a smart-assed sense of humor. (Must be the "Sag" in us.)

    If you're sensitive about your age, consider this. However old you're gonna be, I'm gonna be older. Probably by a decade or so. The funny thing is, because I was the youngest one in my class, I always "thought" of myself as being older than I am, just so I was the same age as my classmates. That's a habit I've continued today. I figure, I'm fortunate to still be around. Doctors gave up on me more than once in the past, and yet, here I still stand. Okay... here I sit. (I still have the damned flu.) Anyhow, however old you're gonna be, cowboy, I wish you a very happy birthday.

    P.S. I love the next post with all of the pictures of your mom and aunt. :)


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