Saturday, January 28, 2017


This is a very mild example of some of the hate comments I've been receiving  from numerous miserable people (all angry liberals, who lost the election....)

Sweet Mike has been wasting his time hating me for well over a year. He especially enjoys equating me with the Ku Klux Klan.

Mike, if I was ever going to lynch someone, it wouldn't be a black person. It would be an ignorant white bastard like you.

No, Jon. Ain't me. I don't do anon posts, and I have the cojones to allow comments. I meant everything I said about you in my post. You are a racist, woman-hating fuck. But you've really found the opportunity to come out of your hate closet, haven't you? Your hero is president, and the south is just the place for you. Got your confederate flag flying yet? Got your membership in the KKK up to date? Need to take care of these things Jon, if you expect to get a place in trumps administration. Otherwise, you'd fit in just fine.
Oh, I do so hope this prompts two or three new posts, like when I commented before. I look forward to them. I suggest you read the comments of others on my post that briefly mentioned your blog. Get an idea of what most people think about you. The best you got was from our mutual bog friend John, who rather pity's you.
ta ta

  • Mike, you are an extremely bitter and miserable person (which I sensed from the very beginning). I am not about to try to excavate the reasons for your inner demons, but I do wonder what persistent attraction you find in me. It would probably be best for both of us if you channeled your animosity elsewhere.

    Your consistently crude comments make you look very small. Perhaps, instead of haunting my blog, you should go to Hillary's website. Who knows, she might run for president again.
    TA TA.