Thursday, April 6, 2017


 Photos by Jon

I won't mention the unrelenting agony that I went through with my back recently. For four days I couldn't walk or even stand. The pain was so excruciating that I thought I'd have to call an ambulance.

I won't mention the boring details. It's a herniated disc compounded by several spinal fractures that never healed properly. I keep re-injuring old injuries. Over and over and over.....

I finally gritted my teeth, tried to get some much-needed rest, and said "The hell with everything." (I was MUCH more graphic than that, but I'm giving you the Disney version).

Yesterday I was finally able to stand on my feet and walk - not without difficulty, and not without the help of a makeshift cane and some frighteningly out-dated aspirin.

I don't like to complain. I'm not a sissy. Whining and bitching is extremely unbecoming. I clumsily plod onward-  - between frequent curses and sheer determination - knowing that if I ever drop dead out here, no one would find my body for a dozen years. At least.

But no need to worry, boys and girls. I'm here to talk about stormy weather. Several severe storms swept through the Tennessee boonies late yesterday afternoon and early evening.

Despite being crippled and unrelentingly despondent, I grabbed my El Cheapo camera and hobbled outside to document the excitement.

The following photos were taken by me on Wednesday (which, I'm assuming, was yesterday).

Actually, the day began beautifully and the sun made a rare morning appearance.

 A few of the trees are blossoming, but the wildly fluctuating temperatures haven't been helpful. It's 80 degrees one day and 40 the next. More frost is predicted tomorrow night.

 By late afternoon we were under a Tornado Watch and clouds were gathering (this is the view from the front porch).

 There was a tornadic storm to the west and it got extremely dark. Soon the first storm arrived with a torrential downpour and fierce winds.

 The first storm ended with an eerie glimpse of sun rays.

The second storm, just before sunset, was much more dramatic and beautiful. These photos don't do it justice.

 I hobbled out the back door and climbed up the steep embankment at the edge of the forest to take these pics. There was lots of lightning.

Overlooking my house.

 This looks similar to my header photo. It's a view of the same trees that were blossoming in the photos I took in the morning.

The temperature has dropped drastically (again) and today (Thursday) is raining, windy, and freezing.

I just deleted a few photos because there were too many.


  1. Hi Jon. Is it time to consider selling up and moving closer to civilisation and therefore closer to help if needed? Four days without being able to move around in that challenging terrain, must be scary. Please consider it. Most of our health issues increase as we get older. Better for changes in our lives to come from our own plans, rather then things that are forced on us - truly! MaggieB

  2. Yes, I agree with Anonymous. Maybe it is time to come down from Machu Picchu. But then I would miss all these glorious photos! Oh, decisions.... Carry on!!

  3. These may be (in my opinion) your most arresting images yet. What's that they say ... a "God wink"? ... an "atta boy" for having endured the pain? Regardless, you're seriously concerning me. Hopefully, your cousin knows what's going on and can call the calvary if necessary?
    Or, the two of you can lock up your respective 'vacation' homes and share a high-rise apartment someplace near major medical facilities ... and a cheese bar.

  4. I'm amazed that in spite of your back pain that you still see the beauty in a spring storm, and oh, those trees, they're gorgeous. Thanks for taking the pictures and for sharing with us. I hope you're feeling better. *Debbie in the big O

  5. Proof of your spiritual and optimistic nature (despite your constant protests thereof) that when you could finally manage to move around halfways decently you were searching out and climbing hills to capture photos of magnificent skies even though you might have fallen, your back might have seized up, and you could have laid unaided outside in a storm with nothing but possums and wild dogs for company. Your soul craved immortalizing and sharing the beauty and tumult of those skies. *love and hugs* Hope you are feeling lots better. :)

  6. I'm constantly in awe of the tremendous operations in your sky. There is such drama up there! Thanks for photoing despite back pain, and do rest and feel better.

  7. OMG those are sensational photos! And the contrast between the prettiness of the blossom and the pure evil of the storm!

    I'm very sad to hear about your back, but you are courageous to be climbing around to take photos, and it's inspiring to think you are doing so. Thanks for taking the trouble for us. I hope you manage to get some rest and your back feels better soon.

  8. Great pictures.
    Two years ago I could barely walk, and kept refusing to see a doctor. I was so stubborn, I nearly let it go to the point I would never walk again. I finally manned up, and went, just in the nick of time, another fraction of an inch and my nickname would be wheels for the rest of my life. Please man-up and see a doctor.

  9. Jon,
    Beautiful, beautiful photos from your "el cheapo" camera. Oh how I wish I took The Cajun up on his offer to give me his expensive $1,000 Canon camera shortly before he died. I didn't need one but I could have taken it and given it to you. What was I thinking? However, your photos are outstanding. What a beautiful part of the country you live.
    Sorry to hear about your back pain. That can really immobilize you. I have some pain from my arthritis at the base of my spine but nothing like you have I'm sure. My leg (the one where I tore the quadricep muscle) is finally almost normal after over two years. Takes a long time for that muscle to regenerate. Again, nothing like the pain you're having now.
    Keep those beautiful photos coming and more pictures of your cats and possums!

  10. i recently threw my back out for a week. it was horrible. i can only imagine your pain and suffering. you need to get some help for it asap. it's past the point of managing it on your own. hopefully your cousin is in the loop about your situation.

  11. Jon, those are simply beautiful shots. I truly mean that. It's nice when bloggers post pictures through the year to see the changes. I also send you some warm hugs and kisses to help you feel better. I sure hope your doing better tootes.

  12. Lovely photos. Sorry about your back. Cliff has a "glass back" as I call it. If he bends over wrong, his back is liable to make him pay for a week.


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