Saturday, May 6, 2017


Spring came to the Tennessee wilderness and cheered me up, gave me warmth, and a smidgen of hope.
Then, the ragged remnants of winter saw my contentment and returned to shatter my optimism.

A few days ago it was 82 degrees. Then wild winds blew in with torrential rain. The temperature dropped to 38 last night and today is a chilling 47 (that's Fahrenheit, for those of you in the Canary Islands).

Tomorrow is the birth date of Eva Peron - - Maria Eva Duarte de Peron (7 May, 1919 - 26 July, 1952). She died young and became a legend.

During idle hours on a rainy night, I made a video tribute to her (my second one, in fact). The music I used is the  Lament from the musical Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
I found a fantastic rendition of it sung in Hebrew by Israeli singer Riki Gal.

Opinions about Eva Peron differ greatly. She has been damned as a trollop and a fierce social climber. She has been lauded as a great humanitarian, almost worthy of sainthood.

She was in fact an ambitious woman who had a meteoric rise from the slums of Los Toldos, to a film career, to becoming the First Lady of Argentina. Her extraordinary life was cut short by cancer at the age of 33.

To me, her memory is fascinating, haunting, bittersweet. There is a fragility and sadness in the shadow of her flame.

Video best viewed in full-screen


  1. I loved your recording to the lovely Eva.In addition to books, you may want to release a cd!!! Eva Peron was one of my favorite women of history to study along with Dolly Madison. I have no idea why. She was probably everything you mentioned and more. In June, I'll be making my first splash into South America, starting with Argentina. I only hope they will allow me in full Eva Peron drag so I can do my best impersonation from the balcony of The Casa Rosada.

  2. I enjoyed this video very much, Jon. In particular the segue from b/w to color. Certainly, a beauty - remembered forever young ... but my favorite image came at 2:46.

    Glad you enjoyed some welcome warmth. Won't you take some of ours? Yesterday Phoenix hit a record for 108-degrees. Color me, sooooo done.

  3. A well-made tribute to a remarkable woman, Jon.

  4. i found your tribute charming. it captures the essence of her completely. She was all the things you said fascinating, haunting with a fragility and sadness.

  5. I don't know much about her, to be honest. But she was a beautiful woman--just beautiful--and with such a captivating smile. :)

  6. I love listening to various singers interpretations of the same song. As far as Evita, yes she died young, but power = money = corruption. That applies to those in Washington DC as well.

  7. Jon,

    Seems like the way to become a legend is to die young before the rest of your life is lived and messes it up.



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