Wednesday, May 10, 2017


 New Moon by Maxfield Parrish

May Night is a (once popular) piano composition by Finnish composer Selim Palmgren.
It's also the title of an 1880 opera by Rimsky-Korsakov.
Neither of these things have anything to do with this post. I was merely impressing you with my knowledge. 

My previous post, Lament for Eva Peron, keeled over like a lead balloon. I suppose nobody remembers the musical Evita - which was once all the rage. I saw it in Los Angeles in the original production starring Patti LuPone.

Gawd damn, I'm old......

Yup, I'm old - - but the rumors that I dated Marcel Proust are greatly exaggerated. 

You're not laughing. My knack for generating spontaneous humor is eroding. Or perhaps it never existed.

Strangely enough, I liked the 1996 movie Evita starring Madonna - which is indeed strange, since I personally can't stand Madonna. She could turn a straight man gay - but that's beside the point....

The rain has finally subsided - at least for a few days - and it was very pleasant and 80 degrees yesterday. Carpenter bees, bumblebees, and wasps are rampant and aggressive.

The weeds are now about 15 feet tall and I can hardly see to get my car off the property. Like the naive jackass that I am, I thought the weeds would die during the winter (like they did in Texas). Instead, they thrived and multiplied.
I'm at the point where I no longer give a crap. I have too many other problems (which I seldom mention in this stupid blog).

May night?
Yes, it is a May night as I'm writing this. A warm, very pleasant May night. I had the bedroom window open earlier while I was writing in bed (working on my memoirs). I heard owls and other night birds. The trees seem to be alive with them. There were some distant coyotes howling, but they haven't been close to the house in awhile. I almost miss their visits.
Also, just for the record, I haven't seen the 'possums in a long time - but something is still living under my house.

A few weeks ago there were lightning bugs (fireflies) but ever since the recent cold weather they disappeared. I love lightning bugs. They evoke childhood summer memories.

My cat Scratch left another dead mouse by my back door this evening. An unwanted gift.

I initially intended to post more piano music tonight, but didn't want to overwhelm you with my inexhaustible creativity.

Speaking of creativity, I've been working on numerous new projects (including writing two books). The old adage that there isn't enough time in a day is very true.
That's why I'm up all night.

BTW - lately my blog posts are getting so boring and uninspired that even I don't like them.


  1. Glad you are working on your books. :)
    I wonder what is living under the house?

    1. Rita, I'm not sure but it could possibly be possums. Only I can't figure out how they get under there. I checked everything very carefully and can't find any way for them to get in.
      BUT, my cat Scruffy manages to get under the house somehow. I always have to remove one of the panels under the back porch to get her out. Scruffy is small and can squeeze through very small spaces.
      Hopefully I'll eventually solve the mystery.....(??)

  2. Jon, I have a pet theory that Scratch is leaving mice for you as rent. Cats have only the vaguest concept of fungible currency and I'm glad they don't run the country's economy. There is no comfortable wallet that could contain mice.

  3. If my cat's currency is dead mice, I'm willing to let them live here rent-free.
    All I know for certain is that rats are running the country's economy.....

  4. Hi Jon: As a person who is familiar with procrastinating, or sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the task in front of me, it is said you should attempt things, in small chunks of time. So perhaps you could find half an hour/an hour a day to keep a pathway to town, open? Concerning Evita, actually I saw that on the London stage.....late 70s I think, and I wasn't a teenager then! MaggieB

    1. I will definitely have to put on my jungle attire and utilize a sickle to cut a path out to the road. If I do a few yards a day, I should be out of here in about ten years....
      Seriously, I am a procrastinator - but it's always extremely satisfying when I accomplish something. As you said, every little bit of effort helps.

  5. Oh I hope 'your' possums are alive and well. I smiled when seeing your mention of writing again ... particularly your memoirs.

    Personally, I've little use for Madonna but admit to being obsessed with a couple of her songs: Live to Tell, Take a Bow.

    1. I'm honestly not familiar with any of Madonna's songs - but I did think that she was really good in the "Evita" movie.

      I am determined to finish writing my memoirs (it's gonna be one helluva book) and the book on the 1906 New Jersey murder.

      I haven't seen the possums lately, but I still leave food out at night and it's always gone in the morning - - so something is eating it.....

  6. Dear Jon,....Just to set the record straight, Julie Covington was the very first Evita on the concept album released 1976. Elaine Paige debuted Evita on the London stage 1978.(how old am I?) Patti LuPone was just on TV and trashed Madonna's rendition of Evita. You can see it on You tube. Patti and I are the exact same age as we share a birth date too. Luv me sum Patti!
    (OMG, after rereading this, I could be Jack on "Will and Grace". I am sooo Gay!

    Maybe your possums are extending their family under your house. Hope they don't chew on your wires for mischief.

    1. Hey Jimmy, I knew that Covington was the first Evita on the album - but in my humble opinion she was kinda crappy. LuPone was in the original Broadway cast and I feel that she is the definitive Evita. It's really neat that you share her birthday.

      I have no idea what age Patti Lupone is - and I don't plan on Googling it - so it will be your secret.

      I share my birthday with Mary Todd Lincoln, but - for what it's worth - we were not born in the same year....

  7. Some of the comments in your blog are quite entertaining as are your reply to them.

    1. I love the entertaining comments, Paula - - I just want to keep away from the liberals who sent me death threats when I said I hated Hillary....

  8. Scratch is inviting you to dinner, no doubt. You'll have to up the ante. I did laugh at the notion you were old enough to date Marcel Proust. With you one never knows what tidbit you'll pull out of your hat to surprise us with.

    1. Scratch has been leaving dead mice by my door for a long time - - the sight of which usually spoils my dinner.
      When I first moved here, my cat Bosco left a dead mouse in my BED - almost under the pillow! To this day I always carefully check the bed before I get in it...

  9. Lighting bugs for us won't appear till at least mid June, then I know summer is here. It has been very cool here so far, doesn't feel like may at all. You mean Eva and Zsa Zsa have left Chez Jon?!?!? Maybe they became dinner for another wild animal there. I too love the Madonna Evita, considering acting is not her strong suit. But boy did she ever look like her.

  10. Madonna did indeed look a lot like Evita - - and I have a strong feeling that they had similar ego drives.....
    I have no clue what became of Eva and Zsa Zsa. Hopefully they didn't become a coyote's dinner. Perhaps they are on vacation - having dinner in Budapest.

  11. I just heard from my friends in Tennessee about how much rain y'all have been getting. I wish you'd send some this-a-way. We've been under outdoor watering restrictions here for quite a while because of the drought. A couple Sundays ago, I told my hubby that the next time it rained, I was gonna go outside and wash my filthy car. It seems Mother Nature has a sense of humor, because damned if it didn't call my bluff by raining the very next day. So, yeah, like an idiot, I went out in the rain and washed my car. At least it looked better for a few days... and I'm sure this cold won't last forever. (Just kidding. I didn't get sick... just sore. And wet.)

    I'm glad to hear you're working on that memoir. :)

    1. With all the rain here, you'd think my car would be clean - - but it's perpetually covered in mud. I can't fit it in the garage (because of all the junk in there). Hopefully someday I'll get organized.....

      I recently started writing every day - which I haven't done in a long time. I'm pleased with my efforts.

  12. Jon,
    What a change for you living in the Tennessee mountains instead of the windy, dusty Texas plains. I miss living in the woods but not the ticks. Scratch is paying his "rent" by leaving those dead mice on your doorstep. What's living beneath your house is probably a groundhog. That's what I having living under my shed. At least I don't have a skunk living under there ! That's what happened to a friend of mine a few years ago, it was a mama skunk and her little babies. Can you imagine? Again, watch out for those ticks in the high weeds and dropping out of trees. You don't need to get Lyme Disease.


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