Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Hate ain't pretty

It isn't often that I change my mind, but every once in awhile I experience a profound moment of enlightenment.

A divine beam of light shone down upon me (not unlike a midnight spotlight from a police helicopter).

I was drenched in a warm translucent glow that opened my impenetrable heart and softened my hardened soul.

At that moment, I knew that I was completely wrong about something that I wrote on my blog.

Let me explain:

In a recent blog post (that was humorous, tongue-in-cheek, and delightfully written) I stated that I was against transgenders serving in the military. 

This innocent and benign tidbit of personal opinion caused a barrage of fury that would make a tsunami look like a caterpillar sneeze.

without warning or time for preparation, I was besieged by an army of maniacally furious and lethally outraged gays and transgenders.

Feathers and rhinestones were flying as they stormed my blog in a Technicolor flurry of rainbow flags, torches, and barking poodles - - - armed with pitchforks, rubber hoses, and twelve-inch stiletto heels.
The most alarming weapon of wrath among their war paraphernalia was the fifty-inch dildo.

They screamed in a chaotic cacophony of rage - - hurling insults, threats, and curses of eternal damnation.

I knew then and there that hell hath no fury like a transgender or gay who is scorned - - and I ran faster than mascara on a summer afternoon..... get away from he...she...they!!! It!!!

In the aftermath of this near-crucifixion of Jon the Innocent, he had a drastic change of heart:

Transgenders and gays should definitely be in the military, on the front lines. Their seething determination, relentless fury, and unmitigated hate would win any war...
and scare the living shit out of the enemy. 
Peace, Love, and Kisses

Jon, even when you aren't trying - you're damn good!


  1. Well said, and you even allowed comments on this post!

  2. This is great! You've given me a smile this morning.

    1. Donna, you're one of the very few people left who still has a sense of humor. Thank Gawd for that!!!

  3. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! "Feathers and rhinestones were flying as they stormed, in a Technicolor flurry of rainbow flags, torches, and barking poodles - - armed with pitchforks, rubber hoses, and twelve-inch stiletto heels" You sly have been behind the scenes at a drag shows!!!!!

    If I read anymore, I'll need Depends.

    1. This is why I luv ya - - you fully appreciate my rambles.

      My favorite line was
      "I ran faster than mascara on a summer afternoon...."

    2. I agree, that is a good one. Similar to when I sweat. I always say "I'm sweating like a whore in church!"

  4. well now that you've taken care of that jon. what else can you tackle.

    1. I'm gonna try to tackle that Zazzle store. I'm almost there.....almost....

  5. Peace, Love --hold the Kisses, I'm no good at them-- indeed, Jon, I second and endorse your change of mind. We are all human and entitled to the same liberties, areas of dedication and enthusiasms. Sorry you got singled out by comments that were less than kind. Lately I've been dealing with Mohave Rat on an issue that involved the difference between species and phenotype. Just see if I go try that again. Point is, you're a rational man and reason can modify opinion --happens to me all the time if I'm lucky. Keep writing, interacting. This immense forum needs you.

    1. I very often write more quickly than I's part of my charm.

      I'm surprised Desert Rat is still around. He no longer follows my blog because he (told me) he doesn't like poetry, sentimentality, complaints, or dwelling on the past.
      Holy crap - he sure came to the wrong place!!!

    2. Bravo! I knew you would finally see the light of day :-) Oh, and let's not forget Stonewall: Those fierce flowers fighting the bigoted cops were all lesbians and transgender folks. Gay liberation was born as a result.

      P.S. How's sweet Scruffy coming along?


    3. I think we need all those "fierce flowers" now to clean out the idiots in Congress (on both sides). I think we need a complete revolution.

      Scruffy still has some problems with occasional asthma, but other than that she's doing fine. I'll tell her that you sent some hugs.

    4. Glad to hear she is doing much better. Give her a big hug for me :-) By the way (regarding your most recent post), Caitlin/Bruce Jenner still has his penis intact. Not really sure about his reasons for this, but I guess he's more comfortable not doing the full monty? Anyway it's his life and his body, so I try not to judge too harshly. But I do agree that winning a Woman of the Year award (while you still have a penis) just proves how totally insane the times have become :-)

    5. I didn't know that about Jenner - - I had assumed that he went "all the way" (so to speak...) Yes, the Woman of the Year award is very strange.

  6. Now Jon how do you know how mascara runs on a hot summer day? I would hate to have a can of coke explode in my truck down here these days.

    1. I was only guessing about the mascara, Paula (*smile*).
      NEVER leave an unopened can of soda in a hot car!!!

  7. Jon,
    I always enjoy your posts, even when we don't agree. You're totally honest and that is what I appreciate. I see so little of that in the blogosphere. Of course maybe I'm not looking in the right places. But I do know that your blog is one of the genuine blogs which I always find interesting.
    About the transgender, I have mixed feelings. I have to admit I don't understand transgender but then there are many well meaning folks who don't understand me being gay. So I go into this with an open mind. I don't have any problem with transgender people serving in the military just as I didn't with gays serving in the military. Again, it is the behavior of the person, straight, gay or transgender that should determine their fitness for serving in the military. Not their sexual orientation. Just because some people are uncomfortable with the "other" serving in the military shouldn't be a disqualification for those serving in the military.
    I am glad we have entered into a new era where all are accepted and not discounted because of their sexual preferences or sexual identity. To repeat myself, qualification should always be based on character and behavior. That being said, now about Trump. Oh wait, I can't go there. (smile)
    Your friend,

  8. What can I say? You are FUNNY. Do I always agree with you? Of course not, but I don't always agree with my husband, either. So what? Who wants their friends to be clones of themselves? Not me! Vive les differences!

    I'm sorry some bloggers have been nasty. That stinks.


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