Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The Joy of Blogging, Rule #86
"If all else fails, try visuals".

I dug into the sticky dregs of my visual archives and extracted a delectable array of holiday food to whet your appetite - and inspire your creativity.

Hot dog and raw bacon Nativity
with Chinese noodles

Roasted Weenie Christmas Tree

 Holiday Vegetable Loaf
with raw tomatoes, radishes, and broccoli

Leftover turkey in a brown Jello ring.

Cranberry Candle Salad

 Vegetable Surprise
Holiday Gelatin Mold

 You can't go wrong
with black mince pie and
charred Christmas pudding.

Canned Vegetable Medley

Olive-embellished cheese balls

.....and the piece de resistance...
Stuffed Porker!
But wait -
no holiday meal would be complete without home-baked desserts.

Holiday Cookies!

Fruit Cake!

Gingerbread Houses

And there's no better way to enrich a holiday family gathering than with a Christmas Surprise:

 If you disliked this post, you're really going to hate my other blog - which I've just "re-opened" after a long hiatus. 
Check out some vintage Christmas ads:
Cabinet of Curious Treasures 


  1. What's truly frightening is that so many of the pictures aren't made in jest. I recognize those type of ads and recipes from "women's" magazines back in the 50-60's. Heck, maybe even the 70's. I am thankful that my mother never succumbed to the temptation of making any of them.

    1. I'm stunned at some of those old recipes that were prevalent in woman's magazines back then. My Mom always collected a lot of those recipes but (thankfully) very seldom made them. I still have a big box of old recipe clips from magazines and newspapers and it's fun to look through them.

  2. These look like the recipes that the ladies' magazines were full of in the 50s and early 60s. They seemed to be trying to outdo each other in "unique" recipes--LOL! Housewives were bored and had lots of new appliances and do-dads--and there were lots of new magazines, too, I believe--competition. So funny!
    Will check out your other blog. :)

    1. Somehow I miss those "good ol' days" before the advent of the Internet. Housewives did rely a lot on magazines and those newfangled appliances. So many of those old ads and recipes were unintentionally funny.

  3. Now THESE are hysterical!!! Actually, the first two and the olive cheese ball look yummy. (But I might draw the line at eating Baby Jesus.) Dang, Jon. Where was this post when I was trying to create a holiday wreath for the office?

    I think the cranberry candle salad would be fun to make ... yes, I still enjoy playing with my food.

    1. Hurry up, Myra! You might still have time to make a holiday wreath out of raw bacon and hot dogs. Of course, in the hot climate where you live it would rot long before Christmas.

      I LOVE cheese and olives - - but that bizarre cheese ball freaked me out. Those olives look like eyes...

  4. these were funny and mostly disgusting.

    1. I had some that were even worse, but decided to restrain myself...

  5. All of those culinary creations....and not one made from spam. Excuse me now, I may need to go take a a few spoons of Milk of Magnesia.

    1. Ironically, I had some spam creations but decided not to use them because they weren't holiday-related. My favorite is the Spam casserole with lima beans.

  6. Jon, I love the Nativity Scene composed of weenie-heads. But further down, oh my, that poor pig looks hurt real bad.

  7. Jeez, I don't know why, but suddenly, I'm not hungry...

    However, the raw bacon and hot dog nativity would be a swell gift for a dog. :)

    The rest? Yuk! Especially that brown jello ring. But hey! To someone, that may be the height of great cuisine.

    That "I'm gay" cake reminded me of our daughter. As a joke, she sent me an email maybe twenty years ago that sent me to a page where she showed a red rose and the confession, "Mom, I'm gay." To say I was stunned would be an understatement. Al;l I could think of was all of the hardships she'd have to face. I asked my hubby if he'd gotten something similar from her, and he hadn't. We talked about it, and then I sent her an email, saying we loved her and would always be there for her. To this day, she brags about our reaction.

    PSSST! Happy birthday, cowboy! (Almost there...) I trust you'll treat yourself to food MUCH better than what's in these pictures.

  8. Geo and Susan -
    The "reply" thingie is no longer working on my blog, so I casn't reply individually to your comments.
    Geo - the picture of that stuffed porker could easily turn me into a vegetarian.
    Susan - It's a good thing you didn't pass out when you received that email from your daughter. Your positive response shows what a tolerant and unconditionally loving person you are.
    Birthday? What birthday?? I stopped counting when I hit 50 - - and that was about 75 years ago....

    1. Oh, by the way -
      you guys said that the contraption on my other blog is a DOUCHE BAG????
      Heck, I didn't know. I'm just an innocent country boy.


  9. Hi Jon , still around ... just been super busy for awhile now. I can't imagine anyone actually eating any of those unappetizing creations. Anything with its head left on like that roasted piglet would seriously make me hurl.

    I haven't been getting any of those email notifications on when you post. It just quit sending them. Dunno, must have got the boot.

  10. Helga, I figured that you were probably busy - especially with the upcoming holidays. Glad to know that you're all right (and hopefully not snowed in).
    The roasted pig is really disgusting - especially with that horrible stuffing handing out!!

    Those Blogger email notifications are never reliable. I've had lots of trouble with them in the past.

  11. I can tell none of those recipes came out of Gordon Ramsey's cook book & the sweets didn't come out of great British baking show!

    1. I love the Great British Baking Show (or whatever it's called). I watch it online via PBS.

  12. And to think I almost missed this delightful post Damn computer. I do like the cheese ball and the pig makes me sick.

    1. I like cheese balls, too, but all those olive "eyes" scared me!


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