Saturday, December 9, 2017


Winter has arrived early here in the Tennessee boonies. The daytime high was only in the 20s (that's Fahrenheit, for those of you in Haiti). 

Despite the frigid weather, I decided to drive to town. It will take me weeks to recover from the harrowing ordeal - but I got to wear my heavy winter coat. And I got some much-needed groceries and food for the cats. It's supposed to be very cold all next week, so at least I'm prepared. I think.

In honor of the cold weather and the approaching holidays, I'm offering a video: my piano transcription of the pas de deux from the Nutcracker ballet by Tchaikovsky. Some of you have seen this before, but just pretend like you didn't.

Actually, this isn't the entire pas de deux, it's just a brief excerpt - because I thought the whole thing was rather long.

This is from an unedited rehearsal tape that I made when I lived in Texas. I recorded it in the summer when it was about 110 degrees. I put up the candles just for a "humorous" touch (which I now regret).


  1. I love your clip! I just posted a version yesterday of the Les Brown version. I swear were reading each others mind somedays tootes.

    One a side note, we went from warm tempts thus far, to the low 20's with snow today. I just might erect the tree today. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

  2. gtlad you got your supplies before the snowfall. wouldn't want you traveling those roads up there in the snow. frigid temps are bad enough.

  3. What?! We're supposed to get up to 27 today (17 right now at almost 12:30pm). How can it be just as cold down where you live? That's just crazy! I'm glad you made it to town and got stocked up. Stay warm. Of course you do have three furry hot water bottles--LOL! ;) Thanks for the music, Jon!

  4. I have seen this video before and it's actually one of my favorites, Jon. It is a bit nippy your way which surprises me since we're actually even at the moment. It warmed up after that heavy snow we had in early November and it's all gone for now.

    You may need to venture out for another shopping trip before the holidays arrive. It's sheer madness out there with everyone rushing around. The other day two guys were waiting to pull into the same parking spot. I figured it wasn't going to end well since they both seemed highly aggravated. They tried pulling into the spot at the same time, one from each direction, and stopped short of smashing into each other. They got into a shouting match and then the fists came out ... knuckleheads were separated by the cops. Tis the season ... lol. Take care !

  5. Brava, Jon! Never mind that it's supposed to be 78-degrees tomorrow; I can close my eyes and remember watching the Nutcracker with my mother in Los Alamos. Mother Nature always seemed to smile on my hometown at Christmas with an idyllic blanket of snow.

  6. Wonderful! Such a joy to be able to create such music. (And I think the candles are a nice touch.)

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