Tuesday, November 26, 2019


I wanted to post some music associated with turkeys, in honor of Thanksgiving - but turkey music seems to be nearly non-existent.
The once-popular Turkey Trot dance (over 100 years ago) isn't foremost in my piano repertoire.

So I searched through my music files and extracted an old recording I made of the Rooster Rag. 
Heck, roosters are sort of similar to turkeys - - and if you're drunk enough you can't even tell the difference.

Last night I made a video to accompany the music. I threw it together in less than half an hour - which explains the shabby quality.

I'll readily confess that it isn't easy to do anything creative with a rooster theme.

 The Rooster Rag was composed by Muriel Pollack (1895-1971) and published in 1917.

Pollack was a composer/lyricist who started out as a piano player for silent movies. She studied at the New York Institute of Musical Art (which later became Julliard) and eventually had a fairly successful musical career.

Her full name was Mary Muriel Pollock Groll Donaldson (she was married twice). Born in New York, died in Hollywood, California.

I heard that Muriel initially wrote The Rooster Rag when she was about seventeen, but it wasn't published until several years later.
It's a brilliant piece and fun to play. 

If you listen to this recording carefully, you'll probably hear the music manuscript fall off the piano while I was in the middle of the performance.
Fortunately I kept valiantly playing without missing much of a beat......

I've been feeling absolutely rotten lately - - completely physically and mentally exhausted. I can hardly drag myself around. I'll give an update on my dreary existence (very) soon. I know you can't wait.

Until then, have a pleasant, blessed, and bright Thanksgiving holiday.....
......or Rooster Day??



  1. Happy Turkey (or Rooster?) Day? Reminds me of coq au vin, which is the only dish I can think of with rooster. :) Hope you will feel better, or at least less rotten?

  2. Jon, I freaking LOVE your video! I love not only the visuals, but your piano music as well because they are the perfect combination! Truly, you play so well. And you play a wide variety of genres.

    Do you know, the music kinda reminded me of the soundtrack to a Charlie Chaplin film because he always used similar piano music in all his silent films.

    Well done!

    Hope you're feeling better soon, my friend. Wishing and your kitties a Blessed, Healthy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope things change for the better soon Jon. I am thankful for your musings when stopping in, so I will take this time now to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, as I'll be away for the weekend. 🦃🦃🦃

  4. Dear Jon, dismayed to learn you're feeling unwell. I'm familiar with the schedule --seems the winter holidays are also my signal to feel lousy all the time. But you've posted something remarkable here. The upbeat and well-performed Rooster Rag has boosted me. Thanks! As for the Turkey Trot, I remember being 4 years old and my evil older sister asked our mother to demonstrate the Turkey Trot. Mama stuck her elbows out and began stomping around the kitchen. I screamed and ran out of the house. I'm still a sensitive kid and much prefer The Rooster Rag.

  5. I love foot tapping music and this piece was brill. Clever of you to keep playing when the sheet music fell. Forgetting the fallen music, I need to comment on how talented you are. Now cheer up and think how much good you do for those of us who listen to and enjoy your musical talent.

  6. Hey, roosters work for me! LOVE the graphics you've shown to accompany this delightful rag. (Ya, I heard the sheet music fall … only because I was listening for it.)
    Hope you get to feeling MUCH better real soon!

  7. Happy Rooster Day to you, too. I'm feeling pretty rotten, myself. Made it to the clinic yesterday--bad sinus infection, on two medications, curled up with Annie in my chair trying to breathe--LOL! I hear you! What would we do without our cats. ;)

  8. Well, they taste the same and have that weird red wobbly thingy! Beautifully played! Feel better!!!!!

  9. loved the rooster rag. it was better than the turkey trot. i hope your situation improves, ever so slightly, so hope can be renewed. sometimes it seems no matter what we do... things go from bad to worse. as is the case with me at the moment. i appreciate your kind words. they mean more than you know. i wish that you would be able to find some peace of mind. take it one day at a time. all you can really do. I wish for you a restful and quiet THANKSGIVING. take care.

  10. Hey Jon, The Rooster Rag helped to cheer me up in a hurry: I'm not especially fond of most holidays (I find them depressing at best), but I think this is true for many solitary folks - so I can relate to how you are feeling at the moment.

    Anyway, I hope you are somehow able to find something to cheer you up on this Thanksgiving day (perhaps a good documentary or movie on YouTube?). That's pretty much my plan. Plus - your wonderful video inspired me to search for something "special" for supper - I found a frozen turkey/stuffing combo I can toss in the microwave. I like to think of it as a poor man's Thanksgiving feast :-)

    *Big Hugs*



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