Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I think that I look far better in a mask than without one - - so I've decided to wear my Happy Mask forever!

this is not a regular blog post - it's a rant. Read at your own risk. 

It may possibly be perceived that I don't take the corvid-19 plague seriously.
I've written about it sarcastically in many previous posts.

When I recently said that this eternally endless national lockdown was "bullshit hype", I could actually hear gasps of horror coming from behind your masks. 

Rest assured that I do take the pandemic seriously and have sympathy for those who died. 

It's a tragedy that 90,000 Americans have succumbed to the virus (so far) - most of whom were elderly people with pre-existing health conditions.

It was a tragedy when over 80,000 Americans died of the flu in 2017-18. 

It was a tragedy when 675,000 Americans died of the Spanish Flu in 1918. 

I take the current pandemic seriously but also realistically.

The real tragedy of this situation is that the news media is intent on keeping us in a permanent mode of panic and hysteria.

The real tragedy is that the Democrats want to keep our country in lockdown until after the November presidential election.

The governors of the "blue" Democratic states are EXTREMELY reluctant to re-open our country.
And they have become delirious with their newfound power and control!
They don't want any semblance of normalcy to resume until they defeat Donald Trump. 

The REAL tragedy of this lockdown ploy is that our booming economy has collapsed and millions of people lost their jobs.
We mourn those who died -
but we SHOULD be mourning for the LIVING DEAD - those people whose lives were completely destroyed by this  ongoing virus  debacle.

Some people are perfectly content going along with the ploy. It's alarming to see how gullible humanity can be. 
Here's a flash:
You can stay sequestered and wear your masks forever - - but in the end it  won't save others.
It will only destroy yourself..

What have we been told by the "experts"?
those dozens and dozens and dozens of experts

Two million Americans will die!
We need zillions of ventilators, respirators, hospitals!
Masks, masks, MASKS!!!

Wait until the curve is flattened.
Stay indoors for 15 days.
Stay indoors for 30 days.
Stay isolated until the end of May....until the middle of June.....until the end of summer.........

Our country can't be reopened until the virus "peak" subsides
until everyone in America is tested and retested
and tested again
until all our temperatures are taken ....

Our country must remain in permanent lockdown until a miracle vaccine is devised that will eradicate all traces of every virus forever!

We must remain in permanent lockdown until
cancer is cured
global warming is extinguished
the spotted owl is saved
the polar bears finally have ice floes

until cows crap ice cream cones
and unicorns roam the fields
and the entire world joins hands and sings  Kumbaya.

Shut down the schools and churches forever 
Banish all small businesses
Eliminate all sports
Permanently close all theaters, museums, libraries
Close the beaches and parks....

No swimming, no jogging, no walking

Make social distancing a mandatory part of our existence.
No handshakes, no hugs, no kisses, no f***ing,

Masks and gloves should be our required permanent attire.

Have I made my point?
Do you get my drift?

It's surprisingly easy for nations to collapse, for society to dissolve, for life as we once knew it to be extinguished.

Am I exaggerating?

Remove your masks, America, and turn around.
Big Brother is right behind you, riding on your ass.

(you didn't think I'd encourage comments for this post, did you?)