Saturday, February 27, 2021



There's nothing profound here  - nothing new or innovative. Just a list (incomplete) of things I've learned on my exasperating journey through life.
I'm sure many will disagree (as usual)  - but, heck, I'm always right on target.

                      Jon (saint ??)


1. The world is a cesspool of corruption, lies, cheats, scams, deception, and disappointments. 

2. Two of the biggest problems in the world are ignorance and illiteracy.

3. Two things that have done more damage to humanity than anything else are sex and organized religion.

4. Hate is the most destructive force in existence. It is contagious, detrimental, and most often blind. 

5. Never put yourself down or discount your self-worth. There are far too many other people just waiting to do it for you. 

6. It's extremely easy to criticize and it requires no talent or intelligence.

7. Goodness and humility will get you absolutely nowhere.

8. Anyone who passively turns the other cheek is a jackass. 

9. Always pretend that you know what you're doing. This will gain respect from others. 

10. Never show signs of weakness or uncertainty.

11. Think carefully before you speak.

12. Think even more carefully before putting anything in writing. It will eventually come back to bite you on the ass.

13. Think extremely carefully before ever saying "I promise" or "I do".

14. Always read the fine print - - numerous times.

15. People who act like they know the most usually know the least.

16. Never depend on others to make your life whole.

17. Never rely on the future.

18. Never forget your past. It is the foundation of what you are today.

19. Follow your God-given instincts.

20. Never repeat your mistakes.

21. Falling into routine is dangerous.

22. Time doesn't heal wounds. It only obscures them.

23. Anger and grudges are a waste of time.

24. Curses always come home to roost.

25. You can't please everybody, so don't even try.

26. Anybody who says things get better with age is full of crap.

27. Never begin a new relationship when you're lonely or desperate.

28. Avoid people who are easily offended.....
or constantly critical.

29. The essence of life is a combination of illusion and disillusion. 

30. Happy endings don't exist. 


  1. Hate to admit it, but there's lots of truth here. Committing to memory #'s 5, 13 ,16, 25.
    Maybe the illusion and disillusion combine to make one believe in happy endings? I guess that depends whether you're a bystander or a participant.

  2. Good Post! Cheryl says: happy endings are achievable if you keep your expectations low. I would have to agree with that.. but I don't think I'm a the end of my story just yet. #15 - 18 should be set in gold!

  3. A Jeremiad well-considered and well-composed. Thanks ,Jon, it addresses a lot of current problems. Next step is compassion, healing --an end to violence.

  4. So true. Regards from Saffron ( Australia)


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