Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The moving van was here. Well, almost here.
It was so close that I could touch it.......
The two cars belong to me and my cousin.

My furniture was finally supposed to arrive today! And it almost did. It was so close I could almost touch it. Almost......

Let's have a quick recap for those readers who aren't quite familiar with my plight:

I moved from Texas to Tennessee in early October. Stayed with my cousin in Tennessee for over a month, while I looked for a new place.
Moved into my new place on Thanksgiving Day. Due to bizarre circumstances, address mix ups, and the infinitely endless holidays, my furniture couldn't be shipped until January.
Tuesday, January 6th, the moving company assured me.

Got a call a few days ago from one of the Honchos in charge.

"We're studying a map", she tells me. "Looks like you're way out in a rural area. The street doesn't seem to be listed. The whole area doesn't look accessible."

"I'm in the boonies," I admit, "but I'm near a paved road. It's narrow and one-way, but it's paved."

"Is your home accessible? I've pulled up some aerial photos and all I see are mountains and trees."

"Logging trucks use the road, and other work trucks. Occasionally I see a school bus. My house is on a steep slope. The path to get there is only mud and gravel but it's accessible."

After taking a few long minutes to ponder , she said "We'll send a big truck. It will get there."

They sent a big, big truck. It couldn't get here.
Couldn't make the sharp turn to access my place.

The scheduled delivery time was 8:00am.  At 7:30 I drove to the narrow paved road so I could flag down the moving van and lead him in the right direction to my house.

When the truck finally showed up the driver was going so fast that he passed without seeing me. A few minutes later my cousin arrived. We both took off after the moving van.

 We finally tracked him down ten miles away. It took another twenty minutes for him to find a suitable area where he could turn the truck around.

It's a cold morning. 20 degrees. We're all freezing our asses off.

The driver tried his best maneuvers to access my house but it was an impossibility. The truck was too damn big. He almost made it......almost.......

I haven't seen my possessions in three months, and there they were in that great big Bekins truck. So close and yet so far.....

The driver's two helpers showed up in another truck. We all made the long muddy trek on foot to my house, where the driver called the headquarters in Texas.

After a looong two-hour wait, it was finally decided that a smaller truck will be employed from UHaul. They will transfer my stuff from the big rig to the UHaul and try again tomorrow.

If at first you don't succeed.........

If you're tired of reading this, you can imagine how weary I am having to go through it personally. It wasn't the driver's fault. He did his best and failed.

Here's the kicker:
I initially hired Hart Moving and Storage to move my stuff.
They in turn employed Wheaten Van Lines. Wheaten hired Bekins.
Bekins is now going to use UHaul. Go figure.

I should have used UHaul in the first place, It would have saved a helluva lot of trouble (and money) but I was afraid to drive the perilous mountain roads.

Will Jon ever see his possessions again?

Will the driver be able to access Jon's house with the UHaul?

Will the movers ever be able to get Jon's two heavy pianos up the mountain and into the house??

Tune in again tomorrow
for another exciting episode of

Jonathan, Faux Mountain Man
Moving Day in the Boonies


  1. You remind me of ‘Joe Btfsplk’ from the Li’l Abner cartoons, there always seems to be a cloud over your head. (See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Btfsplk)

    1. I am definitely jinxed (cursed?) - but life wouldn't be exciting without some storm clouds overhead.

  2. @anonymous - I remember that guy! jon WILL have his furniture tomorrow!

    1. I never heard of Joe Btfsplk, but he sounds like my type of man (LOL)

  3. ... and I can't help but wonder, what will become of the Ugly Recliner? :)
    That poor Bekins driver may have to take an early retirement after this!
    I'm happy to know you're getting really close to making yours a home.

    1. I'll donate the ugly recliner to the Bekins driver.

  4. They missed it by...( )....that much!
    Good Luck tomorrow......maybe some snow to top things off.......

    1. snow will make everything more exciting!

  5. UHaul will get in, Jon. They always do. It may take a tow truck and wench to get them back out, but they'll get in.

  6. Hang tough. You've waited this long. Fingers crossed that UHaul will do the job for you, once and for all.

  7. Wow, this is frustrating! I hope you are reunited with your furniture soon.

  8. Oh Jon, what a story. Sounds like something I would be caught up in. In fact it DOES sound like something you would get caught up in. Jon, the boonies? Really? (smile) When Bill and I lived in Pennsylvania, we lived up the end of a twisting, on a slope, 500 yard road. You should have seen that Wheaton HUGE truck come up that road (I think I have a picture). Then to turn around? He did but I don't know how. Thank goodness we have the road paved, unlike how we found it, a dirt road.
    I hope by now your furniture is in your house and you didn't have to pay the movers a small fortune to do it.
    Right now I'm 35,000 feet above the continental U.S., about an hour away from the fabled Los Angeles. Pat's on his way to via Air Canada. We haven't been in touch with each other since we took flight early (very early) this morning. Now to find each other at LAX. You talk about adventure, ours is just about to begin!

  9. With anticipatory joy, I am waiting for the next installment...


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