Sunday, August 14, 2022


This is a continuation of my previous post, in which I inflicted you with paintings from my private art collection.
Here are some more - -


An Alpine scene by Bachmann.
When I was living in Texas, I had this painting hanging over my bed. One night when I was sound asleep, it fell off the wall and hit me directly on the head. I don't know if it was an act of God or a ploy of Satan - - but it was a rude awakening and hurt like....... hell.

This is a rarity and one of my favorites - -
a superb pencil drawing entitled The Betrothal by the French artist Adrien Moreau (1843 - 1906). 
It is an original illustration for the book Quest of the Absolute by Honore de Balzac.

I don't remember what I initially paid for this, but it's undoubtedly worth a lot more now.

Two King Charles spaniels with a feathered hat. This delightful painting is by a German artist, circa 1885.
It's inspired by a painting by English artist Edwin Landseer (1802 - 1873).
The painting is in beautiful condition for an antique - it's hanging in my living room.

I purchased this painting solely because I liked the colors - - a sort of amber, autumnal tint.

My cat Bosco doesn't seem to have an interest in art.

Two original watercolors by the British artist John Sell Cotman (1782 - 1842).

A rather whimsical Italian painting of a boy smoking, circa 1885.

This is a painting of Mount Baldy (California) by an amature artist, dated 1870. I was intrigued by this because when my parents first moved to Southern California, we lived in the foothill of the mountains near Mount Baldy.

I can never resist cats. This painting is probably from the 1950s.
That's my cat Kitzee (sitting on the piano) who is now deceased. I miss her immensely.

This painting is hanging above one of my pianos (notice it on the above photo). It's a landscape from Vienna, circa 1905.
I was intrigued by the mountains in the background.

This painting of a 1920s auto is by the contemporary artist H. Hargrove. He was born in Italy in 1941 (his real name is Nicolo Sturiano). He was originally a wine merchant but began painting when he moved to America. His paintings of Americana are immensely popular.
I always wanted to have one of his paintings in my collection - - I purchased this at an auction.

A haunting moon-drenched night in Imperial Russia. The painting is old (1867) and somewhat faded - - but I couldn't resist.

What's this - - another cat? This painting is so old (around 1840) that the back of it is in need of major repair and I can't hang it.

Is this finally the end???
I've just done two blog posts "showcasing" my humble art collection - - and I hardly scratched the surface. I have enough art to open a museum.

Thanks for taking a look.          Jon