Saturday, February 21, 2015


This isn't going to be one my "regular" blog posts, because I'm in no mood to be charming or witty. It's only an update.
Read my previous post. I'm charming and witty.

I'm presently being bombarded with so much bad luck that I've turned rabid and dangerous. Don't get too close.

The temperature dropped to minus 11 last night. I stayed up until 8:00 am to make sure the pipes didn't burst. As soon as I let my guard down and took a nap - a pipe burst (or bursted???). Major flood. No insurance.

When I went outside to shut off the main water valve (about fifty miles away.......)
I slipped on the ice and REALLY hurt my back  (and neck and right leg and wrists and knee) - - this is on top of the ice injury I got the other night. I presently can't walk and am in severe pain.

Ironically, my Blogger friend Ron in Delaware slipped on the ice the other night and sustained a serious knee injury

A horrendous ice storm and very high wind last night Power was out for 24 hrs. (just restored a few minutes ago) A plumber was supposed to come this afternoon but he never showed. I'm without water and have little food.

Our county is declared a disaster area. Red Cross showed up, along with emergency workers from other counties. Most telephone lines are down. 
Three big trees fell in my cousin Nancy's yard.

I'll blog about all of this in detail with my usual humor in a few days. If I survive that long.

Tonight, however, I am feeling utterly humorless. And I'm in pain!!!!!!!!!!
With no water to make tea or coffee, I've been drinking beer.

Some day I'll look back on this and laugh.
But I sure as hell ain't laughing now

The power keeps going on and off.
I'll post this while I can.

I have no intention of going to a doctor. They'd take a thousand xrays, prescribe a dozen pain medications, and tell me to come back in a week. I've taken that route before.....and it's absolute bullshit.....

If I die, they can bury me in the back yard. There's plenty of room.

If I survive, I'll wait until the snow thaws (probably in August) and then head to a temperate climate - - like Tahiti.


  1. So sorry, I know the back hurts are not funny and I agree about the doctors. Hope you have a good supply of cat food 'cause I know how much you love your cats. Hope everything turns out good and fast. I don't know anything about living in cold country so I'm afraid I couldn't give any advice.

  2. Jon, whether you intend to see a doctor or not, please contact local emergency services --Red Cross has online access as well as phone-- and let them know you're injured. This cold snap is quite widespread and quite serious. Daughter in Chicago has been warned that ANY part of the skin exposed to current temperatures WILL freeze and fall off or something. If there's anything I can do from here --calling, directing, heckling plumbers, etc.-- let me know. I don't worry about Ron so much because he's doubtless used to Siberian permafrost temperatures. In fact Ron is 50 years older than anybody gets in Siberia. I mean, temperature plunges to extremes known only on planet Pluto, seems like we should watch out for each other. Thank providence you have beer.

  3. I know doctors are a pain in the ass. But you really need to have your injuries looked at, as soon as you can. I'm with Geo tell the Red Cross, they'll send somebody to you. If you don't get help you may indeed end up in that back yard, planted for eternity.At least you have beer to use as a painkiller. I'd like to give my piece of mind to that damn plumber for standing you up like that. I hope you can find another one to take care of this for you pronto. Houses are a chore and they're like an endless pit you throw money into. I wish I had a magic wand I could wave over you and all these troubles would disappear. You're in my prayers tonight, Jon. Hang in there.

  4. Unbelievable Jon! I just read your blog posting of your accident. Just what I said how easy it can happen. This living the ice and snow sucks. As I said the comment on your subsequent update blog post I'm talking into my iPhone doing this comment because the power is out the second time this morning. Thank goodness the temperatures not 0° is about 36 and sunny but it's something knocked the power out twice and still waiting here and of course I'm walking around with his bum like Ike I can't even move below the knee took almost an hour just take a shower this morning. And just waiting for the power to go back one. John I hope things turn around real soon for you this this this is a bitch.. What a quince events or both of us would have this accident. But I understand your reluctance about going to a doctor because that's what I did tomorrow I have to get an MRI follow we got to see the orthopedic surgeon I don't know all the while I got his leg brace on. And the Academy Awards are all the night. I doubt if I'll watch it hopefully I can get my power back by then but at least I don't have a frozen water pipe. I feel so bad for you Jon. Thank God you're able to call back to your house rather be stuck out there in the cold freezing cold wish I could've been a disaster. And again the irony of you getting out in West Texas and this is what happens. Long, maybe that's because I'm talking in the microphone. I was going to ask for your phone number so I can call you today but that's not a good time to do that now.


  5. Stay warm and safe, while we wait for the spring thaw.


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