Sunday, July 12, 2015


 Scruffy today
looking innocent
even though she's the Tasmanian Devil

Access isn't easy

I couldn't access my AOL account this morning because I was informed that "unusual" or "suspicious" activity was detected (whatever that means). They advised me to change my password. I changed my password. Still couldn't access account. I changed the password a second time. No deal. I changed it a third time. The third was the charm. I finally got in.

I couldn't access my Pinterest account yesterday because I hadn't used it in a year. Invalid password. Kept trying....over and over........and over.......finally it worked. Access granted!!! Tried to access again tonight. Password denied. Same ol' crap.

Weary of password denial syndrome, I said "TO HELL WITH IT!" (and a few other choice obscenities). I opened a new Pinterest account under a fictitious name. Lost all my photos on the old account.

Google Overdose

Somehow - long ago in the distant past when I didn't know what I was doing - I got two Google accounts, and then a third one inexplicably showed up with a Google email address that I never use. These three accounts cause mass confusion whenever I attempt to access anything.

Jon, you can now combine all of your Google accounts into one easily accessible account.

Bullshit. I tried doing that and it doesn't work.

AND if I ever tried to delete any of my Google accounts I'll risk losing my blog and/or my YouTube channel. It's bad enough that I lost all my accumulated Pinterest stuff.

Never begin a sentence with a conjunction, Jon.

Hey - - how would you like a conjunction shoved up your.......

Ouch! That could be painful. 

So, now whenever I try to access my YouTube account, I have to first sign out of one Google account and sign into another.

Then, in order to access my blog, I have to sign out of the YouTube Google account and sign into TWO (count 'em) different Google accounts.

This is nothing new. I've been having to do it for years. But it's finally taking a toll. I'm sitting here quivering like a spastic colon.

I see passwords in my nightmares. And I wake up in a cold sweat just before getting access.

 Bosco enjoying my bedroom window
spooky eyes due to camera flash

Concerning my previous blog post:

I was initially worried that a list of 50 things about myself would be too long and too self-indulgent. After I wrote it, however, I immediately thought of a lot more things. I could have very easily listed 50 more.

Heck, I'm more interesting than I thought.

Scratch (Kitzee)
enjoying her favorite spot in the living room
(there is a screen on the window but it's so light that you can't see it) 

What about the weather?

I never saw more rain in my entire life. It rains constantly. Sunny days are so rare that the situation is starting to depress the hell out of me.

An incredible deluge this afternoon. To say that it POURED would be an understatement. Naturally, I'd left the car window open. Had to run outside to close it. Got completely drenched in less than a minute. Had to peel off my sopping clothes and then dry off with a towel.

Did I mention the mosquitoes?

A quick lunch
leftover hot dogs, tomatoes, & onion
plenty of pepper & salt

     Who the heck would be dumb enough to take a photo of their lunch??

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.

Am I getting married?
Hell, no.

Am I leaving Tennessee?
Not a chance.
Well, not yet, anyway........ 

Actually, it's not anything spectacular. Don't get too excited.



  1. What Jon not getting married? I thought you might need some help this winter in case you fall on the ice. I wondered about that screen, I'm glad you cleared that up so kitty cat won't get out on that pretty green grass and lead you on a chase.

  2. Every time I open a door Scruffy runs outside and I always go on wild chases. If I didn't have screens on the windows, there would be complete cat chaos.

  3. How long must we wait for your announcement? I'm not a patient person.

    1. Hey Donna - I thought you forgot about me (even though I'm unforgettable)

      The announcement isn't anything spectacular - it might even be disappointing. Either late tonight or tomorrow. Be patient.

  4. an announcement? a job? a roommate? WHAT?

    1. It's nothing spectacular - - I'll let everyone know by tomorrow.

      NO, I am not going to become a woman lie Bruce Jenner......

  5. Spectacular or not ... I'm a fan of most prelude and suspense. A new concerto, perchance?

    Just my 2-cents worth, but I'm up for another '50 Things' ... and suspect I'm not alone. BTW, Scruffy's looking especially adorable today.

    1. Scruffy was a very sick kitten and looked extremely scruffy at first (hence er name). But now, a year later, she looks really good - actually pretty. She is a sweetheart.

      I'm delighted that you wouldn't mind hearing 50 more things about myself. I'll consider it in the not-too-distant future.

  6. Passwords drive me crazy, I have about 10 of them for the office stuff. I wish I could stuff them all.

    1. Passwords are truly a nightmare. I'm sure that I have about a dozen of them.

  7. I'm excited. Waiting with bated breath for your announcement. Please note my life is desperately in need of some good news. Please deliver. I am a devoted blog buddy. (Here everything has been going to hell in a handbasket.) Scruffy, Bosco and Scratch all look charming in their collective corners of your house. But I like Bosco's sppoky eyes. I am in a Halloween kind of mood. I too could not access my AOL the other day, particularly the mail. drove me bonkers. And having a password for this that and everything makes me weary also. I agree back when you had to enter code to get online, things ran much smoother.( Note the sarcasm) Glad things have now all been worked out so you can compute. A shame about your Pinterest pictures, though. It is always something, isn't it? PS) I now want a hotdog. Your photo made it look really good. Those tomatoes too. (the onion, not so much, i am not a fan)

    1. Actually, things aren't going very well here, either. I love the peaceful surroundings but I can't get used to living in a small place. Everything is a MESS - I still don't know where to put things. I don't think I'll be organized for years.

      I usually start getting into a Halloween mood around this time of year, too (I always start early). Bosco has very beautiful yellow eyes (in real - - not on photo) and he looks like a Halloween cat.

      I like onions as long as they're kinda sweet. I had a big extra tomato so I decided to cut it up before it went bad.

  8. That sounds like password hell. There's gotta be a reasonable to fix it so you only have one google account.Unfortunately, I'm not tech savvy enough to know what it is.

    An announcement? I hope it's that your sizzling hot memoir is ready to publish... :)

    1. I've been so busy dealing with Fun in the Mountains that I haven't had time to even think about finishing the memoir. But I will.

  9. I sympathise with your password problem from my own position of vulnerability. I've been locked out of my e-mail account for six weeks now. It keeps asking me for the password (which it didn't do before) and now rejects it every time. I even downloaded one of those programs to wheedle it out just in case I'd changed it and forgotten, but no change - and it STILL won't accept it! So can't send or receive. Maddening!

    Scruffy, Bosco and Scratch are a veritable trio of sweeties, and I'd readily fall in love with each of them. The last of them looks very like Patchy, a visitor from round the corner, but for as long as two years now has been trying to move in, sleeping on my bed with me every night, every so often getting up to rhythmically pound his claws into me while purring loudly. He clearly wants me as his daddy, and is doing his best to crowd out my two official 'residents' who huffily tolerate his presence without trying to scare him off.

    1. I've been having an enormous amount of trouble with passwords lately, especially with AOL and Pinterest - - and you're right, those programs that are supposed to "wheedle it out" never seem to work.

      All three of my cats are sweethearts. Scratch, the oldest, is early ten. She's not too happy about having the two youngsters around, but politely tolerates them. Bosco and Scruffy are both just over a year old. They were both extremely sick kittens and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they are doing now.

      Perhaps you should consider adopting Patchy??? Or does he officially belong to someone else?

    2. Jon, just to let you know that last night I typed a further comment here but when it came to publishing it my computer froze. After two hours it still hadn't 'thawed', so I re-booted and did it all again, at which point it froze again. After another two hours I gave up. I'm trying once more this morning and if it's still happening it could spell D-O-O-M, especially since I've got a film review to write. So, just 'cos I don't answer your comments doesn't mean I'm not reading your blogs. This comment so far has taken me over ONE HOUR to type - and I've yet to see if it'll work when I 'press the button'.
      Btw: I can't take Patchy over as I'm really not allowed to have ANY pets at all here. My present two adopted ME as their owner. Landlord knows and hasn't said anything. If I took a third that would be really pushing my luck. Patchy's owners know he spends time with me and they're okay with that.

      Right, with crossed fingers, here goes......!

    3. Ray, your comment arrived safely - - and I'm sorry that you've been having so much agonizing trouble with it. Please don't feel obligated to comment if you can't. I'm justt happy to know that you read my blog.

  10. Password journal. Then write a note telling where the journal is and tape it to the computer. We had a cat that was even more variegated than Scruffy. We called her Quilt. Scruffy looks like she is composed of parts from only 2 or 3 cats. Quilt had 6 different colors that didn't all agree with each others' company --but she was unforgettable.

  11. I need to have my passwords tattooed to my body - - preferably in places that I can see.

    Scruffy is feisty but a real sweetheart. She purrs constantly. Her mother was a feisty calico and her father was a big black Tom. I'm nearly positive that Scruffy and Bosco had the same father.

  12. Your cats are lovely and I'm sad enough to like seeing what you had for lunch. As for passwords, don't get me started. What really pisses me off is when they tell you how it should be constructed with one capital, three digits etc etc. Then I can't remember later what I used! I think the old joke of using "password" for your password is sounding better by the day - at least I won't forget it in a hurry!

  13. It's also suggested that you shouldn't use the same password in more than one place - - but I do, simply because I don't want to be bothered by having to remember a dozen of them.

  14. Jon,
    In my attempt to catch up on my blog readings and comments, I see where I neglected to leave a comment on this post about passwords. I think I read your blog while I was at work (like I am now) meant to respond to it but got interrupted by someone wanting to know if we had a pool. Oh well. Here's my comment: Passwords, they are one of biggest frustrations (and I have a lot). As for your problem with AOL, believe me, it's not y you, it's AOL. I had the same problem. Good luck!


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