Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I should never have bothered responding to the snide comment (please see previous post), which wasn't worthy of a response, but it simply rubbed me the wrong way.

I've come to the point where I'm tired of dealing with negativity and people who love playing head games - - whether it's from a personal friend (who really likes to hit me below the belt) or a miserable little lurker who gets a rise out of criticizing a blog. If they want to throw shit, I'm in the mood to sling it right back.

As for the issue of me always writing about myself: I believe that bloggers who never write about themselves are probably boring people. I write about myself because I'm one of the most interesting persons I know. And if that sounds like I'm self-absorbed, I sure as hell am.

You're pressing your luck, Jon. Your three fans (or is it two?) are biting their fingernails and thinking about abandoning you.

Change of subject:
(I can hear your huge unanimous sigh of relief)

Got up at dawn today. These posted photos are the result: the rising sun just emerging beyond the forest in the back yard.

The morning fog always lends a sense of magic to the awakening of a new day. Sometimes I watch it in bed - drifting mists, ever-changing, swirling outside the window. Other times I'll go out on the back porch with a cup of coffee to enjoy the spectacle. 

Winter seems to have melted away. The temperature has turned very mild and I love it. I've been deeply depressed and hopelessly unmotivated for a very long time. The springlike warmth has served to revive me and remind me that I still might have a heart and soul.

I've been trying to tackle some weeds and brush, but on these wild acres it's nearly an insurmountable task - and I don't have proper tools, since the movers "lost" most of them. All that's left is a shovel and shears.

There are endless tangles of half-dead bushes with vicious thorns, which I'm assuming were once rose bushes. I've eliminated some of them, but there are lots more to go. I'd like to plant a few things this year. Nothing elaborate. I might start with something simple like sunflowers.

I'm taking advantage of the mild weather this week. Doing some outdoor painting and repairs. I'm also finally installing new doorknobs and locks.
There are three outside doors on this house. When I bought the place, the previous owner didn't have any keys for the locks. He didn't know what happened to them. His son had initially been living here, and then the place was empty for over three years.

So -
I could lock the doors from the inside when I was home, but if I went out I always had to leave one of the doors unlocked because I didn't have any keys to get back in.

Is this boring? I'm starting to bore myself and that worries me. After all, I'm supposed to be the most interesting person I know.

How about another photo?
This was taken yesterday evening from the front porch.

For some reason, the morning fog reminded me of the ballet Swan Lake. I never realized how many mediocre productions there are of Swan Lake until I started watching some of them on YouTube. The best production by far is from the Bolshoi, and the dancers are superb. You can find a link somewhere on my sidebar.

If you know nothing about the ballet, read a synopsis first. Otherwise you'll be wondering why the hell the Prince is chasing swans with a crossbow.

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  1. "a chicken or a duck is a mistake
    when you do
    swan lake"

    (barbra streisand, "funny girl")

  2. I wonder how could you not respond to that troll!

    Your sunrise images are great, Jon. I'm envious of your eastern-facing bedroom window! (Sunsets leave me feeling melancholy.)

    Be careful in your great outdoors, OK?

    1. Well, at least I won't have to worry about falling on the ice - - I THINK winter is finally over.

      I shouldn't worry about trolls, but somehow I always love to get revenge. That's a wicked trait that I inherited from my father.....

    2. A difficult aspiration.

  3. It really looks gorgeous there in the mornings with the sun coming up speckled with branches.
    Don't you have to wait until it's not so muddy out before you tackle the uprooting of prickly bushes and such? I'd hate to think of you falling again out there. Bring your cell phone with you, if you do. ;)

    1. Living in the wilderness isn't nearly as easy as I initially thought, but I do love the peace and privacy. Being in the midst of nature is wonderful.

      Fortunately, these past few days have been warm and dry. I am EXTRA careful when I go outdoors and I do carry my cell phone. The most recent fall that I had was really like a body slam - I'm still aching.

  4. Beautiful photos, Jon. And I do identify with recalcitrant doorknobs --especially after years of rain and sun have realigned the sill hardware. However, if I'm going to live in crazy old farm houses I guess I better get used to it. Sorry you had a rough exchange with Mike --in my experience, it's unlike him--that and him withdrawing his blog has got me worried. Hope he's ok.

    1. I never tire of looking at the forest - or the fog. This afternoon I just sat outside for about an hour (with one of my cats), feeling at peace.
      I've been meaning to change the doorknobs for a very long time and am only now finally getting around to it.

      I have seen Mike's comments on numerous other blogs and they were always kind and sensible. Something I said must have obviously rubbed him the wrong way. It was childish of me to over-react, but being sensitive to criticism is one of my trademarks - - especially when it's petty, unwarranted criticism.
      Mike must still be around, because I received his comment only a few days ago.

  5. I don't guess you have to lock doors up there. Your pictures are lovely.

    1. I sometimes worry that the bears might know how to pick locks.

  6. Jon,
    Don't let the Internet "Anonymous" trolls get you down. I get my share too. Now I read them with amusement. I know what I have in my life and their comments I view a jealousy. I probably should say I feel sorry for them that their life is so sad and full of negativity but truthfully, I feel nothing for them. Again, I know what I have in my life and I am very happy.
    Change of subject, isn't this weather great! Love it! And your photos are beautiful. I always enjoy reading about your life Jon and appreciate that you share your life with all of your devoted followers of your always enjoyable blog.

    You have a lot of friends Jon. Just last night I was thinking the only thing your missing (other than all those personal items that "got lost" during your move from Texas) was a new romantic interest in your life. And believe me Jon, that is in your future. Mark it down, it will happen.

    1. I've noticed that most critics have absolutely no sense of humor - and that includes one of my personal friends. Everything I write is true, and a lot of it is admittedly about me, but I often do it with with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. I try not to take myself too seriously.

      I always appreciate your input and support, Ron, it means a lot.

    2. Jon,
      Your blog postings are one of the most interesting if not the merchant steenbok post things I've read. I thoroughly enjoy your adventures Rutherton the wastelands of Texas are the wilds of western Tennessee. Beautiful Photos Jon.

  7. I miss one post and all hell breaks loose!!!! I say keep writing what flips your fancy tootes!!!! I enjoy hearing about you. Meanwhile, as much as I do enjoy winter, and hate to see it go, I'm am looking forward to spring now. It was almost 80 today!!!! I must say you caught some captivating pictures. Bravo!

    1. Every once in awhile somebody rubs me the wrong way (no sexual implications intended) and I toss the shit right back at them. But don't let that scare you - - I'm really a sweetheart most of the time. Honest.

      80 degrees?? Wow, it was only 70 here, but it was wonderful.

    2. I can tell your a sweetheart! Us birds of colorful past must stick together I say.

  8. Jon,

    Really lovely photos. I don't know what some may say, but I certainly don't find you boring. You are always interesting.


  9. What marvellous photos. A couple of them remind me of Atkinson Grimshaw, a painter we both like, I know.
    The doorknob snippet made me laugh! Just as well you live in such a remote house, that arrangement wouldnt work where I live!

    1. Yes, they do remind me of Grimshaw. I suppose the only creatures around here who would like to break into my house are the 'possums (one did get in a few months ago) - and maybe the coyotes.

  10. It struck me as funny that you've lived in that house for over a year without having a door key. Good thing you never absent-mindedly locked yourself out. (Betcha I would have!)

    Sorry to hear someone gave you a hard time, but good for you for giving it back. (I guess. I haven't read the exchange yet... but I will!)


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