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This one is hot!

I dislike political posts because I think they taint my blog. That's why I often (but not always) delete them. My purpose here is to (hopefully) entertain you with glimpses of my life - - not to push any political agendas on you. That's for the media to do.

I've said it before and will repeat it again: I've never voted in my entire life. Perhaps that makes me a hypocrite but I don't care. Politics do interest me, however, and sometimes I can't resist voicing my opinion.

The recent political "debate" - last Monday night between Hillary and Donald - was the most outrageously hyped media event of the year. The breathlessly maniacal buildup to it was nauseating. What will happen? Who will win??

First of all, the description "debate" is bogus. It wasn't a debate at all. It was a tawdry political Superbowl. A dog and pony show. There hasn't been a real presidential debate since Kennedy and Nixon. Or, perhaps, Lincoln-Douglas in 1858. 
Everything nowadays in the U.S. is cheap hokum.

And we already knew beforehand who would win the "debate" and we know who will win the presidency. Hillary. Here in American, the people never elect the president. The news media does it for them.  
The media is behind Hillary 100% and the zombie plebeians rely solely on the biased news reports to make their voting decisions.

Donald Trump?
I'll tell it like it is, even though the truth will infuriate many people. 
It's an old American bias that germinated in the 1960's during the rampant era of promoting rights for women and minorities. White men - and especially successful white men - were labeled as the evil root of every problem known to mankind.
They were demoted to the bottom of the totem pole - -despised and vilified. Especially in politics. And specifically if they were conservative.

It's happened to Donald Trump. He was considered a great guy - before he got into politics.
Now he's a greedy, shrewd, dishonest, loud-mouthed, moronic buffoon - - not to mention a racist and a bigot. According to the news media.

Let's get to the "debate".

 Lester Holt

The "moderator" Lester Holt wasn't biased at all, was he?
He interrupted Hillary Clinton seven (7) times. 
He interrupted Donald Trump and kept him from talking forty-one (41) times.
You be the judge.

In my humble opinion, Hillary talked incessantly for ninety minutes, with Trump hardly getting a word in edgewise. The supposed "time limits" for speaking seemed to be disregarded.

Trump was uncharacteristically reserved and polite (and presidential, I might add). Undoubtedly this was solely because if he did anything else he would have been crucified by the media and labeled a bully for picking on a poor defenseless woman.

  Hillary - who rested up for a month and memorized all the usual talking points -
appeared in her bright red power outfit and was plied with enough drugs to get her through the 90 minutes without coughing, falling, fainting, or having a bizarre seizure episode.

The "debate" was, in essence, a open forum for Hillary to trash Trump. She had no agenda, nothing new to offer or say. Her sole objective was to rip her opponent to shreds. And she looked very non-presidential while doing it.
She was shrill, shrewish, desperately aggressive, and typically unlikeable - - with a frozen, robotic smile that was much more alarming than it was winning. 

Trump remained annoyingly passive and irritatingly reserved. He had ample opportunities to cream Hillary (no sexual implications are intended) and used none of them. He merely sat there and let his over-wrought opponent rant and rage.

It's ironically amazing that Hillary could remember every detail of Donald Trump's career, but couldn't remember a thing at the Benghazi hearings or the FBI inquest concerning her vanished email.

I wrote that in bold type because it pisses the hell out of me. Selective memory, indeed.           

You want Trump to show us his tax returns, Babe?

Well, why don't you show us the 30,000 classified emails that you deleted on your basement server.

Or the smartphones that were smashed with a hammer.

Or the hard drives that you wiped clean with Bleach Bit.   

Here comes the X-rated part. Look out, I'm on a roll! 

You wanna bash Trump for calling Miss Universe Alicia Machado "Miss Piggy"?
Here's a Big Flash:

  Here's Alicia Machado before she was Miss Universe. And if you want to see her hard-core porno videos (and I mean hard core) you can find them online.

Did you know that in 1998 Alicia Machado drove the getaway car for her boyfriend after he MURDERED someone? And that she threatened to have the trial judge killed??

This babe is no shrinking violet. I think calling her Miss Piggy was kind.

Machado is now campaigning for Hillary.
Yup, you heard me right.

And Hillary has nerve enough to call Trump a chauvinist and abuser of women???

Hillary is the woman who hung onto her philandering husband's coat tails for dear life....and called the accusations  a "RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY".

She stood by her man while he flashed his uncontrollable willie in front of any woman who he thought would suck it.

She proudly stood by her man while he was getting blow jobs in the Oval Office of the White House by an intern thirty (30) years his junior.

 Hillary has no right to trash others until she takes a good look in the mirror. This lying fraud is not fit to be president, nor was her perverted husband.  

My work is done here.   


  1. Wow. Outdid yourself here, Jon. Every time we, rather I, think a ceiling has been set in your blog, you bust it like a pinata.
    You are a model for us all.

    1. You must be a speed reader. I posted this about a minute ago.

  2. Jon, you've posted what I consider the most cogent review of the debate so far. Ms. Clinton is an excellent debater, and that is what debates measure. As you imply, and demonstrate in your essay, more peripheral information will emerge about the characters of the candidates. We've a ways to go yet. Elections, like many therapies, are basically adversarial processes. I hope our country, yours and mine, responds well to this dynamic. Great post.

  3. I was honestly sickened by that faux debate ... trouble being, I fear more than a few voters were swayed.
    Perhaps I should quit wasting time hating Killary and begin checking out what's-his-name (running mate). At the rate she's going, she might not survive the Presidency and what's-his-name will be running the country.

  4. You know how I feel, now I know how YOU feel. Trump doesn't scare me as much as Hillary. He's stupid enough to say stupid things. She's wiley enough to hide herself behind that steady expression ALL night and she knows she's already the next president. That mission was decided a long time ago, with enough money to ensure it. She's been trained by the Obama regime to finish what he started. Try walking into a ghetto with an ALL LIVES MATTER sign and you will be killed. We're outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and none of us bother to stand together because we're all beaten down and politically correct.....except for a few of us who couldn't gather together and form more than a short chorus line.

  5. Lester Holt has been a registered Republican since 2003.

  6. How you describe Trump before politics is how I always saw Trump. I still plan to do a write in for RuPaul. And Lester Holt to me seems a little milk toast. I have missed your blog. I been so busy it is cutting into my blog time and I'm finding it annoying. Forgive me handsome.

  7. I've been a political wonk most of my life, and have voted in every election since I turned 21, but my opinion of this year's choice is so low, I didn't even watch the debate. My hubby had it on one of our TVs and listened to it through earphones, but I watched the football game. (Hey! The Falcons were playing!) I don't like or trust Hillary, but I loathe and despise Trump. And that isn't something new... I've always disliked him.

  8. This post didn't show up until today for some reason. I did not watch the debate for the reasons you mention. I did read somewhere that debates rarely influence voters so I have no idea why we bother with them. The election is a foregone conclusion.

    I'm having surgery on my other hip November 8 so have the perfect excuse not to go to the polls!


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