Friday, January 27, 2017


So, how has my life been going lately? 
It has been filled with unpleasant occurrences, multitudinous problems, annoying inconveniences, and ongoing ailments. And those are the positive aspects.

I've been in a foul mood for a long time and I'm ready to bite asses and strangle necks. Come to think of it, I sometimes bite asses even when I'm in a good mood.... 

Mostly, I'd like to hibernate until spring.

My trio of cats are doing well. The 'possums are still around, always looking for a handout. Mysterious animals are still residing under my house. At least I presume they are animals.

Snow is predicted on Sunday. Last night I made (homemade) potato soup and it is delicious. I plan to make more this weekend.

What's this about Warsaw?

This is one of my old piano tapes that I've recently transferred to MP3.

The Warsaw Concerto isn't technically a concerto at all. It was a score written by Richard Addinsell for the 1941 British film Dangerous Moonlight.
This composition is originally for piano and orchestra. I performed it with a college orchestra when I was in my early twenties.

I liked the Warsaw Concerto so much, that I wrote my own transcription of it for piano solo. I recently found my old musical manuscript and can still play it .

The music in my video was recorded in Los Angeles when I was 22 years old.

Here's a glimpse of the original solo piano arrangement that I wrote.
I have no doubt that you're overwhelmed (*smile*) 


 Here's the recording I made in L.A. when I was 22.
Apologies for the poor audio quality.



  1. Yeah, that sheet music is like me trying to read Japanizes. But I liked the concerto, rather haunting I feel and compliments your rather haunting, but beautiful opening picture. The hues are stunning.....

  2. Beautiful. Good for an old country girl to listen to something high class for a change.

  3. GOOD music, a LIBATION or two and a nice ASS to BITE makes for the perfect evening.

  4. Wonderful, Jon. This may well be my favorite.

    Homemade potato soup sounds like the caloric equivalent of being cuddled in a soft, warm blanket. :)