Monday, March 20, 2017


It has long been my tradition to attack the first day of spring with appropriate music and an interpretive dance alla Isadora Duncan.

Since I don't feel like dancing (I can hear your sighs of relief), I'll subject you to music.

Rustle of Spring by Christian Sinding seems an apt way to welcome the springtime season.  Sinding (1856 -1941) was a Norwegian composer. 
I would imagine that this composition depicts breezes rustling through treetops in restless breaths.
Who knows.....

This particular video is a shoddy rehearsal tape that I made in Texas when I was out of practice and way past my prime. 
Most of you have already seen this, but just be polite and pretend you haven't.

I should at least get kudos for successfully turning the pages....

If you don't like my music (which is a complete impossibility), you can marvel at the photos I took recently.

I took these pics from the back porch last Thursday, just after the sun came up. It was a frigid 14 degrees (Fahrenheit), very breezy, with a deep blue sky.

Actually, it's still too damn cold to be the first day of spring - - and I should probably be dancing simply to ward off a frostbite.

Warmer weather is predicted soon, but I won't hold my breath.

Keep cozy and enjoy the spring equinox.


  1. Yes, you should also be dancing! Dance, Baby, dance! :)

  2. Yeah, what Rita said. Dance, cowboy!

    Your piano-playing, as always, is delightful. I hope warm weather finds its way to you soon. It's in the seventies here today, and is supposed to go into the eighties tomorrow. Lots of warm pollen-filled air to go around. :)

  3. Beautiful, again! Drape yourself in see thru gauze and dance away through the cow fields. Just don't wear a long scarf while riding in a convertible!

  4. Listening (and enjoying!), perhaps I shouldn't feel so upset about Spring's arrival.
    It's all relative in the end, isn't it? Watching the races yesterday - and realizing the drivers were enduring 136-140 degrees inside the cars. Well, 95 doesn't seem all that awful!

  5. Spring= Vivaldi and Aaron Copeland....

  6. Again, stunning photos. And I put your piano clip on speakers so Norma could hear --she is, like I am, permanently impressed by your skill. However I'm surprised to hear Sindling was Norwegian --they have spring there? I thought they considered the sun a minor comet that circled the horizon.

  7. A video of you dancing would have been quite a surprise. But to welcome spring your musical treat was very nice indeed. And I could visualize those breezes you described 'rustling through treetops'. Your photographs are gorgeous.

  8. Jon,
    Spring passed me right on by this year! It's spring? Could have fooled me. Will be so glad when true spring is finally here.

  9. Jon,

    Trying to picture you dancing with a long, Isadora Duncan scarf about your neck flapping in the spring breeze.


  10. Come on Jon give us a sample of your dancing. My favorite is the first picture. We do have spring here and summer is right behind.


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