Saturday, March 4, 2017


Just a quick Saturday morning update, with photos that I took at sunrise yesterday.

The storms have passed, the sun appeared, and I finally drove to town on Thursday. Stocked up on supplies and talked to my cousin Nancy (who always seems to have as many problems as me - - we are definitely in sync). 

I was very reluctant to post my recent blog "effort" entitled The Sun Ain't Shinin' Today, because I thought it was stupid. I'm delighted that most of you thought it was funny. Sometimes an excavation is required to find my humor.

My previous post about Hattie McDaniel was intended for Oscar night, but I got sidetracked. So far, very few people have read it. Was that a subtle hint?? Naw, not a chance.

I've been having ENORMOUS trouble with Blogger lately. My pages won't load - especially when I try to edit posts. Sometimes it's impossible for me to leave replies to your comments (my replies simply disappear) - and things mysteriously vanish from my sidebar.
A pox on blogging.

These sunrise photos were taken on the back porch - facing east, towards the cow meadow. They're rather blurry because it was dark and I didn't use a flash.



  1. We had some crazy storms in Kentucky as well. It was intense but beautiful! I love that sunrise...

  2. The sunrise is just gorgeous. I always read your posts, I just don't comment a lot. I enjoyed learning more about Hattie, I never knew she was a singer.

  3. We’re having some beautiful weather here, but a little chilly. What a beautiful picture of the sunrise I never can get up early enough to see it, but here so many trees it's hard to see very much. Take care. Jean

  4. LOVE the flaming sunrise! Wow! Glad you made it to town.
    I've been having issues with blogs in general and Wordpress has voted me off the island. Soooo frustrating! Don't give up. I won't either, okay? ;)

  5. Hi, Jon,

    I finally caught up on your posts. My life gets a bit behind these days. I was entertained as usual by your prose. If I commented on what I read and all, then my comment would be longer than your typical post. I'll try to get back to keeping up going forward.


  6. Dawn is decidedly my favorite part of the day. (Well, except that time of year each Spring when my commute makes me feel I'm driving directly into the sun. OUCH!)

    Your photos look like the trees are about to be consumed by an angry fire. Stirring!

  7. Beautiful photos. What you call "blurry", I call appropriately soft resolution. I too have had some problems with Blogger, Jon. Some comments have arrived well after their time-stamp. Most recently, a comment from Robyn Engel was sent to "Earnest Squirrel" (at Invalid's Workshop) 2/22 and didn't show up here until 3/2. Robyn's only 60 or so miles away in Chico. Blogger messages used to travel faster than you could carry them on foot. I remember.

  8. Your sunrise picture seems to be aflame. Very outstanding.

  9. there is something about a sunrise or sunset that is so special. These photos of yours could be made into paintings, watercolors, acrylics or oil. just lovely. nature on fire.

  10. As always, lovely sunrise photos from the Tennessee hilltop where you live in splendid isolation (except for your cousin). I'm still way behind on reading your blog posts, as I am my other favorite bloggers. Have a wonderful new day Jon!

  11. I love sun rises and sets, but love the sunset more, because it means my favorite time of day is coming...night!


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