Monday, May 29, 2017


I wrote a dynamic Memorial Day post that would have blown you out of your seats. Unfortunately, it would have also extracted all of the hateful trolls from their hiding places.

So, I put my literary masterpiece on a back shelf and will save it for another time.
I'm not a coward. I'm simply not in the mood to go through any unnecessary crap. So much for free speech.

I have no doubt that the courageous members of the armed forces who gave their lives for our freedom would be appalled to see how far our country has disintegrated and how quickly our values are eroding.

I think they would share my fury and absolute disgust at all of the intense hate and division.

There is no doubt that - considering past experience - I am a lone voice in the wilderness here in Blogland.
Despite that fact, today I'm emerging from the political closet and announcing that:

I am proud of our country and fully support our President.

Take it or leave it. 

And have a pleasant Memorial Day.