Thursday, June 1, 2017


 Stormy Weather

I haven't had a migraine in several months and thought I was doing really well.

This afternoon I made two HUGE egg burritos and ate them very quickly (usually I'm an incredibly slow eater, but I was starving).
Almost immediately after finishing, I got one of the worst aural migraines I ever had. I lost half of my vision and went into a semi-Panic Attack mode.

Just another day in the life of......

Wonder if I have an egg allergy. I eat eggs fairly often but never had this happen. Too many at once, maybe?

It's still raining. And raining and raining....every day. Kinda gets depressing after awhile. I've completely given up the idea of trying to do anything outside. The weeds are nearly as tall as the house - and, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

You caught me in a foul mood. There's nothing more unbecoming than a persistent blogger who has absolutely nothing interesting to say - but when I blog I'm mostly just talking to myself. You're the eavesdroppers.

I'm still having intense back problems but I've learned to live with it and deal with it. I've dealt with worse things....

What about the garage? (I'm referring to my previous post). Yes, I truly did have about three hundred boxes. I kept 40 or 50 of the very best ones (disassembled them and tied them in a bundle). And I used some of the largest and sturdiest to put under some items stored in the garage.
The rest, I tore to shreds.
Here's the makeshift trash "can" I used.
I filled it about ten times.

Some of you asked if now I'll have room to put the car in the garage.
Well......the garage is still full of things that I have no room for - but I've stacked them (neatly?) along the sides of the walls.
With prayers and some strategic maneuvers, I just might be able to get the car in. At least by winter.

I'm dealing with back pain, migraines, three annoying cats (but I luv 'em), wild animals trying to infiltrate the house, hordes of insects, tick bites (and yes, I have allergic reactions to tick bites - I still have one on my ankle).
I'm coping with mile-high weeds and incessant rain, and other problems that I won't even mention or you'll start feeling sorry for me....

I'm also writing two books....and....

Drum Roll inserted here

I am in the process of (take a deep breath).....opening an online store. I won't reveal details because it will take a few more weeks (at least). It's a helluva lot more trouble than I initially thought.

Here are a few more grim photos to delight you.

Right outside one of my windows. I never walk in the woods during the summer months - - too many bugs and creepy things.

The rain this afternoon - - a view from the back porch.

Rain and some hail

The sun, trying to peek out of the clouds


  1. Thanks for stopping by while I was away...I enjoyed your comment. That picture with the rain and hail is quite the look of it....captured it perfect, feel like I was there. We are back to high 70's, nice breezes and sun....finally. Maybe you should move here. We can take Bucks by storm!!!!! I have no advice on the egg headache. I have never heard of that. but I hope what ails you will pass soon.

    1. There are many times when I miss being by the ocean - - so relaxing and rejuvenating. It's been in the 70's here, too, but mostly cloudy all the time. My perpetual tan is fading...

    2. You know, I just remembered.... I have a friend who is into nature remedies.... her trick would be to take a wash cloth, wet it, fold over two times, and then freeze it. Once frozen, she would lie down and place the cloth on her forehead and napped. Her headache or migraine would be gone when she awoke. I have tried it for regular headache and it worked for me.

    3. I am definitely enthusiastic about natural remedies. This one is easy - I'll give it a try. Thanks!

  2. Does strong coffee help your migraines? I drink strong coffee with chocolate in it when I get a bad headache, but mine are not migraines. I hope yours goes away quickly.
    I'm excited to see your store and what you might have in it!

    1. I think coffee used to help my Mom's headaches (she used to get migraines, too). I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I'll have to try it. I drink lots of tea.
      The store idea only came to me a few weeks ago. I like to do creative designs so I thought I'd give it a try.
      I'll tell much more about it later...

  3. That last image is great! Methinks I see an old woman in profile beckoning for ... (? fill in the blank?).
    I don't blame you for wanting to avoid the rest of the greenery. As we speak, I'm squirming, trying not to itch!

    Can't wait to learn more about your on-line shop. Etsy? YAY, Jon!

    1. Yea, I can see an old woman in the clouds. I think she's shaking her fist at me (maybe it's a girlfriend from another life??).

      Sometimes rural life is just too damn much of a good thing.....(*smile*).

      It's gonna be a Zazzle store. I know there are a million of them, but I'm anxious to give it a try.

  4. Wonderful photos, Jon! Such tremendous doings in the sky are usually accompanied by barometric extremes. That's what triggers migraines in me. Main difference is, I'm never hungry before a migraine but we're all different. I just mention it as a possibility. For me, espresso, aspirins, bed and a hot compress to forehead are the best remedies. Hope you're feeling better.

    1. The barometric pressure does definitely have an effect. It always bothered my Mom - who was plagued with migraines. I'll have to buy some coffee on my next adventure in town. I usually drink tea.

      Many of my migraines come right after I eat. Several times they happened when I took a hot bath. Strange....
      Stress is also a culprit. I am CONSTANTLY stressed.

  5. I'm toying with the idea of an online store too. i took pictures and wrote descriptions. let us know how yours goes. i really feel bad you are dealing with so many things at once, particularly all that pain in your back and the migraines. please take care of yourself. i'm selfishly motivated who else would entertain us here in blogland if something happens to you?

    1. If I ever revealed ALL the problems I have, it could fill half a dozen blogs. I try to restrain myself from complaining too much. I never realized how complicated living in the wilderness could be.

      It's going to be a Zazzle store - because it doesn't cost anything to open one. Filling it with interesting items is the biggest problem - but I'm excited because I enjoy being creative. You're creative, too, so I think you might enjoy it.

      At this point in my life, I figure anything is worth a try.

  6. If coffee helped your mom it might help you, too. I think if you were allergic to eggs you would have had a reaction long ago. Best of luck with your online store. We'll want to hear all about it. I really, really hope you can park in the garage come winter!! :) :)

    1. I've known numerous people who used strong coffee to combat headaches - it's certainly worth a try. And I'm sure you're right about egg allergies. I would indeed have had a reaction long ago.

      Migraines are extremely strange - - you can never really pinpoint what triggers them. One time I ate chocolate graham crackers and got a migraine attack. Other times it happened after having a hot bath. I honestly think stress has a lot to do with it.

  7. Happy Pride Month, Jon.

    Rain or shine, you have a way with a camera.I developed food allergies in my forties. Lobster was the first (nothing like choking in a restaurant), but it was certain nitrates that was the real problem.

    What are you going to sell?? It sounds like work/fun.

    1. I use an ancient Kodak CD40 Easy Share camera but I really like it. The lobster incident sounds really scary. I've always wondered if food allergies can develop at a late age....and you've (unfortunately) proven that it's true.

      I'm using my limited "creativity" to open a Zazzle store - just for the hell of it - which sells art, posters, household and office items, some clothing, etc.
      If I ever get the hang of making the graphics, it should be fun. I hope.

  8. recently learned from a tv rerun " eating eggs while on depression meds can mess with chemicals in the brain. it was the EMERGENCY program so it was kinda sorta like a psa.

    1. Even though I'm not allergic to eggs, I strongly suspect that they were the cause of the migraine.
      I usually only eat about two eggs at a time. On this occasion I went "nuts" and used five (my intuition told me not to do it....).

  9. I think it's possible to develop new allergies at just about any age, but with headaches, it isn't always easy to pinpoint the trigger. Could be the eggs. Could be something else. (Very helpful, eh?) I hope drinking coffee helps you.

    Some ticks can cause allergies, too. The lone star tick (like the rat bastard that bit me in TN last week) can cause a deadly allergy to red meats and meat byproducts. As if getting bitten isn't bad enough. (Talk about ITCH...!)

  10. It's extremely tricky to pinpoint what triggers migraines. I'm almost positive the eggs had something to do with it.

    I'm glad you mentioned the ITCH! I've had tick bites that have itched for months (no lie). I got this most recent bite a month ago and it still itches like hell.

  11. zazzle is cool
    I've used it
    to make magnets
    postcards & note cards
    with my photos

  12. I've been in a bad mood for sixty years. You won't be able to outdo me until I'm dead. I always felt the auras were 100% worse than the migraines and they always came at THE worse possible time. Once I was in line at the grocery and it came time to write a check. I'll never know what line I wrote on. Another time, I was on a date and my date thought I was drunk. ANOTHER time was just as I was pulling into dad's driveway and I drove right into his garage.....and NOT through the door.

  13. Late to comment here Jon. Three things I've never had in my life, a migraine headache, sinusitis and an ear ache. Have had kidney stones which beat them all. My brother had migraines and seeing how he suffers I greatly sympathize with you. Boxes! Oh I still have so many from my last move (ten years ago) that I still haven't opened, I'm ashamed to admit. Your sylvan home is indeed beautiful and serene Jon. So much better than that desolate west Texas landscape where you used to live. Always love seeing your photos.


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