Tuesday, July 11, 2017


 Early morning fog today, perhaps as murky as my mind....

Let's preface this by saying that it's been rainy and cloudy for the past four months. At least.
So, yesterday I decided to drive to town. Miraculously the clouds cleared, the sun appeared, and it was 150 humid degrees. About 850 degrees in the car (very slight exaggerations). 
The air conditioner doesn't work properly, so I've learned to live without it. 

As I was driving home on the narrow, perilous mountain road, a big truck emerged from nowhere and cut right in front of me. The truck was loaded with what appeared to be firewood.
Firewood? In July??
The driver was going about 8 miles an hour and swerving all over the road. The wood was spilling out everywhere.

In complete exasperation, I was forced to pull over and sit - drenched in sweat and fuming with fury. There's no way I wanted to be trapped in back of that Bozo on the 6,000 mile journey home (slight exaggeration). 

By the time I finally got home I was dehydrated to the point of death, all the frozen food I bought was thawed,
drum roll inserted here for dramatic effect 
I remembered that I forgot to buy soap, dishwashing liquid, and trash bags. 

I'm completely out of trash bags and I desperately need soap.

Why didn't you bring a grocery list with you, Jon?

 I wrote a detailed grocery list, Kemo Sabe. But I accidentally left it at home.
Are you getting old and forgetful?

No. It's not old age. All the joys of rural living have begun to erode my mind - and are systematically unhinging it.
My cat Scruffy was so sick last week that I truly thought she was dying. I put on my Florence Nightingale garb and nursed her - with vitamins, vaporizers, and TLC.
She finally has an appetite again, is no longer lethargic, and is purring a lot.
Mission accomplished.
I hope.

After I (reluctantly) submitted to a Java update everything on my blog sidebar has gone haywire. The clock and the moon phases vanished and only appear sporadically. The live traffic feed is inept.

I've heard from reliable sources that Java and Firefox don't get along - which might be part of the problem.

Speaking of the sidebar, you might have noticed that I have a link to the 1992 movie Swoon (an independent film directed by Tom Kalin). I think it's absolutely brilliant
it's definitely not for everyone. People might find it offensive and confusing. Homosexuality and cold blooded murder - not exactly endearing subjects.

Let me explain:
Swoon is a deliciously dark spoof (for lack of a better word) on the true 1924 murder case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb - two gay and wealthy (not to mention diabolical) Chicago teens who murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks just for the fun of it.

If you've never heard of this infamous case, it's worth a Google.
If you like daringly different films, you might like Swoon.



  1. I am SO glad that Scruffy is feeling better (hope hope). I might try the movie later since I do watch a wide variety. It might be a while because I promised myself that my next extended time spent online will be blogging--LOL!

    Oh, and it was a great idea to pull off the road and get away from the crazy truck driver! Sorry you forgot your shopping list. What a bummer. Give Scruffy a cuddle from me. :)

    1. I'll definitely give Scruffy some hugs (she has earned them). I'm way behind in reading blogs, but I did see that Annie was brought to your house. Please keep us updated on how things are going with her. Hopefully she will get used to her new environment. It takes awhile.

  2. Seems I always have disjointed thoughts, and I too , without fail, always forget something on my list even when I take it to the market. I'm not old, yeah, and I'll just blame the gin. Glad to hear your cat is much better, it must have been your strokes. Weather wise it has been downright beautiful here, so I won't complain.

    1. I was born with disjointed thoughts and I'm trying to convince myself that they're part of my charm.
      I always make lists before I go shopping, but I inevitably lose them (or forget about them).

  3. Good afternoon Jon.....was so happy to hear that Scruffy is doing so much better and has her taste back for food!!! I'm sure all the love and care that you gave to her....did the trick!!!

    Jon, you always have such interesting travels into town and it (while not really funny) always makes me laugh out the way you tell of it!!!

    Not that this is a good thing, but happy to hear that somebody else has trouble with Firefox and Java. I really like Firefox and have been using it for several years. I'm not sure with Java....here lately every time there is an update....something always changes with my computer. I then have to get my grandson to go in and fix it. Drives me crazy and doesn't help with my overall quality of life!!!

    Take care and try and keep cool!!!

    Carpe Diem,
    Roy From Texas

    1. Roy, I always have LOTS of unpleasant adventures on my way to and from town - but I don't always write about them because I think they might be boring. Glad to know that you enjoy them!

      I really love Firefox, too, but I don't appreciate their occasional updates, and I don't like the fact that Firefox and Java clash.
      Anyway, take it easy - and keep out of that TX sun!

  4. Nothing worse than a sick pet. I'm glad Scruffy is better. Disjointed (???), I have been told I'm much like a gay Edith Bunker. I have a stack of grocery lists. All on the dining table.

  5. A gay Edith Bunker is a hilarious notion - the only thing more alarming would be a gay Archie Bunker.

    I am notoriously known for writing detailed grocery lists and leaving them at home, or losing them. And by the time I make the perilous journey into town I can't remember what I'm there for.

  6. Forgetting the grocery list is a guy thing --genetic-- but it's not age. Your photo of fog is beautiful. I love fog and, when I take off my reading glasses, there's twice as much of it --now THAT'S age.

    1. Your right about the guy thing - I've been forgetting grocery lists since I was about 18. I've always loved fog, and the morning "mists" here are frequent all year long.

  7. Jon,
    Oh I know those twisty mountain roads. The few times I visited my father's birthplace in the Pisgah mountains of western North Carolina which borders eastern Tennessee, we also had some of those hairy experiences. One time I remember vividly we were driving in a blinding rainstorm. It's a wonder we didn't fall off the mountain into one of those sheer wooded valleys.
    I occasionally have problems with my sidebar. My sitemeter stopped working a few years ago. I just gave up on it. Can't be bothered. I play Scrabble on Facebook. Some of the functions I pay for don't work (Teacher) because they say my "system is out of date" (it isn't). Frustrating but I just don't pay attention to these problems any more. I have more important things to worry about.
    I hope Scruffy is on her way back to good health. I know you care a lot about your cats.

    1. These endlessly twisting TN mountain roads never fail to enthrall...and annoy...me.

      I've been having problems with Blogger, Java, and Firefox lately. There are times when I ALMOST wish we could go back to the good ol' computerless days.

    2. Jon,
      Going back to the "good ol' computer less days" is tempting. Just this weekend I wasted many hours just trying to get Bill's HP laptop to connect to our house wifi. I hate Windows based computers. But if we didn't have computers I would not have made the several good friends that I have made through the Internet like you.
      Have a great day!

  8. I'll bet many of those oversize truck drivers have a Napoleon complex. Whatever happened to Southern Hospitality? (But I'm glad you turned the other cheek, so to speak!)

    I'm delighted to hear Scruffy's better!

    1. I have a strong feeling that this particular driver was hitting the moonshine. He was really swerving all over the road.
      I'm glad that Scruffy is doing better, too. I sometimes think the intense dampness here is killing us all.

      Perhaps the desert heat wasn't so bad after all.....?

  9. Hi Jon:

    I tried to leave you a comment last night, but was informed that the comment section was closed. Anyway, I left the comment for you on my own blog, and I am so very happy that Scruffy is feeling much better! Please be careful out there on the road! I'm glad you made it to the store and back alive :-)

    1. I'm so sorry about the comment thing - I had changed my comments settings temporarily and then completely forgot about it. I haven't checked your blog yet but I will. Thanks!

  10. I'm glad scruffy is feeling better. Why don't you try one of those battery powered fans from Walmart. i clipped mine on at the vent and was able to keep my cool. at least for a little while.

    1. I never thought about a battery powered fan for the car, but it's a good idea.

      Fortunately the summers don't last very long here in TN. We only get a few really hot days. The hottest days always seem to occur when I'm driving to town.

  11. Morning Jon: Suggestion for you. Make your list and then immediately afterwards, drape car keys across list, so you will pick up both together when leaving. I also do this with my mobile phone and car keys. Maggie

    1. That's a food idea, Maggie. I'll try it next time.
      Now let's hope that I don't lose the car keys......


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