Monday, July 3, 2017



I thoroughly enjoyed my brief hiatus and was admittedly delighted to be blog-free. The feeling of emancipation was so invigorating that it has inspired me to consider dumping this blog permanently.

My sole reason for hanging around blogland is because I have a genuine affection for those few people who still like me. I can count them on the fingers of one hand. And maybe some toes.

Another reason I hang around here is because it irritates the miserable little boogers who loathe me but still regularly visit my blog.
I know they're there. I can hear them breathing......and growling with subconscious envy.....

Just ignore my sarcasm. Underneath all the vile layers, I'm a sweetheart.

So, what did I do on my recent hiatus?
Well, I didn't go too far - - but I went far enough. Maybe I went all the way.
Try to read between the lines and ponder.

It's July? Already??
It sure doesn't feel like July. In West Texas it would be sunny and blazing hot. Same thing in Southern California.

Here in the forests and crevices of rural Tennessee it's surprisingly cool. This morning in the pre-dawn mists it almost felt like autumn.
Humidity, rain, dampness...
The sun is predicted to make an appearance later today and tomorrow. I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

So - what are my plans for Independence Day? Nothing much. No parades. No barbecues or picnics. No fireworks. I'll probably make hot dogs and pretend they're steaks.
And if I'm feeling patriotic, I just might read the Declaration of Independence to my three cats.

 The little butterball on the sofa is Scruffy

Scruffy has been sick for weeks. I first suspected severe asthma. Now I'm thinking it's a respiratory infection. I actually know quite a lot about sick cats. I got a crash course in cat care in Texas when I unwittingly inherited twenty cats  that my neighbor abandoned when she moved. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my entire life (and, believe me, I've had plenty).

As for Scruffy - I'm presently giving her vaporizers, L-Lysine supplements, and TLC. She had an appetite this morning, which is encouraging.

 Scruffy this morning

As for me - it's all negatives. I'm in my brooding Heathcliff mood. I feel lethargic, wasted, depressed. As if I'm moving in SloMo.....or treading quicksand.

What about my Zazzle store?
It hasn't opened yet. I've designed nearly 300 items so far. No lie. 291 to be exact. But I want to design more. I have lots of ideas. I need more categories, more collections. If nothing else, I'm having fun. More about this later.

So, what's happened to Part Three of my infamous interview?
I removed it from my blog. At least temporarily. There are times when I feel that I reveal too much to unsuspecting  strangers.

Have a super Independence Day.
America will celebrate her 241st birthday tomorrow (if my calculations are correct).
Anyway, this country is one of the few things left that's older than myself. *sigh*

I took that header photo in Texas.



  1. Hope you wake up with a better mood for Independence Day tomorrow. Nothing exciting to go on here either. At least you can enjoy cooler weather, its like an oven here just to open the front door.

    1. I'll try to send some rain and cool weather your way. Have a wonderful holiday, Paula!

  2. I can commiserate with you on lousy weather. We are having a "normal" Alaskan summer consisting of almost constant cloud cover and lots of rain. We've been spoiled over the past few years by sunshine. I am hoping for a downpour tomorrow to keep fire danger to a minimum while the locals set off their fireworks. That reminds me - I need to locate the dog's sedatives. Poor thing hates loud noises and the fireworks will go on for hours.
    Hope Scruffy feels better soon. Do you think antibiotics would help? Is there a vet in town you could take her to?
    You've said that writing is a catharsis for you so I hope you won't abandon us.

    1. Ironically, I'm always glad when it rains on Independence Day, too, because of the great risk of fire danger. I honestly think fireworks should be banned (a sure sign that I'm getting old).
      There is a vet here in town, and I've taken Bosco and Scruffy there on previous occasions. If Scruff gets worse, I'll take her for a checkup. Fortunately she seemed a lot better yesterday.

  3. Jon, I missed you!!!
    Scruffy looks mighty small and sad, nestled among those pillows and comforter. Sweet baby.

    Yes, I'm eager to see your Zazzle store; but more encouraged that you're having fun! That's a figure of speech one doesn't often hear associated with (otherwise sober) adults.

    1. I knew I could count on you to miss me! I really am having fun designing things for Zazzle. It quenches my creative instincts. Heck, I can't remember having fun since Eisenhower was President and Popeye was on TV. (oh hell, I'm not that old......)

  4. Welcome back! I would think 291 items/designs is enough to open the store with. You can always add stuff week on week as you go along. I'm not sure what you were eluding to, concerning your absence but I could hazard a guess. I hope you had fun nevertheless. MaggieB

    1. I mostly just took a break from blogging, but I also went on a short trip to another part of Tennessee.
      Yes, 300 items is definitely enough to open my store with. I just need to add a few more "catagories" and variety of items.

  5. I like your plans for the 4th, Jon. However, reading the Declaration of Independence to cats is preaching to the choir --not that they won't enjoy it. Cats probably inspired the declaration in the 1st place. One of our favorite cats over the years here was named Independence --youngest son called him that-- and I thought it generally appropriate for the whole species. Looking forward to Zazzle project and hope Scruffy --also a good cat name-- feels better soon. Mainly wanted to say I'm delighted to see your post.

    1. The older I get, the fewer plans I have, Geo. Staying alive and sane is enough of a challenge.
      Actually, when I named my cat Scruffy I thought she was a male. It wasn't until I came to Tennessee that my cousin Nancy said "your cat's not a he, it's a she!"

      Heck, what do I know?

  6. poor scruffy. hope she feels better soon. your zazzle store sounds like fun but alot of work. your holiday agenda sounds a bit like mine. Have a HAPPY 4th.

    1. I had Bosco and Scruffy ever since they were first born and they were both very sick kittens. Every now and then their respiratory problems flare up. Scruffy seemed to be much better yesterday. If she doesn't improve completely I'll take her to the vet (if I can afford it!!).
      Have a pleasant 4th!

  7. Welcome back, Jon ... good to see you again. Digital detox is a good thing, but having you back is also a good thing. I hope Scruffy feels better. My little fox terrier has no energy with this horrid heatwave we've had for two straight weeks. I'll take your cooler weather and gladly accept some of your rain.

    Have a pleasant 4th ... hot dogs sound perfectly suited :) I like the header picture !

    1. Hey, I like the term "digital detox" - I've never heard it before.
      I've never lived in a place where it's actually cool in the summer - so this is a real treat for me (although it is humid...)

      That little fake dog in the header photo was cute. He had 12 outfits - one for every month of the year. Unfortunately, he's one of the many things that the movers lost when I came to TN.

  8. Hi and welcome back Jon!!! Was so happy when I opened my e-mail this morning and saw that you were back!!! It is good to hear from you again, something I always look forward to!!! So sorry to hear that Scruffy is under the weather and I hope she will get better soon. I luv all of the photos that you post of them.

    Sounds like your new adventure is something that you really do enjoy and am looking forward to when it is up and running.

    Down here in the lower part of the great state of TX (depending on who you ask) in the Rio Grande has been hot, HOT and Hotter. Last week in Donna, where I live we had 105 and on my covered patio the temp gauge hit 117!!! I know it was much hotter in other parts of the country....but I live here and boo hoo for me!! All I can say is , "thank goodness for air conditioning"!!! I had to have a new unit put in my tiny home or would not have survived!!! We haven't seen rain in I don't know everything is getting really dried out. I almost forgot what color the grass should be....well only have to make it thru, July, August, September (the worst month!!!

    Thanks for all of the lovely photos you post of the property and trees and sun rises and sets over your way!!! Some are just breath taking!!!

    I hope Jon, that the break you took will get you into the Blogging again!!! I know it is easy for me to say, as I don't blog, but it would not be the same without you!!! I mean that fro the bottom of my heart!!! Don't give a hoot about what others think, as it is your Blog and not theirs. If they really have so much distaste, then they should not keep coming back!!! I say, keep on posting and don't let them win!!!

    Those who love you and care for you, we will keep coming back!!!

    Hope you a a good July 4th Holiday and be well and take care Jon!!!

    From Roy in Texas

    Your venture in

    1. Wow, Roy - your comment really made my day (and that's not easy to do). I'm always delighted when I'm appreciated for being the "real me". I know that I sometimes say offensive things, but deep down inside I'm a real sweetheart (*smile*).

      I can really sympathize with you for having to endure the intense heat in Texas.
      I lived several years in San Angelo and that place was hotter than Hades. And the humidity was incredibly low. The humidity would sometimes drop to "below zero", which I'd never heard of before. The meteorologist would say "the humidity is minus five" - - wow!!!

      It's damp and humid here in TN and it rains nearly every day (no lie). I'd like to send some of that rain to you in TX.

      Anyway, I'm really delighted to know that you enjoy my blog and photos.
      Take it easy and keep cool (easier said than done). Hugggggs!

  9. I like your Scruff
    layin' on pony throw
    next to horse shoes
    for luck
    get well soon
    you cute lil butterball!

    1. That "pony throw" used to belong to my parents. It was on the sofa in their home in Odessa. I'm worried about Scruffy, but she seems to be improving slightly. If worse comes to worse, I'll take her to the vet (thank goodness, there is one in this town).

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