Saturday, August 5, 2017


The fastest way to find out who your real Blogger friends are is to mention something controversial on your blog.

Your real friends - even if they disagree with what you said - will politely tolerate it and move on

The fickle, narrow-minded, easily offended haters will blow up like a can of Coke in a hot car and completely freak out.

An Aside:
I've actually had a can of Coke blow up in my car on a broiling summer day when I lived in Texas. I speak from experience. It took weeks to get the sticky mess cleaned up, and years later stickiness still lingers.

I seem to attract hate mongers like a lightning rod. Which is rather unusual for a quiet, unobtrusive, harmless pacifist like myself.
Not to mention charming, endearing, and interesting. 

I just threw that in for fuel on the fire.

A flurry of furious people despised my recent post about transgenders (entitled He She Me We Thee). I didn't delete it. I simply temporarily removed it. 
It will return....

My post inspired two other bloggers to write condescending posts about me on their own blogs - - accentuating how hateful I am.

So what's my reaction?

Finally! They've written something interesting. Congratulations!

One thing for certain:
the haters and the easily offended have absolutely no sense of humor. 

When they see a photo of an unattractive guy in drag (like the photo on my previous post), they don't think it's funny.
They think that I'm a hater and a homophobe. And a Republican.
Holy shit - what could be worse?

When I previously mentioned that I didn't think transgenders should serve in the military, I gave a benign tongue-in-cheek example. I said:

"If you were on a secret mission in a submarine off the coast of North Korea, would you really want Bruce Jenner on board?"

I thought it was funny.

They thought it was outrageous.

Heck, I have nothing against Bruce Jenner. I like the guy. I mean, girl.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with him. I mean her. Heck, so what if he had his penis removed and now wears dresses?
I'd be proud to serve with him.
On a submarine, of course.

Despite all of this insane negativity, I fully plan to continue blogging - - and I think this most recent "incident" has actually encouraged me to say what I really think more often. In the past I've been far too polite and congenial.

If you can't handle opinions other than your own, you'd be better off not reading blogs. Or books. Or periodicals. Or watching movies. Or TV shows.

And - just for the record - many of the haters never really leave. I've noticed that several of them continue to silently lurk around (eagerly waiting for another reason to pounce on me).

It's empowering to think I hold that kind of magnetism.

I'm being deliberately facetious.
It makes me smile. 

I'll resume my "regular" blogging soon. I'm certain that one or two of you might continue to visit me.
Well, almost certain...........