Wednesday, August 30, 2017


 Sunset last evening

I despise the term "hump day", which is an American vulgarism for Wednesday: mid-week, finally getting past the "hump", only two days left until the weekend. Hump Day, to me, has unappealing sexual connotations.

But, of course, I have a dirty mind. Not to mention a strong aversion to unnecessary euphemisms. 

I wrote a humorous post concerning the endless media coverage of Hurricane Harvey, but decided to scrap it when I realized that Harvey is no laughing matter. Thousands of people are suffering.

See, I have a heart - despite what my miserable critics think.

My cousin Nancy (who lives here in Tennessee) used to live in Homestead, Florida. She was there in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew wiped out the entire city. Nancy and her family lost everything and went through months of absolute hell. She could easily write a book about her experiences.

The wrath of Hurricane Harvey has finally subsided, but the aftermath will linger for years.
The hurricane hasn't affected Tennessee, but we are getting rain from the tropical storm for the next few days.
I had planned to drive to town but decided to wait until after the upcoming holiday weekend (that's Labor Day, for those of you in Guam). 

I've been in a bad mood lately - depressed, dejected, foul. Many things have been going wrong - - which I won't bother to get into. It would take too long.

I thought I'd concentrate on positive things - like finally opening my online Zazzle store, which I've been talking about for months.

I managed to design over 800 products (no kidding) and everything was going perfectly. Until I accessed my Zazzle account this morning.

Imagine my SHOCK when I discovered that ALL 800 (plus) of my products have disappeared - - completely vanished from my account!!!!!!!!

After I regained consciousness and was able to move again, I went to the Zazzle Forum and discovered that numerous other people with Zazzle stores are having the same problem.

Will the "problem" be fixed? Who the hell knows - - but if it's not fixed, I'm done with Zazzle. There's always Cafe Press..... 

For any movie fans out there, I'll probably be doing another silent film post soon. Or fairly soon.

For your viewing pleasure, a few uninteresting photos:

 Morning fog in back yard

Goldenrods, they're everywhere

Scruffy - she's everywhere, too, now that she's feeling better. I generally don't want my cats on the refrigerator, but she only stayed there for a minute.

BTW, Scruffy is not demonic. Her eyes are glowing from the camera flash.

 Here's my front door! I knew this would excite and impress you.

Why the door? I went out on the front porch this morning to take a few pictures, and I said "Well, why not photograph the door?"
That's kind of an odd door to have on a shack way out in the wilderness, but I  like it. Almost.


  1. i love your door, scruffy, goldenrod and fog. Sorry to hear about your zazzle store missing products. maybe they'll magically reappear. the hurricane is devastating indeed for all those who were in harvey's path.

    1. I always love the morning fog. It never lasts long - only a few hours. At first I hated that front door. I thought it was really out of place, but now I've grown fond of it. Sort of.

  2. ... Why NOT show us your front door? (The better to see me with? *smile*)
    Just this morning I was wondering about your Zazzle shop. Hopefully, (their) resident gremlins are hard at work restoring everyone's inventories.

    I didn't expect to feel so affected by Hurricane Harvey. The animals (v. humans) get me every stinkin' time. The media - as usual - are heartless and inane.

    PS - (IMHO) I wish Blogger afforded us the opportunity italicize; I hate having to try and convey emotion using all caps.

    1. Well, the one good thing about the front door is that you can look out but can't look in. The glass is one-way.

      I've just checked the Zazzle Forum and they are getting many more complaints about disappearing products. So perhaps the problem will be fixed (as an avowed pessimist, I have no faith). I will check my account later today. I'm presently not in the mood for any more bad news.
      Will keep everyone updated.

  3. I like your door. Do you ever have company to see it? Hope the little pesky things that are bothering you will disappear soon.

    1. I didn't like the door at first, but I'm getting used to it. I've only had about half a dozen visitors here (not counting my cousin and the mailman..).
      Unfortunately, those pesky problems never seem to go away.....

  4. So sorry you and others had trouble with Zazzle. They do owe providers and members some degree of reliability. Love the photos. Try mssaging either side of Scruffy's neck --I have found that acts as a headlight dimmer-switch-- keeps cats' batteries from losing charge. Also like the sunburst window pattern on your front door. Have carved variations of it into our woodwork and our front gate --a favorite here.

    1. The latest news with Zazzle is that a LOT of people are having the same problem as me - so hopefully it will be fixed. One woman complained that she lost all 3,000 of her products! I only had about 850.

      I'll have to try the massage ploy on Scruffy. She is the most enthusiastically PURRING cat that I ever saw. She purrs constantly. At least I have one happy cat!

  5. Terrifying to have to deal with hurricanes. When i gripe about england's dull weather I remember to be grateful too. To have all your products deleted is heartbreaking. I guess they will be restored eventually but looking for a different site is a good idea.

    1. Zazzle is presently being overwhelmed with people who had the same problem as me, so hopefully they will find a solution soon. I am very cautiously optimistic.

      I never realized how glorious the weather is in California until I moved away and experienced tornadoes, blizzards, ice storms, and floods. Dull weather isn't a bad thing.....

  6. Zazzle--how totally frustrating!!! All that work! I'd be really bummed.
    Annie's eyes turn out like that, too, when I take pictures at night...sometimes even without a flash she glows back at you in a photo.
    Good luck with your shopping trip. Looking forward to more silent film era info and pics. And I'm glad you didn't make jokes about Harvey. :) :)

  7. I'm very hesitant to access my Zazzle account again, because if all my products are still missing I'm going to blow up like Vesuvius.

    It's weird how cat's eyes often glow on photos - even if there isn't a flash. I'm looking forward to doing more silent film posts.

    Hugs to Annie!

  8. Jon,
    I always love seeing your photos of where you live including your front door. I guess that's just the Nosey Neighbor gene in me. Zazzle store? I have to check and see what that is. First time I've heard of it. But I do know how frustrating it is to write something on the Internet then lose it all. I rarely do reviews but I did an extensive one on Amazon for a service I bought (video transfer to digital) and LOST IT ALL! I don't know what happened but "I'll never have that recipe again." You know what I mean, I lost the spontaneous brilliance of my original review. Have no idea. I did it over again but it wasn't the same (of course). Now to find out what Zazzle is.


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