Saturday, September 23, 2017


According to the "experts" today is Doomsday. Whatever that means. I'm assuming it means the apocalypse, the end of humanity, the Big Kaput (I just made that one up).

And I'm wondering:
What should I wear?
Should I exchange my cowboy boots for running shoes?
Should I take the cats with me?

Of course, if we're all going to be exterminated I won't have to worry about any of those things.

I can't really think clearly because it's dawn and I haven't been to bed yet. I'm extremely tired.

Heck, I can't think clearly even when I get enough sleep - but that's beside the point. 

In retrospect, my entire life has been one long drawn out doomsday - - spoken from the viewpoint of an avowed pessimist.

I suppose I should repent and ask forgiveness for all my sins. But it would take too long.....

So, what did I initially come here to say?

First of all, there hasn't been any more late night gunfire by my house (see previous post). It's been about five days and all is quiet on the western front. Or hillbilly front.
Or whatever. 

Second of all, I was going to open my online store today.....but then I figured Doomsday is a bad day to do it. I'll wait until after today to see if we all survived. 
If we don't survive, I'll forget about opening the store.

Hey, it's officially autumn (since yesterday). Welcome to my favorite season.

I think I'd better pry myself away from the computer and get a few hours of shuteye. I wanna look good in case I'm suddenly obliterated.


  1. Well tootes, if today is the last day.... Doomsday, I will be in a bar with out of town friends today. Like Tallulah, I'll go out drinking and smoking...well, a cigar in my case.

  2. Well, if we're all about to perish I guess it's a good thing to go out laughing. With all the 'natural' disasters of late, Doomsday may not be so far-fetched. Gulp.

  3. Doomsday, eh? Today is a cool, cloudy, sweet fall day. I guess if you have to go today is a good day. But I'm not going to worry about it. ;)

  4. Dear Jon, we can all do our little bits to avoid doomsday. I suggest you find out if your neighbors are McCoys and let them know their feud has not expanded to Tennessee and the Hatfields no longer live at your address. Keep it simple; inbreeding might have interfered with their uh... marksmanship. Hope you have continued peace in the night.

  5. I think you should leave your boots on, just in case.

  6. I reckon since we're still here, we've all escaped yet another predicted day of doom. Phew! I'm not ready to go just yet.

  7. what with earthquakes, floods and hurricanes dominating the news, this post gave me cause to pause. But I realize I'm a day late viewing it, so I know now we all survived. That's good news, right?

  8. If I hadn't read your blog, I'd have gone thorugh the whole day and not realised it was Doomsday yesterday till tomorrow. :)

  9. Hi Jon: we're all still here luckily, so when will you be launching your store? Hope it is massively successful and also gives you a massive boost to lift you out of the emotional 'doldrums'. Regards, MaggieB


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