Sunday, September 15, 2019


The only thing more annoying than a frequent blogger is a person who fills his blog with complaints and health issues.

I'm not talking about myself, of course.

I still have hip and back pain and a swollen knee - and I'm trying to rest as much as possible.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was feeling sightly better and uncharacteristically optimistic. Early in the morning I hobbled out onto the front porch, to savor the mountain fog and the delights of nature.

As I was in the process of savoring, I didn't notice that Bosco the cat had come outside to savor with me.

He somehow got tangled with my unsteady feet and caused me to lose my balance. As I went crashing down, I tried (unsuccessfully) to break the fall with my left arm.

A jolt of pain went through me like a lightning bolt.

Without elaborating on the agonizing details, I'll simply say that I now have pain in my back, hip, knee, and elbow.
Well, at least I didn't break my neck.

My optimism, of course, has sunk like the Titanic but I haven't quite abandoned all hope. I plan to keep resting for the next few days - - and possibly try to drive to town late in the week. If I can move my limbs by then.

I figure with enough aspirin, booze, and fortitude I might make it.

Photos, anyone?

One of my favorite photos of Bosco

Ironically, I took this strange photo a few weeks ago, of Bosco getting too friendly with my feet.

I was delighted to see the harvest moon yesterday evening. A sure sign that autumn is near - - even though it's still near 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in the Tennessee boonies.

A few weeks ago, around Labor Day, I took a few more photos of butterflies.
Why am I posting these? 
Just to make things more colorful

Front porch in late afternoon
with Bosco
(the scene of the crime: where I fell)

Kitzee (also known as Scratch)
nestled on the sofa. 
I bought that western throw in Odessa. It looked more appropriate in my Texas house.

The window in my bedroom, as seen from my bed. That's my view as I'm recuperating from my injuries.

Morning fog
I know how exciting this is
(just one more) 
Something got Bosco's attention,
but I don't know what.
Gawd, I hope it's not another snake!

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  1. Bless you Jon! The saying in our house goes "can't win for losing" seems to fit with your life recently. I think of you often. I hope you heal from all the ailments soon! After all- you'll have to get to town soon to restock on food and booze- I hope in that order!;) Praying cooler weather is headed our way soon, although I choose hot weather over cold any day. Blessings

    1. It's truly nice to know that I'm thought of often. I always go to town about twice a month. Thankfully I have a lot of food - but I always need other things. The only booze available in my tiny town is beer. I used to drink a lot when I lived in California and Texas, but here on TN I hardly drink at all.
      This has been an unusually hot September.

  2. I was just going to ask about Scratch … and there she is!
    I can't tell you HOW many times the girls (aka furry land mines) have wrangled their way underfoot and nearly caused me to fall. They probably belong to the same union.

    Glad to know you're taking it easy for the time being. Do you have an ACE bandage to wrap your arm/wrist?

    1. Scratch is now fourteen and doing fine. She and Bosco tolerate each other but aren't exactly in love. I know that Bosco really misses Scruffy.

      Well, I never realized that your sweet doggies are as annoyingly underfoot as my cats. Bosco has nearly tripped me MANY times - and yesterday he finally succeeded.

      I do have ACE bandages but unfortunately they're packed away SOMEWHERE in the garage. It would take weeks to find them.

      At this point, my entire body should be wrapped in ACE bandages....

  3. At least you still have your sense of humour, Jon ... I think!
    So far, so good as far as my cat is concerned.

    1. Valerie, my sense of humor is all I have left. Keep a careful eye on your cat....