Sunday, January 11, 2015


Final scene of Die Walkure
Wotan is igniting the magic fire

It was inevitable that my energy would finally wear out. I've moved many times before - it's no big deal to me. This time, however, the move dragged on seemingly forever and escalated into a harrowing ordeal. I wasn't settled for three months.

I finally have my new place. And my possessions. But I no longer have my stamina. I'm exhausted, worn out, unmotivated. I have a sinus infection and sore throat. This isn't the result of the pure mountain air. I had these particular maladies my entire life - no matter where I lived.

Am I complaining? Naw. Let's call it a minor case of innocuous bitching. Even sweethearts like myself have occasional foul days.

The weather is warming up. Slowly. It was in the 20's last night. In the 30's today. There are lots of birds in the nearby woods. Beautiful cardinals. Also deer and squirrels. No noticeable mountain lions or sightings of Big Foot.
 I can hear the sharp report of a hunter's rifle now and again. Sometimes a little too close for comfort - but it lends to the rural atmosphere.

I should have said "shot" instead of "report", but I wanted to sound proper and refined.

When I step out my back door and see the great threshold of a forest, I instinctively assume a Wagnerian Mode. This morning I immediately thought of Forest Murmurs from Siegfried.

Last night, in the company of my old friend Insomnia, I watched the final act of Wagner's  Die Walkure on YouTube. One of the most profoundly beautiful and moving scenes in the operatic repertoire, in my opinion.

Wotan's heartwrenching farewell to his daughter Brunnhilde. And the magnificent magic fire music.

The great angry god Wotan forfeits his daughter Brunnhilde's Valkyrie status and renders her a mere mortal - - then sentences her to eternal sleep, until she can be awaken by the kiss of any man brave enough to penetrate the protective fire that surrounds her.

.....and all this happened because Brunnhilde had rescued the hapless Sieglinde, who is pregnant with Siegfried (who will become the future rescuer of sleeping Brunnhilde), - - after Siegmund (father of the yet unborn child) has been killed because of Wotan's relentless wrath......

That's a gross simplification of the plot. I wouldn't want to confuse anyone with complicated details.

Unsuspecting novices are forewarned to drink whiskey and/or indulge in your favorite recreational drugs before attending an opera by Wagner. Extensive psychological rehabilitation may be required after attending a performance.

I jest, of course. I love Wagner's music with an unwholesome passion and can't get enough. I can sit through the entire Ring Cycle without flinching.

I didn't say rinse cycle.
I said Ring Cycle.

Hey, if you think this blog post is boring, you'd better hope I never decide to write about Nietzsche.

I'm really not sophisticated in the least. I'm just a simple country boy at heart.


  1. Stamina leaves when you need it most. Your old friend Insomnia has made me a night owl. Wagner sounds like just the thing to get your juices flowing at 3 am. I'm glad you are settling into a new routine, surrounded by the things you love, unpacked or not.,

  2. "Innocuous bitching" can be a good thing ... particularly amongst friends. Heck, from what you've shared here surrounding your liberation from West Texas, I'd probably be somewhere in a corner curled in the fetal position with a nearby bottle of an unwholesome origin.
    I've only seen one Wagner opera, but didn't especially enjoy it (sorry!). I DID enjoy your descriptions ... heck, I chortled aloud!

  3. I'm delightfully surprised to know that some people actually read this post. It's so boring that it almost put ME to sleep......which isn't easy to do.

  4. I like Wagner in short, muscular installments, but get fidgety at his operas that sometimes go on for days. I start thinking up similarities between Brünnhilde and Snow White and that can't be good. However, I concluded long ago that Rhine Maidens could set up a foreign-exchange program with the Seven Dwarfs and attract new audiences while learning about each others' cultures. This could improve education all round and popularize the kiss as cure for narcolepsy. I shall stop this and wish you speedy recovery from sore throat and sinus infection --may be time to find a local doctor.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw similarities between Brunnhilde and Snow White. The maiden and dwarf foreign-exchange, however, is a new one on me.
    As for doctors - - I'm presently relying on ancient Indian remedies and mysterious Hungarian gypsy potions that my grandmother used to use.

  6. Sad but I have never been able to get into Wagner. Something about his music gives me weird feelings. I don't know how else to say it. :) Not pleasantly weird either But I think he is very much a love him/hate him composer.
    By the way I love your header photo. Is it somewhere near where you live? Beautiful!
    Boy I am so glad you are out of Texas. You sound so much happier!


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