Sunday, April 12, 2015


moon photo by Jon

I suppose these aren't really going to be confessions, but merely rambling thoughts after midnight. I just had a large cup of tea and the caffeine is kicking in. It's another very chilly night - in the 30's.

I'm still hurting (a lot) from my recent fall. I probably wasted too much time describing it in my previous blog post, but stretching a story is one of my specialties. It's been a habit of mine since I was a journalist. 

When I first moved to the Tennessee wilderness I never thought about the hazards and dangers of living on a steep mountainside. My biggest concern was the long drive to town and the prospect of wild animals. And the possibility of being accosted by a hostile band of roving hillbillies - - who would rape, rob, and skin me
I sure as hell don't want to be robbed or skinned.

Think about that for a minute. It will eventually get funny.

The drive to town is agonizing. I've never been bothered by wild animals. Or hillbillies, for that matter. There are plenty of coyotes and wild dogs at night, but I'm used to them.

I never thought my biggest problem would be continuously slipping, sliding, and falling on my ass. And being infested with nesting wasps and bees.

Perhaps I should utilize a cane or walking stick. I thought of getting a walking stick with a silver wolf head handle, like the one Lon Chaney Jr. used in the old movie The Wolf Man. It would be most appropriate. 

I haven't seen any wolfbane around here - - but I occasionally get the urge to howl at the full moon.

That's my cue for a smooth transition into moonlight......

Last night I watched the 1995 movie Total Eclipse, which I haven't seen in a long time. It's a decent and historically accurate flick, despite being mildly depressing and continually annoying. Based on the play by Christopher Hampton, it portrays the maddeningly tempestuous relationship between the 19th century French poets Paul Verlaine (David Thewlis) and Arthur Rimbaud (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rimbaud

Although this is arguably one of DiCaprio's best performances, he comes across as so thoroughly despicable that I think Rimbaud himself would have been annoyed. The only time DiCaprio is tolerable is when he's in bed, naked, with no dialogue. 
Is that merely a personal opinion, Jon?

Actually, he slightly reminds me of myself when I was that age....only I wasn't quite as annoying.

Continuing with the moonlight theme.......

Moon setting on Easter morning

I took several photos of the moon setting on Easter morning. They turned out blurry but I've posted one of them anyway.  I also took a few moon photos a week or so later, which are more clear.

What better way to end this semi-moonlit-themed post than to have soprano Anna Netrebko singing the aria Song to the Moon from the opera Rusalka by Antonin Dvorak......

Okay, I'll confess it: I've been passionately in love with Netrebko for years. I'd marry her in a minute (unfortunately, she's already married).
And all this while you thought I was in love with DiCaprio, didn't you?

I had planned on writing something about the opera Rusalka but it would take too long. And would be too boring.
Rusalka is a sort of mythical water sprite (the daughter of a water goblin) who falls in love with a human prince. In this aria she sings to the moon of her love for the prince.

Another moon photo


  1. Yes, I saw Ms. Netrebko's photo on your sidebar yesterday ... and wondered.
    Glad to know you'd only a SLIGHT resemblance to Mr. DiCaprio. Not sure why, but he's annoyed me since I first saw him in Titanic. Sort of like that kid from Home Alone.

    I like the idea of a wolverine walking stick. A lot!

    1. The kid from :Home Alone" never annoyed me but Leonardo DiCaprio often does. I actually hated him in "Titanic". He was COMPLETELY miscast, and was so obnoxious that I was actually rooting for the ship to sink.

  2. Jon,
    I wish I could have warned you about living on the side of a hill (mountain). While you have beautiful scenery, walking lopsided gets real old after a while. At our property in Pennsylvania, which was on the side of a large hill, (small mountain), right around the house was level (we leveled it) but the rest of the property was a steep sloop downward. One advantage we never accumulated water. In fact during some heavy rainstorms the water would rush down the hill in almost a river. I think getting a stylish cane would be in order to steady your walking. You don't want to fall again and you definitely don't want to happen you what happened to me, which was so easy. In a few seconds, I was helpless and almost totally dependent on others after my fall.
    By the way, when I saw that picture of Leonardo Di Caprio, I thought it was you. He is annoying, even now. I can't watch any of his movies.
    Be careful on your slopes Jon and continue post your beautiful pictures.

    1. Ron, I never thought that I would be falling on my ass so many times. It's actually getting embarrassing - - and I'm afraid that one of these days I won't be able to get up. I'll have to take my cell phone every time I go outside. The slippery mud took me by surprise, and I really did slam into the side of the house. I was never a DiCaprio fan. He takes the word "annoying" to a new level. And he's too short.
      I will continue to post photos. Unfortunately I always see the most beautiful scenery when I'm driving, and I seldom stop to take photos.

  3. Walking stick would certainly furnish more stability --I used them even when I was a Boy Scout hiking uneven terrain, It could also be useful batting away those hostile hillbillies. Incidentally, a hillbilly horde's hostility is measured by the order in which they do the 3 things you mentioned. Stay safe, Jon.

    1. I'm so darn clumsy that I'll probably need TWO walking sticks.
      Ironically, when I wrote that I could be "raped, robbed, and skinned" I was going to add "and not necessarily in that order."

      We think alike, Geo. That's wonderful for me.........but it's frightening for you.

  4. Slippery slopes are dangerous.Perhaps it is now obvious WHY the house was for sale to begin with. The person who owned it before you is probably in the hospital in TRACTION. (PUN intended) I think a walking stick would add more charm to your swagger. By all means get one. I have a vintage cane with a brass handle in the shape of a dragon. It has been a conversation starter for years. DiCaprio is an acquired taste. But Anna has the face and voice of an angel. I daresay you'd have competition for either one. Namely my husband, who proclaimed his undying love for Ms. Netrebko years ago too. Whereas I would go for the Man in the Moon.

    1. I should have asked my realtor if I could see the hospital and death records of previous owners - but I didn't think of t.
      I had apprehensions about being devoured by wolves, but I never dreamed that I would kill myself falling down. I keep re-injuring my injuries over and over.

      So - - I'm going to have competition for Netrebko? I may have to challenge someone to a dual.......

  5. Another non fan of DiCaprio here! You mention taking a mobile with you when outside on case you fall... can you actually receive a signal out in the middle of nowhere?

    1. DiCaprio is consistently more annoying than he is interesting. Yes, I can get a signal out here but it isn't always easy. Often I have a lot of trouble trying to send texts.

  6. Just a few tips I've learned since moving to the mountains.....HIKING BOOTS - never be without them......YAK TAX- little spring like things that go on your boots for more traction and a really good walking stick-mine is by the door and I never venture out on foot without it.....Feel better....!!!
    neighbor to the east in the Blue Ridge...

    1. Hiking boots is a wonderful idea. I never heard of Yak Tax - - but with little spring things on my boots I could imagine launching myself into orbit (*smile*).

  7. David Thewlis is one of my favourite actors. I've never heard of the film but worth a view - even if it is to focus on Dicapitated's firm little tush for a bit!

    1. I thought David Thewlis was good and did a very convincing portrayal of Verlaine.


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