Saturday, August 27, 2016


parts of this post will offend sensitive liberals. That is my intention. Proceed with caution.

After I posted my previous blog tirade about Hillary's unbelievably atrocious designer outfit, and after I posted those weird photo ops with her and Cher...
I suddenly remembered something.

I've met Cher!!
No lie. I had completely forgotten about it (which just goes to show how memorable it was). 

Let's all pause and rewind the tape.

I was a nineteen year old kid (I won't mention the year - it would kill me).
I'm at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the L.A. Music Center, attending an event with a friend - who is a Hollywood set designer. We're having a drink at the private bar for the Founder's Circle patrons (that's the Big Shots, for those of you in Hoboken).

In walks Cher and Sonny (they were still married then). They recognize my friend and we exchange a few casual words. That's it. 
What? You were expecting more??

Hey, I'm not Hedda Hopper. I was a naive kid (well, sort of naive). I hadn't yet turned into Satan's accomplice.

So, what was my impression?

They were a nice couple. I only saw them for four minutes. Maybe five. Hell, everybody's nice for the first five minutes. Even the Hillside Stranglers.

Cher was wearing a slinky gold-colored gown. Her hair (wig?) was either pulled back or pinned up. Sonny had on dark trousers and a greenish Nero jacket. I think he had lifts on his shoes.

I always thought Cher was very tall. She's 5'9".....but Sonny was 5'5". I think Cher deliberately wore heels and high hair to dwarf him.

I met them during their Hollywood heyday. Later, Cher went crazy and Sonny went into politics. The rest is history.

 A very young Cher
before fame

Cher looked her best au naturel - before she completely ravaged herself with cosmetic surgery. According to a 1988 article (which I still have), she had surgery on her nose, chin, navel, butt, and breasts. And she had two ribs removed to make her waist slimmer. That was in 1988. Gawd only knows what she had done since.

She now resembles a gaunt, horse-faced zombie - with thick lips, chipmunk cheek implants, heavy-lidded eyes, and complete immobility of the face.
Typical Tinseltown makeover.

Cher in recent years

In my humble opinion, I always thought Cher looked great before plastic surgery. She didn't need it.

Cher in better days

One more thing before I forget. It's about the boob job. Cher didn't have her breasts augmented. She had them reduced. After her two pregnancies she thought her breasts were getting too big. She never wanted to have to wear a bra.

Now let's fast forward to the present

In typical Hollywood know-it-all liberal fashion, Cher made a complete jackass of herself last weekend when she addressed a mob of gays at Fire Island.

With absolutely nothing intelligent or enlightening to say, she compared Donald Trump to Hitler and called him "A fucking idiot who doesn't give a shit about work."

Her quote, folks. Not mine.

She didn't say anything positive about her hero Hillary, of course - mainly because there's absolutely nothing positive to say.

Cher claims that Trump wants to make America "straight and white".
Is that opposed to gay and black??

Her feeble political tactics are pathetic. She's a clone of Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda, and all the other typical has-been Hollywood babes who hate the white male establishment but made their millions with it.

 Cher, with a mob of gays at the Fire Island Hillary Rally

Remember when Meryl Streep went to Congress and told us that poisoned apples were killing our children?

In my blunt opinion there are still too many kids alive. And I eat plenty of apples. Without washing them.

I lived in Hollywood but could never tolerate the Hollywood anti-establishment liberal agenda. Everything about it is fake, hateful, immature, biased, and infuriatingly hypocritical. 

You might be shocked to hear that I don't give a rat's ass about gay rights, women's rights, freeing the slaves, saving the whales and spotted owls, cleaning up the air, or holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

I've always been an independent thinker and I don't yield to any half-ass assembly line agendas.
I've learned from bitter experience that life is one cruel son-of-a-bitch that kicks you when you're down and laughs when you can't get back up. We have absolutely no one to depend on but ourselves and no amount of Marxist rallies or sob sister stories or freedom trains are going to help.

I wouldn't be presumptuous enough to think I deserved privileges or rights.

Well, you're not a woman or a minority, Jon.

I sleep with whom I want. I do what I want. I don't have agendas or requests for favoritism. I do my best to keep ticking and wake up to see another day.
That's not selfishness. It's survival.

Did this Cher post suddenly turn into biased political rant?

Hell if I know. I didn't notice.

A Cher look-alike at the Fire Island rally. Does he look better than Cher? You be the judge.
He certainly looks better than Hillary.


  1. I agree cher looked better back in the day. I remember when sonny died (due to his own stupidity) that she said he was the only man she ever loved. and I believe her.

    1. I think Cher looked fantastic and didn't need surgery - but I suppose impending age and lots of money can make people do strange things.

      I truly believe that Sonny was the only man she ever loved and his death really affected her.

  2. Disagreed with a fair amount of that but as usual I'd defend your right to say it.
    When do we get a video clip of you delivering one of your "frank and furious"sessions?

    1. I was positive that 99 percent of the people who read this post will disagree with my opinions. That's why the comments have been so sparse. I have always been a realist, and it is a very misunderstood and unpopular affliction.....

      A frank and furious video clip? Not while I'm sober.

  3. I always wondered if that rib-removal business was urban legend!
    She's certainly a talent, albeit a pathetic one ... desperately, foolishly looking for the fountain of youth. Guess she didn't get the memo about growing old(er) with dignity?

    1. I still have the article that states that Cher had the rib removal, but quite frankly I find it very difficult to believe. In my humble opinion, I seriously doubt if the removal of ribs would make your waist slimmer. I've also heard that Rachel Welch had the procedure.

    2. Adam had the procedure...WAY back in the day!



  4. Urban legend does certainly play into this, eh Jon? I'd suggesting anyone interested in this particular 'legend' to look up the Snopes, or any fact checking site... Unless of course you were there for the surgery...I've assisted on a few thoracic surgeries, this one is one that was rarely done decades ago, and then discontinued.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here.....

    1. Please see my above response to Myra's comment. In my post I was merely stating what the 1988 magazine article said - I wasn't saying it was fact.

  5. I've only heard of rib removals --thoracoplasty-- in ancient articles about relieving breathing constricted by T.B. When I gardened for the city, I had to have a TB-skin-test every 2 years. Sure hope that wasn't a cause in Cher's ordeal --performers are exposed to a lot more people than gardeners are.

    1. The very thought of rib removal is horrifying to me - and I don't see how if would ever make the waistline appear slimmer.

      Perhaps we should see a revival of corsets......

  6. Your back must really be hurting and you're out of booze and pills. Agonizing pain causes delirium.And, unwashed apples can cause acute diarrhea. The only cure is reparative therapy. But you are living in the right part of woods.

  7. Oh, right. I am working through your posts in reverse order because I haven't been at the computer lately. And so now I DO know what Cher looks like. Those lips, oh it is sad. WHY? Why does anyone do this stuff? It is almost as if some ageing celebs want the "I've had too much plastic surgery" look. I really do find this stuff disturbing.

    1. Cosmetic surgery is often horrifying. I'm surprised at how many people think it makes them look better.

  8. I Got You Babe. Loved Sonny and Cher together. I agree too much plastic surgery ruins women who would otherwise look beautiful as they age.

    1. I don't understand why so many people are obsessed with getting surgery. Most of them look FAR worse afterwards...

  9. Hey Jon!
    I've always liked Cher but it is a shame what she's done to herself with all the (unneeded) plastic surgery. I agree with you, she looked best au natural. I don't know why she had to resort to vulgarity when referring to Donald Trump. Maybe she was just playing to the crowd. Love your rants Jon! That's what I like about you, you're honest.

    1. Ah, Ron, that's one of the things I luv about you - - you always politely tolerate my rants. Thanks!

  10. That's the first picture of Cher I've seen in recent years. Yipes! Time isn't a very kind beautician, but what she's done to herself with cosmetic surgery is far worse than what any natural aging would have ever done.


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