Friday, January 6, 2017


Snow. It flurried all day Friday. Not much accumulation, only an inch or two, but it's colder than a snowman's hug. Presently, early Saturday morning, it's 8 degrees. That's Fahrenheit, for those of you in Hades. 
No, I didn't mean Haiti. I meant Hades.

My December utility bill made me shiver with fright. It tripled since November. And I hardly use any utilities. I keep the heat down as low as possible and often don't even turn it on. It's definitely on tonight, and I stayed up all night to make sure the water pipes didn't freeze.

It's been an extremely quiet night. Nothing stirred. The 'possums ventured out at dusk and I fed them. Yes, there are two. A 'possum pair.

I always make sure the cats are snug. Bosco always sleeps under the covers with me, as close as he can get. It's often uncomfortable (for me) but I'd never kick him out.

Come to think of it, I've never kicked anyone out of my bed in my entire life - and I've slept with some unappealing creatures in my time. I just threw that in to enhance your entertainment.

 I didn't venture far to take pictures. This is right outside one of my windows.

Change of subject (just some uninteresting fluff):
I'm going to switch my email provider soon. I've been with AOL for at least 15 years and I'm weary of it. I have persistent problems with my password, no matter how many times I change it - and I'm bombarded with spam. It's gotten to the point where I hardly ever read or write emails anymore.

I took some videos with my cell phone but can't transfer them to my computer. It's a looong story that I won't go into. In essence, I have to purchase a contraption in order to do the transfer.
I'm not in the mood to buy a contraption. 

Question: is life getting more complicated and frustrating - or is it just me? It seems that in the glorious era before computerization, I still had my sanity. Or, most of it....

Anyone who reads my blog regularly (all two of you) probably noticed that I changed my profile picture at least five times in the past two weeks.

Actually, I despise all of my profile pictures - especially since I haven't looked good in a photo since the Eisenhower administration (slight exaggeration).

That photo on my sidebar - Bad Hombre - is recent, but it's scary. 
Of course, I still look a helluva lot better than some people my age - but that's beside the point.

Strangely enough, when I used this pic for my profile I got a lot of compliments on it.
That kinda unnerved me. I love cats, but I don't really want to be one.

 I thought of using a gay Confederate flag for my profile pic just to unhinge everyone. But I don't want to start a rumble.
Then I considered using a picture that directly reflects my personality, but I don't want to be too alarming.
I also don't want to come across as too "butch"...

...or too fem...
..or too young...
although you can never be too young.
I thought about using a 'possum pic...
....but finally decided on a New Year cat. At least for the fleeting moment.
 An alley cat in upscale attire. Kinda cute. Like me.


  1. It is cold here, I am trying to figure out if it is going to snow or not. I am thinking not. My face reflects my life experience, if I look a little rough around the edges, it is a good reflection.

  2. Time to get a wood burner, you seem to have enough wood.

  3. I'm not sure blogger will let me post, but I'll try. Yes, speaking of things getting complicated...recently my comments won't post on all my blogger friends blogs. Troubles with half my blogspots and now none of the wordpress blogs will let me post either. I can't post most of the time on youtube, either. So annoying. I haven't been able to post comments to you for a while, but I will try again. Cute picture. I have a too young one--LOL!

  4. Nice to know the Gabor Sisters are still coming out when you feed them Jon. We are currently getting more snow...a few inches, and I'm hppy with that. My hibernation can now begin. I love that new profile picture, I think it suits you perfect, and I mean that as a wonderful compliment. "is life getting more complicated and frustrating - or is it just me?" And people wonder why I want to go back to living in the Edwardian Era.

  5. Jon,
    I love the possum picture. It's very cold here too (12 degrees last night) and six inches of snow on top of that. And yes, life has gotten more complicated, the Digital Age. Just trying to keep everything working is a challenge.


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