Saturday, June 3, 2017


Concerning the recent incidents of terrorism in Manchester and London:

Keep doing nothing and you'll keep getting attacked!! 

I wonder how much more bloodshed it will take for world leaders to finally wake up and realize that terrorism is a bigger threat than global warming? Oh, excuse me. I mean climate change.

I wonder how many more brutal massacres of innocent people will be  tolerated before the haughty, self-righteous haters of Republicans will finally realize that President Trump is absolutely correct in wanting to protect the United States from foreign (and home-grown) terrorists.

I wonder how many vindictive, self-serving Democratic United States judges and politicians will keep desperately trying to block Trump's efforts to enforce travel ban laws and to build a wall.

Snicker all you want. If you don't see what's really happening, you're either a complete fool or blinded with hate and political bias.

How does the world deal with acts of terrorism? 
After the endless hours of news media coverage and analysis, we sit back, take a deep breath, then passively sigh.....and accept it.....

Good intentions mean nothing.

All the "thoughts and prayers", all the flowers, candles, and balloons, all the vigils and dutiful "moments of silence" are doing absolutely nothing to combat terrorism.

Soon the grief and superficial concern are forgotten and we go on with our selfishness and indifference.

When will people of all nations learn that passivity, tolerance, and hope are futile - and synonymous with profound ignorance.

The noble idea of obtaining world unity and peace by holding hands, singing Kumbaya,  and welcoming massive influxes of foreigners into our countries is as dangerous as it is absurd.

Open borders and tolerance for everyone is about as effective as holding guns to our heads and pulling the trigger.

We need to open our eyes and start fighting fire with fire. Abandon passivity, tolerance, and political correctness in favor of raw reality:
secure our borders, enforce our laws (or damn well make some laws), carefully scrutinize those foreigners who want to come here, and put the security of ourselves and our countries first.

Wake up, world....before it's too late.

Or is it already too late?

I am not allowing comments on this post, only because I know that the hateful little trolls will emerge from their cobwebbed closets to call me a racist and bigot. It's all they have to contribute and I'm tired of their crap.

Trust me - it's not my imagination. They still occasionally lurk around my blog ...especially when I get political.