Monday, July 24, 2017

Hot Hot Hot

Is it hot enough for you, Jon?

No, I like it hotter. I can't wait 'till I burn in hell.

It has been excruciatingly hot with killer humidity. The air is liquid. The 95 degree weather seems cool compared to the 495 degree inferno in the house. The ceiling fans and floor fans are useless. Clothing is optional. I've worn nothing but underwear all week.
Jockey briefs, in case you're curious.

The muggy mornings are heavy with fog.

 The front edge of my property where the road runs by. Or walks by.

It hadn't rained here in four days - which is considered a severe drought in Tennessee. Last night at sunset there was a weird thunderstorm. Mucho thunder but not much rain. The storm intensified the humidity.

 Storm viewed from front porch

I sometimes let my cats out on the front porch to get air. I keep it blocked off so they can't get down the steps and escape (the porch isn't ground-level, it's way up high). 

Just as the storm started, Scruffy escaped (which proves she's feeling better). I initially thought she went back in the house but I couldn't find her anywhere..... I braved the Biblical bolts of lightning and went outside to embark on an intense feline search. 
It didn't take long. She came running when I called her - wet and disheveled but safe.

Did I ever mention the weeds?
...he says with a smirk....

It's impossible to control them because of the constant rain. They're not exactly weeds. They're more like mega monsters.

You don't believe me? Check these out.

   Two acres of them. Many of the weeds are taller than myself, and I'm 6' 1".

So - despite my bad back and acute lethargy - I took advantage of the recent "dry" days and tackled the weeds. Solo and by hand. 
I only have one tiny lawn mower, which looks like it was made by Mattel. It took one glance at the weeds and hid under some pansies.

I used to have a much bigger mower but one of the wheels was broken so I left it in Texas.

I had absolutely nothing to assault the weeds with but an old rusty pair of shears.

 Every morning before dawn, I went out and assaulted the weeds. The humidity was devastating and - even at that ungodly hour - the wasps relentlessly attacked me.

I somehow managed to chop most of them down to about two feet. Late in the day, when the moisture dried up, I sprayed mercilessly with weed killer. 

 The front part of the property after my first assault.

It doesn't look great by any means, but it's sure as hell better than it was with
six-foot monsters. If it wasn't for the constant rain, I'd eventually be able to get the weeds under control.  

This post is too long. 
If only I could get my blogging under control..... 


  1. I wish it was hot here, but it all came in June. June 16 was our second wedding anniversary. I really think I've bitten off more than I can chew with this illness. I enjoy reading your regular updates. It takes my mind off things that I'd rather not be thinking about right now, although I may have to think about them someday. Keep up with the cheerful outlook on life. It's great to read. Terry.

    1. Terry, I know that things have been extremely difficult for you - and I admire your courage. I can only hope that somehow all the negative things in your life will improve. I know it's not easy but please hang in there.

      My "cheerfulness" is really a big disguise. I have a lot of problems in my life (problems just have a way of piling up) and I've been in a very deep depression for a long time.
      Writing is my way of coping - - it's an emotional outlet.
      Take care and thanks for being here!

  2. Hell, I say let it all hang out. Heat and humidity don't bother me. When I home I'm am almost always nude. At least in the summer.

    The weeds are crazy!!!!!!! There has got to be a horror movie about killer weeds and that entrap men in them?

    1. Heck, my entire life has been somewhat of a horror movie - - I'm not surprised that I'm finally being completely devoured by weeds....

      The good thing about Tennessee is that the heat doesn't last long - only a few weeks in the summer.
      In Southern California it was hot like six months a year, and in West Texas it was broiling about ten months a year.
      But I had air conditioning in those places. Here I don't. Nude is the only way to go....

  3. it was a gallant effort that you untook the weed whacking at all with the modest tools at your disposal. good job. thank god scruffy came back when you called.

    1. Those weeds will eventually be my downfall. I could handle it if I was 20 years younger......but I'm doing a fairly good job as an old buzzard. I only wish it wouldn't rain so much.

  4. The difference is really something, Jon. I can't imagine the sweat equity that went into getting there ... but suspect this is a sign, (that) you really are happy with your destination.

    BTW, how's the timeline on your cyber shop going?

    1. I came to a rural area to live the "simple" life, and instead I have more complications and problems than ever. God is punishing me for past sins....

      The store thing is going well. I just want to add about two more "catagories"....and a little more variety concerning my products. More about this soon (hopefully).

  5. Replies
    1. I have the feeling he's on it?

    2. Jimmy, I still have an ENORMOUS amount of back trouble but I've learned to "cope" with it. I know that I should see a doctor, but I can't really afford it at this time and - to be brutally truthful - I'm afraid to find out what's really wrong....

    3. Maddie, being on my back is indeed the best place to be.....(*smile*)

    4. I think Maddie has a position for everything.

  6. OMG! Congrats on the weed haircut!! THAT was a tremendous amount of work with one old pair of clippers. Whoohoo!! Glad Scruffy is feeling better--enough to be a little stinker. ;)

    1. As I whacked my way through those weeds I kept saying that I must be insane to live here. There's a heavy price to pay for peace and privacy....
      Yup, Scruffy is nearly back to her old self...although she still has some slight "asthma" problems.

  7. You did an amazing job! Congrats on showing those shameless weeds that you're the boss! Oh, and it's really good to discover that Scruffy is on the mend :-)

    1. Those shameless weeds are extremely obstinate (not to mention HUGE). I honestly don't think I'll ever completely be the boss around here.

      Scruffy is a sweetheart and I was really worried when she was sick. Out of my three cats, she's the most fragile and delicate. She is doing much better!

      Bosco is presently laying here almost directly on my laptop, and he's making it very difficult for me to type. His tail is on the keyboard...

  8. Jon,
    Always interesting to read your blog posts about where you live now. Hasn't this heat and humidity been almost unbearable? We finally got a break today, only 85 degrees and mild humidity. My weeding is way behind too. Notice how fast the weeds grow after a few rains? One of my big problems are vines They are very aggressive and will kill trees. I also have a Japanese beetle problem. I got rid of most of my rose bushes because all I was doing was providing food for those damn beetles. I hope this weather lasts more than a day. By the way, don't you have a tick problem? They not only fall from trees but they are in tall weeds too.

    1. This has been the worst heat and humidity since I've been here. Fortunately the hot weather doesn't last too long in Tennessee. In California and Texas it lasts forever. If it wasn't for the constant rain my weed problem would much easier to tackle. As soon as I cut or spray the weeds it rains and they grow again overnight.

      I've seen Japanese beetles here, but they usually don't arrive until August or September. The worst thing right now are the wasps...and those little fruit flies.

      Yes, there is a tick problem here and I absolutely HATE them. I have to CONSTANTLY check the cats - even though I mostly keep them indoors. I've already had three tick bites this season and I always get an allergic reaction to them. I had no idea they fall from trees. YUCK!!!

  9. Hi Jon:

    Phew....I'm exhausted just reading about your exertions! Do you think moving to Tennessee and being so isolated has exacerbated your depression? I hope you get some help with it but I'm not sure how you can, given that treatment etc takes revenue. Hope the store helps provide it, and that you then prioritise your health. Best wishes, MaggieB

  10. Maggie, I get exhausted just thinking about my exertions!
    I'm sure that all the "complications" I've encountered since moving to a rural area have compounded my feelings of depression - not to mention health problems (most specifically my back).

    I've had bouts with depression my entire life -and mostly with good reason - but nothing that I can't cope with. I'll survive. Keeping busy and maintaining a sense of humor help. I think writing a post about this subject would be interesting.
    Anyway, thanks for your concern!


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