Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Notre Dame Cathedral has gone up in flames. An historical 850 year old architectural icon is nearly destroyed.
Ironically, it happened on Holy Week.
An omen, perhaps?
The death of Christianity is a popular sentiment in Europe nowadays - and is steadily gaining global momentum. 

I watched extensive coverage on France24, the news channel from Paris.
Is it merely a coincidence that some of the commentators kept emphasizing
"You don't have to be a Christian to appreciate Notre Dame Cathedral." 

What? Do Christians have to apologize for their faith??

It's kinda like patriotic Americans, who have lately been bullied into silence. They're afraid to admit they love our country in fear of the vicious and vile backlash from the haters.

Hey, Kemosabe - I love our country. Try and stop me.

So what's with the Star of David on your sidebar, Jon? You're not Jewish.

It's not only a reminder of Passover, I put it there in defiance of the anti-Semitism that is surging in our country -
and which is appallingly prevalent in our Democratic congress.

You think I'm bullshitting? Don't tempt me to elaborate.

So, Jon - what have you been doing lately, besides irritating the Left?

Well, I survived the wicked winds that shrieked through the Tennessee wilderness on Palm Sunday. Warm, wild winds that reminded me of West Texas.
On Sunday night it got so cold that I had to turn on the heat.

On Tuesday I forced myself to drive into town. The weather was gorgeous but - as usual - I spent too much money but only got half of what I needed. 

Right now I have the windows open and I'm enjoying the view.

This was my back yard in West Texas during a typical (and very frequent) windstorm - - thick brown dust

Here's a view from my window in Tennessee


  1. I see you over at Myra's blog . Wow! Someone who speaks truth! I love what you wrote here. Sad as the Notre Dame Catherdral fire was so many other churches in France were attacked in recent weeks. No connection though says the media puppets on a string. I am seeing things my father warned me about but never thought I would live to see! Your writing is quite to the point. I admire that. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Dear Jon, I too am immensely troubled by this horrid conflagration. In school, I was shown slides of what could be accomplished by artists and craftpersons in a dream of stone, wood and glass, by woodworkers, sculptors 900 years ago. They were guild members; they knew what they were doing. As you say, it is ironic it happened on Holy week. Nearly a millennium passed without mishap --most of that without electricity, only candles, open flames. There have recently been scaffolds around the flashpoint. Anyone else wondering?

  3. I love that last picture! The colors!!!very Easter. Wonders no never cease. I said the same to a friend of mine about the tragic fire of Notre Dame during holy week. He had been there but discouraging said to me, well it is just a building!!!!!! I was appalled and explained all the history that went on there. He was then further appalled to learn that I still decorate for Easter, I'm Republican.mind you, liberal Republican, and dating a South American guy. You know what I told him? Those easily shocked should be shocked more often!!!! Course he had no idea who mae west was.

  4. I'm with you on your opening remarks. Christianity seems to be an excuse these days. What the hell is happening to our world?

  5. As usual, I agree with everything you've expressed. Unfortunately … well, please don't stone me … while the fire at Notre Dame is sad, it doesn't particularly resonate. Suspicious of its origin, I'm more troubled by the level of hatred which exists today.

    Your photo of the West Texas dust storm reminds me … when living in Abilene we'd see the horizon turning red and remark, "Here comes Lubbock."

  6. i agree with you about the anti-Semitism growing worse. so sad about Notre Dame Cathedral. all that history gone.


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